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Policing For Profit: Cops Seizing Innocent Motorists’ Cash

policing for profit radio picIt sounds almost like something out of an old Dukes of Hazzard television show: A man wins $50,000 at the casino, gets stopped for speeding, and has all of his money seized by a cop, who doesn’t charge him with a crime or even give him a ticket.

It actually happened in a Nevada county, and it’s happening all across America through what is called “policing for profit” or “civil forfeiture,” where innocent motorists who happen to be carrying large amounts of cash are having their money taken by police.

That’s the subject of this week’s Off The Grid Radio, as Darpana Sheth, an attorney with the Institute for Justice, tells us what we need to know about one of the biggest ongoing threats to freedom for Americans.

Sheth tells us: [1]

Civil forfeiture isn’t only a problem on US roadways, though. It’s also a concern for many innocent businesses who have had their money seized by the federal government. Darpana gives us the details on that, too.

This is a show you don’t want to miss if you care about freedom and liberty!