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Pilgrim Myths And Legends

pilgrim legends.jpg [1]The story of the Pilgrims is one you think you may know by heart, having learned it during elementary school and having heard it every year since.

But as you’ll discover on this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, the Pilgrim story is full of myths – myths you likely learned as a child. For example, who truly deserves the most credit for founding America – the Pilgrims or the settlers of Jamestown, which was started 13 years earlier? And does it even matter?

Joining us to discuss this are two professors at Liberty University: Carey Roberts, who is chair of the department of history and associate dean of the college of arts and sciences, and Samuel Smith, who is professor of history and director of the graduate program in history.

The Pilgrim story, they tell us, is an inspiring and captivating one that nevertheless is full of legends. They tell us


On this Thanksgiving Day, learn the real story of the Pilgrims – a story that will make you even more thankful for what those brave settlers accomplished!