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Radical ‘Register Your Ammo’ Bill Advances

Bill Mandating Ammunition Registration Advances

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California residents would have to register with the state, get fingerprinted, undergo a background check, and pay a state fee to buy a box of bullets if a bill in the state legislature becomes law.

Senate bill (SB) 53, which already has passed the Senate, would direct the state attorney general (the head of the Department of Justice) to collect and maintain records on all ammunition purchases. Retailers would be required to provide detailed data on such transactions to the DOJ.

“SB 53 would require the purchasers of ammunition to register with the state Department of Justice (DOJ) prior to purchasing any ammunition,” a press release from the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action noted. Purchasers would be required to pay for the fingerprinting and the background check.

The bill states, “This bill would require the Attorney General to also maintain copies of ammunition purchase permits, information about ammunition transactions, as specified, and ammunition vendor licenses, as specified, for those purposes.”

Another Assault On Gun Rights

Supporters say the purpose of the law is to prevent individuals in the DOJ’s Prohibited Persons File from buying ammunition. Prohibited persons include felons, the mentally ill, and persons with restraining orders against them. Another bill in the California state legislature, AB 1014, would allow judges to issue a gun restraining order that could effectively put any citizen in the Prohibited Persons File, as Off The Grid News previously reported. That bill deals with the mentally ill.

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“Under existing law, a person who is prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm is prohibited from owning, possessing, or having under his or her custody or control, any ammunition or reloaded ammunition,” the text of legislation states.

Senate Bill 53 was sponsored by state Senator Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles), the president pro tem.

De Leon has a long history of supporting gun control legislation. In January De Leon introduced a bill that would ban plastic “ghost guns” that cannot be picked up by metal detectors and would restrict the manufacture of homemade weapons in California.

Background Checks Might Not Become Law

Both the state Senate and the Assembly’s Public Safety Committee have passed SB 53. It would have to be passed by the Assembly to go to the governor.

California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a similar bill also sponsored by de Leon in 2011, the NRA noted. Brown has a mixed record on gun control.

Even if Brown signs the law it might not go into effect because a similar California state law was struck down as unconstitutional, although the decision is being appealed. That law (AB 962) requires a background check for the purchase of handgun ammunition and bans mail order ammo sales.

“SB 53 would place drastic and unjustified restrictions on law-abiding gun owners while doing nothing to reduce violent crime,” a letter from the NRA to state legislators reads. The required fee would itself exceed the annual cost of ammo each year, the NRA said.

“Criminals will simply buy the ammunition elsewhere, steal it, purchase it on the black market, reload their own ammunition, or use a straw purchaser,” the letter says.

Do you support or oppose the proposed law? Tell us in the comments section below. 

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  1. I will not comply, I will not obey, the war begins

  2. Nevada and Arizona stores will reap the reward and California will lose even more tax revenue.

    • Free Man (NOT)

      My thoughts exactly. After all, how far are the “free” states from CA?
      (Not that I would ever live in Kalifornia)

  3. Good luck with that. Make your own

  4. DeLeon is facing prison time over the gunrunning charges. I think CA voters will tell their assemblies to vote against this Bill. Gun owners from the East coast To the West coast are beginning to feel the burr under the saddle blanket; and will show their displeasure this fall.

    • I truly hope that the voters in November vote the Communist controlled Democrats out of every office that they hold. The purpose of gun control was admitted to in a speech by the infamous gun grabber Sarah Brady. She said. “If we are ever to realize our dream of a Socialist America, we must first take the guns from the hands of those who would oppose us.” That explains it all.
      The Communist/Progressive/liberals know that as long as the millions of people in this nation are armed, they can never set up their Communist tyranny over our people. Our people will not long tolerate such tyranny as the Communists always inflict on every nation that they ever control. Our people would be shooting at them from behind every rock, every tree, and from around every corner.
      The Communist/progressive/liberals must get the guns out of the hands of our people if their dream of taking over this nation is to ever be realized. We must not, for the sake of our children and our freedom, ever give up our right to keep and bear arms.

      • Communist/Progressive/Liberal History bears it out that there is little significant difference between the three in early work and none in the logical, pathetic conclusion. They cannot do it while we are armed. Be alert. They are trying to disarm us every day.

        • You will be disarmed by the Communist/Progressive/liberal and Jewish, there is nothing you can do about it. Also you will be forced to kiss and hug Mexican Children.

