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JBS–Crackpots or Prophets? Revolutionaries or Patriots? with John McManus – Episode 133

Most of us have heard of the John Birch Society. Over the years, the publicity surrounding the Society has been a mixture of negative and positive attributes. They’ve been admired and ridiculed, they’ve been held in high esteem and with extreme distaste.

Is this perception justified? Who are the members of the John Birch Society? What is their purpose and what are their goals? Are they an anachronistic group with no place in the 21st century…

… or have they been perceptive foretellers of the direction of our nation from the beginning?

Please join Bill Heid on today’s Off the Grid Radio with his guest John McManus, the president of the John Birch Society, as they discuss the humble beginnings of the Society, the misconceptions surrounding JBS, their stated goals, and how America is following ancient Rome’s lead from republic to tyranny.

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In this episode:

  • The American missionary for whom the Society is named
  • Is the American citizenry moving right while the government moves left?
  • Why the Founders feared a democracy
  • Was McCarthy vindicated with the release of declassified Soviet documents?
  • And more…
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