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Your Smart Meter Is Watching You

josh hart for OTG radioIt sounds so bizarre that it borders on science fiction, but it’s true. That smart meter on your house can measure how much you use your refrigerator, can adjust the thermostat on your air conditioner, and can even learn what shows you watched on TV last night.

It’s every big government official’s dream, and it’s the subject of this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio. Josh Hart, one of the nation’s top experts on the dangers of smart meters and the director of StopSmartMeters.org, tells us why we should oppose smart meters and what we can do to fight back.

Hart shares with us: [1]

Hart’s regional power company actually shut off his electricity because he refused to allow the smart meter to be installed – and because he refused to pay the “opt-out” fee.

The power company may demand that you install one, too, but you do have a choice. Listen as he tells us what we can do!