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When The Government Takes Over Your Food Choices with Pete Kennedy – Episode 111

According to the Food and Drug Administration, you have no fundamental right to feed your children the food of your choice and you have no fundamental right to your own physical and bodily health.

When did the inmates start running the asylum in this country? Why is the United States government and the state governments fighting so hard to control every little thing you put into your mouth? We have gone from a free nation to a government of nannies and it’s impacting every piece of food that you have available to you.

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This influence various food lobbying associations have had over our government has been going on for ages, but it’s becoming a malignant entity in its own right today. Our guest on Off the Grid radio is intricately involved in these food wars. Peter Kennedy, president of the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, joins host Bill Heid and Andy Sokolovich on today’s episode to discuss the different fronts his association is battling in their efforts to protect not just small farmers, but your freedom of choice as a consumer.

In today’s show:

  • Economic regulations disguised as health regulations
  • Why the dairy industry is fighting so hard against the small farmer
  • The pork associations – putting down one small farmer at a time using the big guns of government
  • The competition between two food systems – who wins directly impacts your quality of life
  • And more…
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  1. I am just listening to Al and Bill talk. My granpa had a dairy and steer operation in Arkansas until the late 70’s when the state and federal laws made it litterally impossible for him to continue. He had a dozen milk cows, a few pigs and a dozen steer. He plowed his fiield with a horse, grew all the feed for the livestock, and it kept his family fed. He was a broken man when he could no longer provide for his family.
    I am forced today, as I try to get back to the ways of my grandpa, to skirt the laws, making me feel like a criminal in my own yard.
    I will, however, continue to fight the system, because that’s how our great country works. We ARE run by the people, we just need to gather, prepare and be heard.

    • May GOD bless you and I will pray for you, and those who dare to try to go back to that “Old Time Way.” That is just how I was raised and am a lot more healthy that much younger people who have not a clue how we lived back then.

    • I grew up on horseback, won everything there was to win in 4-H yadda and went on to college rodeo etc as a spry one, HAR! Now I am a brken (and broke) retired law enforcement trying to get by on disability and pain pills. I am growing a verticle garden with what little space and sunlight I have in this damned trailer court in Rapid City, SD. Seems what the deer do not eat the ants do, HAR!

      I used to work with both the Amish and Hutterites doing soil consulting back in a different life. Sure would like to find a caretaker type job in the middle of nowhere to quietly spend the rest of my days since the dream of owning my own land disapaited after a divorce back in 92. I could live off the disability (as long as it is available) and work off rent or some damned thing!

    • That’s just sad a person can’t be self sustaining without the gov’t interfering! I am sorry for your Grandfather and hope this somehow gets reversed. It’s become more and more difficult to just try to live and sustain yourself without some kind of government intervention!

  2. When it comes to the elderly which evidence shows the Gov wants to get rid of us, and to prove it is cutting off all kinds of health sources which doctors would prescribe, why would they not cause us, if possible to eat foods that we do not want. Anyone who do not believe this read the Obamascare package if you can get a copy, which I believe is illegal for us to have. They have really got the cards stacked against Americans. We need rise up against the gov. right away. .

  3. We need to be able to choose the Doctors for ourselves.

  4. i could write for hours on this subject but ill cut it to the bone…about eleven years ago i read an artaicle in the las vegas sunday paper,,,it quoted the united nations,,,( the world is over populated,,,we must reduce the population fifty to sixty percent ) at that time it ment three billion people . through the years that number was revised, the last report i read the number went to one half billion to survive only,,,,that now means the extinction of five and a half billion people ….are you understanding the drift ???? organic farms are being eliminated,,,homeopathic doctors are being persecuted,,,all herbal medication is being eliminated,,,you cant drink raw organic milk and by products,,,get cancer and all the oncologist can offer you is chemo, radiation and surgery,,,did you know that only two out of one hundred cancer victoms live past five years with chemo,,, now we have monsanto,,,who alread supplies eighty nine percent of the seeds in the world ,,sounds innocent to you who dont know your ass from your elbow,,,they re all g.m.o. ,,,notice the trend,,,every thing i mention will lower the world population different ways to exterminat the stupid people who are making it difficult for the elite,,,,royalties,,, super wealthy and govenment people. now i have a lot more to say but i think you now understand why our government is denying you healthy foods,,,they want you to get sick and die this way they appear to be innocent of your death,,,yet they are cousing all the sickness,,,wake up,,,if you,,,we,,,want to survive,,,we must get rid of everyone in congress and stop using sugar,,,especialy corn syrup,,,no more fried foods,,,and no more soft drinks,,,this alone will help you lose weight and live healthier we are one country ,,,we must be one people,,,,love you all joe

  5. southern patriot

    It’s almost like those in the government are pushing all of our buttons, in order to get the results that they want. A Revolution,then they can declare Marshall law and then lock us up. There not listening to anything we tell them. Their trashing the constitution and telling us we have to listen to the UN. We love our country, but pretty much have come to the conclusion that most in politics are out for themselves and to **** with the United States and it’s Constitution. Can’t figure why someone would spend millions or perhaps billions to get elected to a job that pays somewhere between 175,900 and 450,00,unless there was some type of a payback. As far as having victory gardens in our yards I’m with you, MYOB(mind your own business). Take care and God Bless America. SP

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