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Caring For Your Weapons

You trust your weapons to perform when you need them, but can they trust you to take care of them when they need it? Cleaning a weapon is easy; anybody can simply field strip their weapons and feel good about what they are doing, but truly caring for your weapons will keep them battle ready and looking great for years and years.

We’ve all seen that antique, rusted-out gun that has obviously seen better days. Occasionally you also see the showpiece that just couldn’t look better, as it had really been loved and treated like a valuable item. It’s these guns that hold value, write history, and show the world that it was an important piece of the owner’s life.

It’s not necessary to be in love with guns to treat them well and keep them in good shape; there are functional reasons for the upkeep and care for your firearms. They need to be able to work when you draft them into duty.

The level of care will likely mostly be determined by your personal preferences for the pieces.

[1]If you will want to refinish your weapons at some point, you will want to be careful about the additives and the storage methods you use as well as the cleaning products you use.

If you are looking for showpieces:

Are you all about performance? Isn’t that the point? Yeah. [2]

Keeping guns in storage can cause problems if not done properly.

Do you live at the beach? The desert? A desert island with a beach?

You will someday need to count on your weapon. It could be at 215 yards with a large buck in the crosshairs, or it could be in the darkness in defense of your home and family. You need to know it will function flawlessly, and you cannot keep that confidence unless you take your weapon’s care seriously. It is simple, and it is cut and dried. You just need do what it takes to keep your guns dry, clean, and lubricated in the contact spots. When you need to count on them, they are there—now be there for them.

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