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From The Archives: Only 10% Will Survive – Will You Be One Of Them? with Ross Howarth – Episode 151

In 1962 the United States government discovered nuclear EMP when the lights went out in Hawaii after a nuclear test detonation. 50 years later, we are no closer to hardening our infrastructure against such a devastating attack than we were then.

Such an attack would be beyond horrific. It is estimated that within a year, 75% to 90% of the population would be dead because we no longer have a society that can take care of itself. (Just in food production alone, 2% of the U.S. feeds the other 98%.)

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Please join us on Off the Grid Radio today as Bill Heid welcomes his guest, Ross Howarth, the vice-president and general manager of EMPact America, the largest EMP advocacy organization in America. It is a non-profit organization of citizens concerned with protecting people from nuclear, EMP, and natural disasters.

The facts may horrify you… they may even anger you…. but they should in no way paralyze you against preparing the best you can.

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