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The Pilgrims’ Story: Separating Fact From Fiction

sue allan pilgrimsSchoolchildren all across America are learning about the Pilgrims this month, but for many of them it’s the politically correct version – sanitized of anything that might offend.

On this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, you’ll hear the non-PC story of the Pilgrims from one of the world’s foremost experts, Sue Allan, who separates myths from facts and provides details about the Pilgrims you’ve never heard.

Allan is an author and speaker who gives tours of Pilgrim sites in the United Kingdom, and her knack for making you “feel like you were there” is unmatched.

The Pilgrims, she says, were some of the nation’s first survivalists, and their stories of persistence and endurance rival anything out of Hollywood.

Allan also tells us: [1]

Perhaps most incredible of all, Allan tells us how the “first Thanksgiving” we’ve been taught for decades perhaps wasn’t the first Thanksgiving at all. Allan has been featured in a series of documentaries, including the BBC’s Coast and Kirk Cameron’s Monumental [2]. Listen as this expert tells the Pilgrims’ story as only she can.