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The Solution To Defeat Obama’s Gun Control?

Image source: White House

Image source: White House

Ever since President Obama took office six years ago, gun owners have been on the defensive in the face of gun control proposals and executive orders. But there is good news. A growing number of states are fighting back, passing their own pro-gun rights laws that essentially make federal gun control unenforceable within their borders.

On this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, we talk to Scott Landreth of the Tenth Amendment Center, a non-partisan organization that is working to defeat federal gun control and return the issue back to the states.
In total, about 17 states are considering bill that would essentially nullify federal gun laws, and three states have adopted them.

Scott tells us: [1]

This is a major under-the-radar story that has a direct impact on you if you own guns. Listen as Scott tells us why this is the absolute best way to fight federal control – and what we can do to help.