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Fighting the Earth-Worshipping Stereotype of Alternative Living with Joel Salatin – Episode 145

For centuries, Greco-Roman thought has dominated western civilization, and this paradigm has always marginalized the physical world in favor of the esoteric spiritual realm. Biblical stewardship and engagement with the earth has been viewed as something less than desirable, and in our age brings to mind tree hugging Gaia-worshipping environmentalism. However, conservatives are beginning to realize that we can be caretakers of this world, living in harmony with nature and protecting our resources, without elevating the physical realm to an object of deification.

Please join host Bill Heid; Nick Huizenga, Senior Botanist of Heirloom Solutions; and farmer Joel Salatin on today’s episode of Off the Grid Radio as they discuss man’s place in the world that God has created, his responsibility to it, and how it is possible to merge the respect of the physical realm with the desire of the spiritual without forsaking one for the other.

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In this episode:

  • How we react when our lives are bleak and our world looks grim
  • God may have made farmers… but we still think of them as second class citizens
  • God’s attributes are reflected in his creation
  • Is God working out a redemptive plan through our caretaking?
  • And more…
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