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Off Grid Solutions When There Is No Doctor – Episode 016

logoToday’s Off the Grid Radio guest has more than 60 years of real, self-reliant living experience and is the world famous author of the book, “Where There Is No Doctor”, an internationally renowned manual for medical care off-the-grid. Bill Heid interviews Mr. David Werner, who shares his extraordinary life story.

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In this episode you’ll also learn:

  • The real, in-the-field solutions he has chronicled
  • The difference between what to do before the doctor arrives and what to do when no doctor is coming
  • Why tyrannical regimes around the world hate him
  • The secret discovered by indigenous Mexicans centuries before European science caught up
  • How to implement creative, practical solutions in an emergency…even if you have zero medical experience
  • and more…

Click Here for your free copy of
“Where There Is No Doctor”

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  1. This article is really good. I visited the Hesperian site and there are all the free medical book downloads.
    Fantastic humanitarian organization. Anyone really interested in being of use (for when SHTF and otherwise) and in helping others, would do well do look into these books.

    Better to be a part of the solution, than in being a part of the problem. Absolutely fantastic you guys!!!!

  2. This is great, but is there a real book I can buy? How can I buy one?

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