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Buying Ammo? New FL Law May Require Anger Management Course

Florida Ammo Law - Anger Management

Buying ammunition in Florida may soon require passing an anger management course first. The legislation introduced by Democratic State Senator Audrey Gibson is yet another attack on our Second Amendment rights. The Florida ammunition bill defies the innocent until proven guilty mandates of the American justice system. Just like the New Mexico DUI legislation, the ammo purchase requirement in the Sunshine State would do little to nothing to actually reduce crime.

The Florida ammo buying class can be taken online, leaving open the ability for students to have someone else take the course for them. A person determined to conduct a mass shooting could make themselves look like Mother Teresa seeking a gun solely for personal protection purposes. The online Florida ammunition anger management course allows users ample time to craft the appropriate answers, even if the text does not truly reflect how the individuals feel.

Senator Audrey Gibson’s anger management legislation also allows the choice to skip the test entirely and opt instead for a three-day waiting period. The loophole in the anti-Second Amendment Florida law will surely appeal to those with criminal intent. Florida residents only have to take the course once every ten years. A decade is a long-time. A person level-headed and calm when taking the test could still decide to go on a shooting spree when a job loss or divorce occurs five years down the road.

The Florida ammo anger management class requirement is yet another example of a feel-good governmental exercise in futility. The class will either be a fiscal burden on gun owners or the taxpayers. Although the law does not include limits on ammunition purchases or any type of high-capacity magazine ban, such a Second Amendment threat is still looming on the horizon.

The Democratic state senator publicly stated her concerns about residents “stockpiling” ammunition. She said the ammunition anger management class legislation is designed to make citizens think about how much ammunition they really need. There is no limit on how much beer, soda pop, chips, or candy Americans can buy – but many liberal lawmakers are pushing for such laws. The ongoing big government push to protect us from ourselves is encroaching more and more on our Constitutional rights – the Second Amendment in particular.

Senator Audrey Gibson also cited road rage among the reasons that the anger management law is necessary. The Democrat feels that since Americans are not as patient as they used to be, there should be more precautions taken before sliding ammo across the counter.

The Florida Carry group is leading the charge to prevent the anger management ammunition course from becoming law. Executive Director Sean Caranna thought the law was a joke when he first heard about the measure. Caranna was entirely correct when noting the law essentially means the government feels that anyone who wants to purchase ammunition needs anger counseling.

While working at a rural school for a decade, I saw many parents who should have been required to take both an anger management class and a drug test before the government decided to hand their precious little children back to them; but doing so was considered unconstitutional. The ACLU has successfully fought back against mandatory drug tests for welfare recipients because it stigmatized a group of Americans, despite many documented substance abuse issues.

Apparently in 2013 America, it is acceptable to stigmatize gun owners and create laws which apply strictly to those who opt to exercise their Second Amendment rights. But, applying the same rules to drug addicts or parents who had children removed from their care is just too offensive of a concept to consider.

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