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Psychiatric Meds’ Link To Murder, Episode 181 (interview with Rebecca Terrell)

photo credit CCHR International

photo credit CCHR International

Host Bill Heid talks to the New American’s Rebecca Terrell, a practicing nurse who has written about America’s addiction to psychiatric medicines and the problems that ensue. Did you know the Navy Yard shooter was on a psychiatric drug? Have you heard that dozens of incidents of school violence have been related to these medicines?

When tragic mass shootings occur, the media and left-wing pundits quickly point the blame at firearms and America’s gun laws, overlooking the one problem that too often is at the center of the shooter’s mental state: psychiatric medicines.

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The mainstream media has not covered this problem within the psychiatric profession like it should, but Off The Grid Radio and Rebecca tell us what we need to know:

  • Why the drugs are so often linked to violence and how they change the mind.
  • How the psychiatric profession moved from talk-based therapy to drug-based therapy.
  • Why psychiatrists have an incentive to prescribe drugs.
  • What role the federal government has played in the problem.
  • What “neurotransmitters” are and why we should pay attention.
  • Why lower income people are more likely to use the drugs.
  • How psychiatric meds too often are linked to suicides.
  • Why the drugs’ warning labels are an indication of their danger.

Rebecca says there is a role for psychiatric drugs in our society. Listen as she tells us when they should be prescribed. For those who have loved ones who are on psychiatric drugs, or for Americans who simply are concerned about violence in society, this is a must-listen-to Off The Grid Radio.

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