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The Road to Hell is Paved With… Fiat Money with Doug Tjaden -Episode 099

Apostasy is usually thought of as a renunciation of religious faith. However, apostasy can take many forms, which includes a total turning away from principles once professed. We can still claim to be people of faith but deny the inherent power of that faith. Even if we have no religious faith, we can still claim to have principles, but use every means of deception to wiggle around those principles. This is no more apparent than in the way we handle monetary policy in this country.

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Today’s guest on Off the Grid Radio, Doug Tjaden of SilverSavers.com, joins Bill Heid and Jeff Harlow in discussing the accompanying moral decline of a people who embrace unsound fiscal policies and the debasement of their money. This decline affects everything in a nation’s culture—from the quality of life their citizens can expect to lead to unjust wars fought on credit out of an empty purse. As we and our government harden our hearts to just weights and measures, God will give us over to ungodly governments which will always include tyrants and dictators.

Join Off the Grid Radio today as our panel discusses sound money, biblical standards, and how to get started on your own sound money savings plan.

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