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Secession Fever Sweeping America


If your county held a secession vote to separate from the rest of your state, would you support it? It may sound theoretical but it’s not, and there is a growing movement across America for rural counties to separate from what is often an out-of-control state government and form the 51st state.

Citizens in at least seven states are promoting secessions movements, looking to escape big-city tax and gun control policies. In fact, several counties in Colorado already voted for secession.

On this week’s Off The Grid Radio, we talk to the leader of one such state group: John Bergener of the Upstate Conservative Coalition in New York. Bergener’s group has found a unique way that New York can be split into two regions that won’t even require approval from the US Congress. It wouldn’t even technically be a new state.
Bergener tells us:

Citizens in Arizona, California, Colorado, Maryland, Michigan and Oregon also are promoting secession movements, and others likely will join the wave soon. Learn about this growing movement!