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Amazing Stories About Our Pilgrim Forefathers You’ve Never Heard, Episode 184 (interview with Sue Allan)


Host Bill Heid talks to Pilgrim historian Sue Allan, who shares stories about the Pilgrims most Americans have never heard.

Did you know that before the Mayflower even sailed for America, the Pilgrims nearly died during a trip from England to Holland, where they lived for 12 years before their journey to the New World? And do you know why they took refuge in Holland to seek religious freedom? Why not France or Spain or any number of countries during that time? And why did they leave Holland?

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Sue tells us:

  • Amazing details of how the Pilgrims’ journey to Holland and then America nearly ended – and how God protected them each time.
  • Why the Pilgrims kept pushing forward, even when all hope seemed lost.
  • Inspiring stories of Pilgrim leaders such as William Brewster.
  • About the “police state” in England that persecuted the Pilgrims.
  • What we can learn from the Pilgrims and apply to our lives.

Sue gives tours of Pilgrim sites in England, so she knows her stuff. She also tells us about an archaeological discovery she made that can only be describe as “monumental.” This special edition of Off The Grid Radio will give you a greater appreciation for the Pilgrims – and for freedom.

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