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Spheres of Freedom with Brian Brawdy – Episode 097

When we think of freedom, we tend to look at it in the larger light, at that place where we decry government overreach and intrusive laws. But within each of our lives there are levels of sovereignty, spheres of freedom that we seem to willingly cede to others while we scurry around in fear of the larger picture.

If you’ve been a part of the Off the Grid family for any length of time, you’ll quickly recognize today’s guest on Off the Grid Radio—our very own Brian Brawdy, who has taken a sabbatical from his time here with us to write his soon-to-be released book, Full Contact Freedom.

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Join Bill Heid and Brian today on Off the Grid Radio as they discuss Brian’s upcoming book, the philosophy behind it, and how we have gotten so distracted by the news media and the stories they try to spin in order to sell copy, that we have neglected the spheres of freedom that are inherently ours and which no man can take away.

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