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Silver and Gold Have We None with Bojidar – Episode 048

There’s a lot of raging debate going on in our society about fiat currency, and the gold and silver standard that our nation was on from its inception until the 20th century. Would it interest you to know, however, that the American colonies did not start out with a gold and silver currency?

You see, they had no gold or silver to trade in. None had been discovered. There were expeditions sent out to find silver and gold, but in the beginning there was no specie in the colonies. However, that lack of currency didn’t make the colonists any less prosperous.

In fact, they were quite prosperous! And the underpinning of that prosperity was due to their faith and their liberty.

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We hope you’ll join us as Bill, Brian, and Bojidar discuss fiat currencies, gold and silver standards, the history of currencies in this country, and how the failure of an economic system can empower local communities and families to come together for the betterment of all.

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