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Update: Police State Bureaucrats Battle Bee Man In Court with Terry Ingram and Greg McCoach – Episode 117

Plus Scary New Evidence That We’re Heading Off The Fiscal Cliff

Several months ago we featured Terry Ingram on Off the Grid Radio, the Illinois beekeeper who had all his hives confiscated by the state of Illinois, had years of research destroyed by the state, and endured all this without due process or a search warrant. Well Mr. Ingram has had his hearing and since many of you have asked for an update on his situation, we’ve invited him back for the first segment of Off the Grid Radio today, to share the outcome of his ordeal. Please join Bill Heid and Terry Ingram as they discuss the April 1st hearing on his case, the outcome, and the steps he’s taking to rebuild his hives.

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In the second half of our program today, we’re pleased to have Greg McCoach return and offer us a look at the current state of the cultural and financial situations as they exist in the United States. Americans are the proverbial frogs sitting in the pot of water on the stove, slowly being burned. Our financial and cultural chickens are coming home to roost and they’re demanding a heavy price.

In this episode:

  • The latest update on Terry Ingram, Illinois beekeeper
  • Government bureaucrats—forerunners of the police state?
  • The government’s unprecedented purchase of massive amounts of ammo—should we be worried?
  • Deficits in banking, the government coffers, and the debt of the world—more trillions than you can count
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