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What Can a Lunatic Farmer Teach Us? with Joel Salatin- Episode 059

In our society, people seem to fall at two extremes of the spectrum. We’re either rabid environmentalists or amoral materialists, either strict evolutionists or staunch creationists, either leftist liberals or rightwing conservatives. Somehow we’ve grown to think that there is no middle ground to any position. In the words of those old western movies… you’re either for us or against us and you better make a choice. Those who consider themselves Christians are not immune to this extreme response either.

Is there no balance, no middle ground that we can come together on in these and other matters that affect us? Joel Salatin, our guest on Off the Grid Radio this week says yes there is, and in fact Christians carry this message of balance uniquely, because we should understand that we’re a part of the physical world that actually operates by spiritual, eternal, and unchanging rules. We have the opportunity to show the rest of the world what real balance is like.

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