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White House Readying For End Of Modern Civilization?

In October and without much media coverage, the White House released a 44-page plan intended to prepare the nation for a potential solar storm that could take out the nation’s power grid for months … and end civilization as we know it.

Experts believe it is a matter of “when,” not “if,” such a storm collides with Earth – the last major ones hit in 1859 and 1921, prior to modern technology – but the government has been slow in getting the country ready.

So, is the White House report a step in the right direction?

That’s what we discuss in this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio with businessman and grid expert Chuck Manto, who is CEO of Instant Access Networks LLC, a consulting and research and development firm that produces solutions for EMP-protected microgrids and equipment shelters for telecommunications networks and data centers. He also leads InfraGard National’s EMP special interest group.

Manto tells us:


Manto gives us practical advice on how families and local communities can prepare for such a natural disaster. He also tells us how we can get more involved on the issue. If you care about the power grid or just want to be better prepared, this show is for you!

Editor’s note: Chuck Manto referenced a Dec. 4 event during the broadcast. More information is available here. [2]