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The War On Heirloom Seeds (An Update)

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More than a year after state bureaucrats tried shutting down an heirloom seed exchange in Pennsylvania, the political battle continues, although supporters of heirloom seeds are slowly making progress.

In fact, three states this year have approved new laws to protect heirloom seed libraries and exchanges – laws that also will protect residents of those states who save seeds and simply want to give a few to neighbors. But there remain 47 states that have yet to pass such a law, and – believe it or not – it technically remains illegal in some locations to swap seeds with your neighbor.

On this week’s Off The Grid Radio attorney Neil Thaper gives us the latest news on the “heirloom seed battle,” telling us not only which states have passed such laws but also where the next political battle may take place. Thaper is staff attorney for the Sustainable Economies Law Center, an organization working to protect heirloom seeds.

Thaper also tells us:


Thaper also explains how you easily can join the fight if you don’t live in one of the three states where heirloom seeds are now protected.

If you’re a gardener or simply someone who cares about freedom, this is one show you don’t want to miss.