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The Modernization Of Ancient Theologies & The Government Treading All Over Raw Milk with Brian Godawa, Nick Heid, and Tom Kocal – Episode 157

Brian GodawaHost Bill Heid has a spiritual conversation with award-winning screenwriter and a true Renaissance man, Brian Godawa. Godawa uses his left and right brained thinking to bring a modernization to ancient theologies. Heid and Godawa talk about the history involved with ancient theologies and how the perception that people create can be misguided by cultural inconsistencies.

Then for the second half of the show things heat up when the talks shift to big agriculture and big government’s position on raw milk. For the second half of the show, Heid is joined by his son, Nick Heid and his friend and writer, Tom Kocal. Tom and Nick are both passionate about raw milk but their passion was stoked by a local trip to Bloomington, Illinois.

During the meeting in Bloomington they learned that the person that was pushing for legislature regarding raw milk was the very same person who was saying that people could only consume raw milk if legislation was passed to make it legal… WAIT… are you telling me that the government is saying that everything that is not made legal through legislation is actually perceived to be illegal?

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In this episode:

  • Brian Godawa walks through connecting the dots between modern thinking and ancient theology
  • Godawa covers his new book and the type of people he is appealing to with his new book
  • If there is not a law making something legal and you still do it does it make it illegal?
  • Raw milk should be a choice of the individual not a choice of big ag
  • And more…
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