  5. If you think the riots concerning the shooting of Michael Brown was terrible, just wait and see what will happen if our ammo is taken from us or we have to pay the extreme high (or higher) prices not only for the ammo but the background checks, etc. One thing I see nobody has factored in, in regards to more money would be the amount us tax payers could end up paying for the personal protection of ALL politicians who support this stupid idea. Watch just how fast the supporters of this bill would change their minds when they wake up in the middle of the night, looking down the barrel of any gun or having their family members killed. It sickens me to think people actually believe by taking our ammo from us or forcing the prices up so high we can’t afford it, that that is going to stop the “bad guys” from obtaining it. I have to wonder if politicians will next try to ban the sales of crossbow’s. If push comes to shove, in order to protect yourself, a simple pen or pencil, stuck in the neck or eyeball/s will suffice. As an ‘ol saying from a WWII veteran who once said: “they can kill me but they can’t eat me.” Perhaps it’s time for a re-loading kit if the politicians don’t ban the powder first.

    • Make your own power. Its simple. sulphur, hard wood charcoal, potassium nitrate. You can make the p.n from urine and you already know what charcoal is. Sulphur is pretty common. Etc.



  7. I know we all like to sit back sometimes and let someone else fight the good fight for rights, but this is all too serious these days .. when they ban everything i guess we’ll all be criminals.. these feel good measures endanger the public by not letting responsible citizens carry and protect themselves. of course it’s not about safety , but control .we’ve seen it too many times throughout history what happens to disarmed citizens. An armed person is a citizen, an unarmed person is a subject!! Decades ago in S.C. we had to sign for any ammo that could be used in a handgun. didn’t do a bit of good. finally was done away with. people of Kommiefornia rise up and peacefully protest in great numbers to defeat these atrocities while there’s time. you can win this fight, take it to them….

  8. Their crazy. If they want trouble that would probably be the last straw for ALLOT of people. That would effectively be a gun ban without having to ban guns. It would do nothing for violent crime accept make it easier for criminals. Are these idiots ever gonna learn that you can’t legislate violent crime away. It will always exist and the best way to counter it is with an armed populace.

  9. thevoiceofreason

    While I agree with most of what is said here it doesn’t matter in the short run with guns. Hillary and her friends propaganda campaign against guns will eventually prevail. At some point the kids raised in schools, taught by liberals will indoctrinate the up and coming generations til they comply and vote to give up the right to bear arms. Its happening in the media and schools. The long term battle for our gun rights will depend on us teaching the younger generations their rights, history and why we have guns in the first place. What we do now matters.

  10. I am surprised it took someone this long. It was already advocated decades ago. “My general counsel tells me that while firearms are exempted from our jurisdiction under the Consumer Protection Safety Act, we could possibly ban bullets under the Hazardous Substances Act — Richard O. Simpson, Chairman, US Consumer Product Safety Comission” (1973).

  11. more bullshit from professional bullshitters the democrats i really wish gavin newsome would just go away

  12. Johnny Survival

    I love this idea! Less people buying ammo means that prices go down! Every time a Dem gets elected into office the price of ammo goes through the gosh darn roof b/c we all go and buy every lat round thinking its the end of the world and we’ll never see another bullet again! Supply and demand! Capitalism says demand goes up, the price goes up! This isn’t some stinking communist country where the government keeps prices flat no matter how popular it is. Shooting has gotten insanely expensive! I grew up joking that 2 cents of lead would take care of that unwanted barn cat. Now it’s 45 cents or more for a 9mm round! And I can still only shoot it once!!!

    From the time B. Hussein Oblabba took office until he left the Dow Jones more than doubled, but the stock for S&W went up 9.5 times! Why would a gun company grow so much if the dems we making it impossible to buy guns? B/C people buy MORE guns and ammo than when a republican is in office. Remember back when Bush Jr. was prez? Ammo only went up b/c we shipped it all over the world for the three wars we were fighting. Hell, plywood went through the roof, too b/c it was all going to the green zone in Iraq to stop shut down all those WMD’s Saddam had. *ROFL*

    Make it harder for crazy people and jailbirds to buy ammo at my hunting shop and less people will buy it. There will be loads of ammo sitting around and the prices will come back down to earth. Believe me, it’s not like it got harder to make a darn bullet in the last 30 years. Did we run out of lead or something? Heck no! We’re just shooting tons of it into dirt piles out back or worse, burying it so no one can steal it! Next thing you know no one can afford the darn stuff!

    Make it cheap again! I like shooting! It’s supposed to be a cheap hobby for everyone in America! Next thing you know the only people that can use guns are the Wall Street thieves like Steve Mnuchin and they won’t have to take our guns away. We just won’t be able to afford bullets anymore!

    Now that’s unAmerican! Bring on this new law! I want cheap ammo!!!

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