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How To Transform Rocky Land Into A Sustainable Farm


When Shawn and Beth Dougherty bought their land in Ohio two decades ago, it was labeled by the state as “unfit for farming.”

Today, though, it is one of the most biodiverse farms in the region, complete with beef and dairy cattle, pigs, sheep and various poultry. They even run a creamery.

Shawn and Beth are this week’s guests on Off The Grid Radio, as they tell us how they transformed 45 acres of steep rocky land in eastern Ohio into a farm worth visiting. They are the authors of the new book, “The Independent Farmstead: Growing Soil, Biodiversity, and Nutrient-Dense Food with Grassfed Animals and Intensive Pasture Management.” (Chelsea Green).


They also tell us:

Shawn and Beth write and teach on the topic of small-scale intensive grass-based farming and sustainable food production. In other words, they know what they’re talking about!

We learned a lot about small-scale farming, and we know you will, too!