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Shining Light In Darkness – Episode 025

logoWhat do we mean when we declare ourselves a Christian nation? Can Christians really engage in the physical world that surrounds us, or are we relegated to spiritual issues only? And after we’ve answered that question, how does that affect the way we involve ourselves in politics, in public discourse, in affecting the culture around us? How then are we to live?

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Join Bill Heid and Gary DeMar, president of American Vision, as they discuss these, and other issues, in today’s broadcast.

In this episode:

  • How a pre-millennialism or post-millennialism mindset may affect the way we interact with society at large
  • How analyzing the laws and educational system of a country shows what lies at the heart and core of that culture
  • How Christians have ceded authority over institutions they established, and the resultant cultural shift as a result
  • Why we should love the physical world we inhabit
  • How Christianity is not an either/or faith, but includes all realms of God’s creation
  • and more…
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