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Turning the Food Pyramid On Its Head with Sally Fallon Morrell – Episode 107

Before The Primal Blueprint, before the Paleo Diet, before South Beach and Weight Watchers, there was just food, and people were healthy, in good shape, and had less illness than we seem to incur nowadays. Our food is dead, and today’s guest on Off the Grid Radio, Sally Fallon Morrell, the author of two books, Eat Fat Lose Fat and Nourishing Traditions, discusses with host Bill Heid the consequences of the American diet of dead food and why we’re seeing so much illness, disease, obesity, and lowered fertility rates amongst the population.

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In this episode:

  • Why there cannot be “one size fits all” nutritional guidelines
  • The proper way to prepare and eat grains
  • Toss out the canola—use butter instead!
  • Resources for finding nutritionally dense foods
  • And more…

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