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3 Common Mistakes Concealed Carriers Make

concealed carryIn an overwhelming expression of the liberty we enjoy in America, every state now allows an individual to carry a firearm for his or her own personal protection.

Perhaps nowhere in the world is such a right so embraced as the individual right to keep – and bear – firearms. Many Americans have chosen to carry a pistol for their own protection, but this practice hasn’t been entirely trouble free. Many concealed carriers, due to lack of experience carrying or even because of just plain carelessness, broadcast the fact that they are carrying a weapon, which ultimately results in more law enforcement contact and even attention from criminals – the wrong kind of attention. Here are some of the most common problems:


Failing to dress appropriately for the carry is the number one way that concealed carriers lose the “concealed” part. Don’t be the guy in line at Starbucks with the butt of your pistol poking out underneath your shirt. To avoid sloppy concealed carry:

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Alright, the gun is properly covered by clothing, yet its outline can clearly be seen to even the most casual, untrained observer. It’s like sticking a banana in a manila envelope! Printing is the classic gun bulge, and will be totally obvious to anyone in the know about firearms. Usually, printing happens because of the following conditions:


The way you move, adjust yourself, walk, sit or even stand can inadvertently draw attention to the fact you are carrying. This is especially true of new concealed carriers. Here are some of the most common ways to reveal you are carrying:

So why the big deal on keeping the weapon concealed? After all, you are doing it legally, and in most states, with a permit. The answer is simple – even with a permit, you will face extra scrutiny with a concealed weapon on your person should you be discovered. Why even bother with the trouble? Just conceal the weapon properly in the first place.

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