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Protect Yourself From A Falling Dollar With Gold And Silver, Episode 182 (interview with Jeremy Brakenhoff)

silverandgoldHost Bill Heid talks to SilverSaver President and CEO Jeremy Brakenhoff, who tells listeners what they need to know in order to buy gold and silver and protect their future from a falling dollar.

Today’s financial system is far removed from the childhood game of Monopoly, in which kids battled to determine who would have the most money and properties in the end. There was a finite amount of money, and each dollar – in the make-believe world – was worth something.

But in the real world, the U.S. dollar is losing value, and there is one big reason for it: The Federal Reserve is pumping $85 billion into the financial system each month, essentially printing money that is not backed by any time-tested methods our great-grandfather and great-grandmother would have recognized. It’s a controversial policy, and it’s why a growing number of Americans are putting their money into gold and silver – two metals that have stood the test of time for 5,000 years, and two metals that only will increase in value as the dollar continues falling.

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silversaverBrakenhoff tells listeners:

  • How the Federal Reserve’s policies are impacting the dollar.
  • Why the money you have in your pocket or purse isn’t worth what it was just a few years ago.
  • Where we should store silver and gold when we buy it.
  • Why it is essential to move outside the banking system to protect what we have.
  • How your employer might be able to help in your purchase of gold and silver.

Brakenhoff finishes by giving a special offer to Off The Grid Radio listeners who are first-time customers.

In the final segment of Off The Grid Radio, Jan Ross of Heart of God International Ministries gives Bill Heid an update on a Haiti orphanage that has been the subject of previous radio shows. The orphanage will benefit from each purchase Off The Grid customers make through SilverSaver.

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