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How The Feds Can Seize Your Cash Without Charging You With A Crime

cash radioImagine boarding a train in Michigan with your luggage and your entire life’s savings – $16,000 – as you embark for a new life in California. Then, DEA agents at one station hop on the train and begin asking passengers a series of questions, and pretty soon, they’re targeting you.

Before you know it, they’ve searched your bag, taken all of your cash and left you penniless – claiming your money was drug money. It wasn’t, but there’s nothing you can do about it.

Sound crazy? It actually happened this year to one man, and on this edition of Off The Grid Radio we’ll talk to an expert on the subject, author and writer William Norman Grigg, who tells us how the U.S. went from becoming the Land of the Free to what some are now calling Confiscation Nation. The train incident, it turns it, was not an anomaly.

Grigg is the author of five books, including Liberty In Eclipse: The Rise Of The Homeland Security State.

The practice is called civil forfeiture, and Grigg tells us: [1]

Civil forfeiture is but one of the ways the feds are taking what rightfully belongs to innocent citizens, all in the name of fighting crime. Listen as Grigg tells us about other shocking instances of forfeiture – and what you need to do to fight back!