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How To Live Off Grid In The Mountains

north carolina mountains [1]If you’re going to live off the grid and you have a choice of where to move, you might as well choose one of the most scenic parts of the United States – say, the mountains of North Carolina.

Of course, living in the mountains presents its own set of unique challenges, but as North Carolina mountain off-gridder Robb Cool tells us in this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, it’s worth it. Robb, his wife Jaime and their 8-year-old daughter are completely off-grid, and he has stories and tips that anyone – on or off the grid – can find useful.

Robb tells us: [2]

Robb also tells us how he gets power and heat, and he share tips for indoor plumbing projects you may have considered. In addition, he tosses in a bear story. If you have a romantic view of mountain living, then this week’s show is definitely for you!