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Army Vet Gun Purchase Stopped Over 1971 Misdemeanor Charge

rifle purchase

Texas Army veteran Ron Kelly has lost his Second Amendment rights. The retired soldier was stunned to see his name red flagged during a Walmart background check recently. When the retired soldier attempted to buy a .22 caliber rifle for personal protection, a minor marijuana arrest from 1971 popped up and thwarted the purchase.

Ron Kelly was arrested with a small baggie of pot more than four decades ago; the records of the probation only charge can no longer be located by officials in his North Carolina hometown. The hero who put his life on the line defending his country and promoting freedom can’t legally own a gun because the misdemeanor charge carried a possibility of a two-year prison sentence. The Texas Army veteran has appealed the Second Amendment rights revocation. Check back with Off The Grid News for full details about this breaking story.

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