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Radical Islam Expert, Patrick Poole, Shares Insider Info On Unrest In Egypt – Episode 165

Pat Poole Exposes Muslim BrotherhoodHost Bill Heid speaks with his friend and expert on radical Islam, Patrick Poole. Poole uses his vast network of reporters and experts to guide us through the murky waters created by untethered political principles. He equates today’s modern political principles to the sheriff in Blazing Saddles holding himself hostage when he seems to have sacrificed his principles, but things just become confusing for the townspeople.

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Poole brings forth several instances where government entities are doing things that would not be allowed by ordinary citizens including bringing members of known terrorist groups to the United States. He also brings up the FBI’s refusal to attend a Boston Marathon Bombing hearing. These are both crimes punishable by the court of law, but who is holding the entities accountable?

Listen to Heid and Poole discuss the depth of political support that is being offered to the Muslim Brotherhood and the abundance of untethered principles tapping at the metaphorical vein of the US economy.

In this episode you’ll also learn: