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President Obama And The Rodeo Clown: Legitimate Concern Or NAACP Searching For A Story? with Brian Brawdy – Episode 170

obama rodeo clown

image credit wnd.com

Hosts Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy uncork the real news hovering around a performance by a rodeo clown at the Missouri State Fair.

That’s right…a rodeo clown…but not just any rodeo clown; this one is spurring a secret service investigation and Bill and Brian beg the question of whether the investigation is merited or not.

In an article by Tara Dodrill titled, “Opinion: Obama Rodeo Clown Critics Forgetting Past Presidential Jokes [1]” Dodrill asks why this event led to a call for an investigation when similar events in the past have not. Bill and Brian recap on this story and in an in-depth conversation, they wonder if this investigation is really worth the tax payer dollars. They even go as far as to sight previous exploits where the Executive Office was the punch line to a comedian’s joke.

What made this event so much different than events prior? Is the NAACP just searching for a story as the Zimmerman trial has come to a close, or did the act more closely resemble a clan rally as fair-goer Perry Beam reported in a CNN interview?

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