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How To Homestead When You Can’t Afford It


How To Homestead When You Can't Afford It [1]

Each year more and more Americans are choosing to homestead, but along the way some discover that it is far more expensive than they envisioned.

That was the case with homesteader Teri Page, who along with her husband discovered they couldn’t afford to own a large piece of land in their state – and so they moved cross-country. Once at their new location, they employed a series of cost-cutting measures that would surprise even seasoned homesteaders.


Page is this week’s guest on Off The Grid Radio, and she tells us:

Finally, Page shares with us her tips for anyone who is looking to move to another state for an off-grid life. If you are wanting to homestead, or you simply enjoy listening to stories from adventurous people, then don’t miss this week’s show!