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Is The 9mm The Best All-Around Defensive Cartridge?

Is The 9mm The Best All-Around Defensive Cartridge?

It’s possible that there are better cartridges for specific situations, but when it comes down to power, economy and accuracy, there is no substitute for the 9mm Luger.

Sales prices for handguns and ammunition have gone up over the years and fans still keep coming back to the 9mm as a hands-down crowd favorite.

The 9mm beats the .40 and .45. The .40 S&W is comparable but mainly used within police work. As for the .40, the snappy recoil makes some gun owners choose another option, especially when a 9mm is on the table. In addition, while the 9mm packs a punch, it doesn’t take a giant to control that power.

Because both male and female shooters can control the 9mm with ease, the caliber is so popular that it’s now beating the .45 in sales. Specifically, Ruger’s SR1911 has been met with major applause and anticipation as it has a small kick and a lightweight aluminum frame for those with concealed carry licenses.

You Don’t Need A Firearms License For This Weapon!

Ever since its initial introduction as a German service cartridge in 1902, the German Luger has grown in popularity, when the first sub-machine guns were also chambered with a 9mm Luger cartridge.

Years later in 1935, the Browning Hi-Power became the most service pistol in the entire world, as more than 100 nations chose it for battle. Then, after World War II, the 9mm SMGs from Sten and Sterling were developed. When Poland decided to use the 9mm Luger over their own Radom pistol, it was the first time in history a nation chose a service cartridge over their own, based on pure performance.

The Walther P38 came along to further push the 9mm handgun, and soon the United States chose to adopt the modified P38 pistol in the form of a Beretta 92.

Beyond the history of the gun, there are many other reasons why the 9mm remains a fan favorite. Sure, shooters may eventually move on to a heavier caliber gun, but it’s likely they will begin with a 9mm Luger cartridge. Otherwise, it’s possible to start with a gun that recoils too much and discourages a shooter’s improvement.

In addition to minimal recoil, there’s also an economic consideration. The 9mm Luger ammunition full metal jackets are often available at a decent price, which is always important for those trying to save money while visiting the range. Some bargains can be found at Cabela’s, Midsouth Shooters, and Brownells, where the price is often half the price when compared to .40 or .45 caliber loads.

Then there’s ballistics to consider. Obviously, the 9mm can’t produce a wound as impactful as the .45 ACP, .40 S&W or .357 Magnum, but it can be enough to do the job with the proper load. Any loading with proper quality control and cartridge integrity should come first. After all, not all makers have the same quality control, bullet technology, case mouth seal or primer seal.

Finally, some of the best guns in the world are made with the 9mm Luger caliber. Some examples include the SIG P226, HK VP9, Glock 19, and Beretta 92. All of these guns are known for being both accurate and extremely reliable.

Then there’s the Smith and Wesson Shield, Springfield XD, and Glock 26 for those who want to find a compact carry gun. Most recently, the Ruger SR1911 and Arex Rex Zero are also fine choices that have been added to the 9mm mix.

So, while the 9mm may not be the first choice when facing a bear or pack of wolves, it will be a top choice for most personal defense situations where power and proper load are the main concerns.

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