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The Story Of Jesus As You’ve Never Heard It

jesus book radio [1]You’ve likely read the biblical story about Jesus’ life and perhaps even have seen a few Hollywood-type movies, but you’ve probably never heard it told like today’s Off The Grid Radio guest tells it – with spiritual warfare taking place behind the scenes and Christ even descending into Hades.

Author and screenwriter Brian Godawa is our guest, and his latest book, Jesus Triumphant, recounts Jesus’ life, death, resurrection and ascension in a way that definitely wasn’t taught in Sunday School. The book is the latest in the Chronicles of Nephilim biblical fantasy series that began with Noah Primeval and last year included David Ascendant [2].

The books are based on Scripture with lots of imagination mixed in — and they’re definitely thought-provoking.

Godawa tells us: [3]

If you’re a reader of Scripture, or you simply enjoy hearing amazing stories, then you don’t want to miss our latest interview with Brian Godawa!