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CZ’s Super-Accurate, Highly Reliable Pistol With A Hard-To-Beat Price

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I really do not make it a secret I am a CZ fan.

I have used the CZ 75 B extensively for training, classes, and qualifications and have enjoyed every second of it. However, as much as I love the CZ 75 B, I feel it’s beginning to show its age. This is perfectly understandable in a weapon designed in 1975. But for a nightstand gun that was going to pull double duty as my truck pistol, I wanted something a bit more modern.

The CZ 75 B’s all-metal construction adds some significant weight to the pistol, which isn’t a big deal since I’m not conceal carrying it every day. I would prefer something a bit lighter, but weight isn’t a big deal. Also, I wanted to keep the all-steel frame.

So I decided I wanted another double action/single action, and I wanted it to be a CZ, and I prefer 9mm. So to the gun shop I went. I did a bit of research before and pretty much had my mind set on a CZ SP-01. The SP-01 is a traditional CZ with the addition of a rail and an 18-round magazine, and of course it’s all metal. The gun fit what I wanted and needed to a T, so I went searching.

And I came up empty-handed. Locally, I shopped a few favorites and they gave me shrugs and apologies. They didn’t buy too many CZs simply because of the cheaper clones and the low demand locally. I searched within about an hour radius of my home … and found nothing. I went online and I only found one that was priced at MSRP — and then plus shipping and transfer. It was more than I was willing to spend.

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Since I treat my local gun store the same way a lot of people treat their bartenders, he was privy to hearing all of my CZ woes. It was at this point he asked me if I had looked at the CZ P09, to which I related my previous polymer frame CZ issues. He assured me of their quality and reliability and moved his cover shirt over to show his daily carry gun, a P07.

So I went with the CZ P09 on his word, for store credit if it wasn’t reliable. I decided to skip the basic model and go for the FDE model. Not so much because I like the appearance of flat dark earth, but because this model came with night sights. The price difference was $50 — worth it for night sights to me. So for $530 I walked away with my new 9mm.

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As I mentioned, the CZ P09 is a polymer frame. The gun is by far the farthest thing from the first CZ 75, while still being internally the same as a CZ 75. The CZ P09 features interchangeable backstraps to customize the weapon for hand size, which we all know is the latest craze. Not only that, but the CZ P09 comes with two 19-round magazines. This gives you 20 rounds of 9mm with a flush fitting mag.

The P09 is a double- / single-action weapon, and comes with an interchangeable decocker of safety. You can choose if you want a weapon to operate like a traditional CZ and carry it locked and cocked, or more like a SIG with a decking option and no safety. This is the first gun with this option I’ve ever seen.

The night sights are tritium and bright as could be. The P09 felt like any other CZ in the hand — absolutely perfect. Some with small hands may find the grip a bit big, but I enjoyed it immensely. The weapon has a low bore axis which is supposed to help with muzzle flip, but I can’t tell a difference.

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The controls are all with thumb range, with either the decocker or safety. The gun is big, but the polymer frame really cuts into the weight. It’s definitely not an everyday-carry gun, at least not for summer wear in Florida. The big ole slide and four and a half inch barrel insure a very long sight radius for accurate shot placement.

Speaking of accuracy, this thing has it. The features combined to make a soft shooting, accurate and comfortable pistol. The large grip ensures you have a handful of gun, and that allows you to control the weapon with ease.

Since accuracy is subjective to the shooter I will report my results. I feel the weapon performs exceptionally. Using the NRA instructor’s qual as a standard, which is 10 rounds at 15 yards in a single 6-inch group, contained inside the inner diameter of a pie plate. Nothing too tough, but without a grip on the fundamentals you’ll have trouble with it.

I passed that qual with 1.5 inch group, so I brought it back to 20 yards, again, passed it with a 2-inch group. I walked until the front site covered the entire plate and dropped one round out of 10. Those remaining nine rounds formed a nice 3-inch group. Works good enough for me. I practiced some reloads, and the weapon’s controls are spot on. The magazine eject doesn’t just drop the mag free; it honestly feels like it’s throwing it. Drop free is an understatement.

Rapid fire was where this weapons shined; the single action trigger was a dream. Paired with the short reset sending rounds, down range can be done very fast and very accurately. The single action is good, but the double is the best.

The only other downside is mag availability. They are available, but are quite expensive. It’s a shame regular CZ 75 mags aren’t long enough to be used. The extended competition magazines from CZ do fit after you remove the rubber drop pad from the magazine, giving you 26 rounds. But those mags are about $65.

So if you can accept a heavy DA trigger and expensive magazines, the P09 is an excellent choice. The P09 gives those looking for a modern polymer frame DA/SA gun an excellent option over striker-fired Glocks, and Smith & Wessons, at a competing price. I bought the FDE model with night sights, but the standard model can be had for around $450 in the US. It’s a great gun with great options at a can’t-beat price, and I ate crow on doubting its reliability.

Do you own a P09? What do you think? Share your gun tips in the section below:

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