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One Of The Best Shows Ever with Greg McCoach, John Eidsmoe and Andreas Georgiades – Episode 173

On today’s episode of Off The Grid Radio, host Bill Heid interviews the man behind The Mining Speculator newsletter, Greg McCoach. They discuss the violation of certain moral foundations, which makes the case for $22,000 an ounce gold. Bill and Greg also talk about the economy and why at the end of their analysis it becomes a “when” and not “if” scenario.

Bill also interviews Constitutional Attorney John Eidsmoe and discusses what the Constitution really says about who can and cannot declare war. You’ll be surprised about what the supreme “law of the land” really says.

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• You’ll also learn what Congress can do to stop the President.
• The possibilities of effectively shooting a shot across the bow.
• Who will come to Syria’s defense? And why.
• Why a rebel victory could be a Middle East nightmare.
• The real goal of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria.
• Obama’s sinister purpose revealed.
• Why Christians will suffer the most as a result of the conflict.

Bill also has a short conversation with Andreas Georgiades regarding the camel rides and petting zoo coming to the Heirloom Market & Café in Thomson, Illinois on September 21st.

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