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Homesteading In Alaska: One Family’s Amazing Story

alaska radioLiving off the grid is challenging anywhere, but living off grid in Alaska – the coldest state in the US – presents unique challenges.

Of course, it also brings amazing rewards, and on this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio we go one-on-one with an Alaskan homesteader who tells us what it’s like to live off grid in America’s “Last Frontier.” His name is Mark Zeiger, an author and off-gridder who lives with his family in a homestead along a picturesque postcard-like fjord.

Zeiger tells us: [1]

Zeiger also tells us about the wildlife he sees weekly – the wildlife that most of us only dream of seeing once or twice in a lifetime. He also shares with us what it’s like to see the Northern Lights on such a regular basis.

Listen as one of Alaska’s top off-gridders gives us unique homesteading advice that can be learned only by living in America’s largest and coldest state.