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The Modern Alternative To The Glock 19 You’ve Always Wanted

Image source: Photobucket

Image source: Photobucket

Walther Arms has long held a tradition of producing reputable and legendary firearms, from the classic PPK to the World War II-era P38 to the innovative P99.

One of the more recent additions to the Walther arsenal, the PPQ (Police Pistol Quick defense) has definitely more than lived up to the Walther name, and in the few years since it was released in 2011, the PPQ has already earned a reputation of being one of the most ergonomic and smooth-firing striker-fired pistols on the market.

Introduced in 2011, the Walther PPQ is largely an updated and more compact P99, and is very lightweight at only 24.5 ounces unloaded.  It comes in two different calibers, holding 15 rounds of 9mm Parabellum or 11 rounds of .40 S&W.

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The PPQ also comes in two different models, the M1 (which is no longer produced) and the M2.  The only difference between the two models is that the M1 version features an HK-style ambidextrous paddle magazine release, a feature that was also on the P99. The M2 version of the PPQ features a more traditional magazine release button, which is also ambidextrous. The gun also features an accessory rail at the bottom of the barrel.

But what really makes the PPQ stand out among the crowd is its ergonomic grip and the smooth, light trigger pull. The trigger pull measures only 5.6 pounds, with a trigger travel of four-tenths of an inch and a rest of only one-tenths of an inch. The light trigger of the PPQ allows for faster follow-up shots, and it aids in accuracy as well.

The Walther PPQ is an extremely simple firearm. The only controls on the PPQ are the slide release and the magazine release, both of which are ambidextrous. The PPQ also features a Glock-style safe-action trigger. In terms of both size and weight, the PPQ is about equivalent to the Glock 19. This makes both the PPQ and the G19 very practical handguns to have, as they are small enough to be carried concealed if necessary, but also large enough to fit the role of a duty sidearm.

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Inevitably, many comparisons have been drawn between the Walther PPQ and the Glock 19. Both are simple, rugged and compact striker-fired pistols. The G19, which is one of Glock’s best-selling handguns of all time, has rightfully earned a reputation as a durable and resilient sidearm. Many people remain loyal to Glock and the G19 in particular, but the PPQ presents itself as an alternative to the G19 for people who want a high quality duty-sized compact pistol, but also who want something other than a Glock, whether it be due to the grip of the Glock, the short slide release, or whatever.

You may be asking: Well, which one is better — the Walther PPQ or the Glock 19? The truth is that there really is no correct answer to that question, and it all boils down to personal preference. While the PPQ is definitely the more modern and updated between the two, the G19 is a warhorse with a solid track record.

The slide release on the PPQ is larger than the G19 and, as previously mentioned, ambidextrous. The magazine release is also ambidextrous, whether you get the M1 with the paddle release or the M2 with the release button. The PPQ also has a very ergonomic grip, coming with three different back straps (small, medium, large) that the user can easily take off and put on the gun to fit their hand comfortably. The G19 does not have these features.

However, due to only being recently released, the PPQ has yet to truly prove itself as a service pistol. But so far, it has shown to be a high quality, solid, innovative, accurate and reliable weapon. The G19, of course, has been in service with militaries and police forces since the late 1980s, and parts and magazines for it are cheap and in great supply across the United States. For those reasons, many people may chose to stay faithful to the Glock.

Walther has definitely scored another hit with the PPQ, and it is well on its way to building a solid track record of its own just as its older brother the P99 has. Having a good sidearm is a critical part of your arsenal. If you are looking for that sidearm, then the PPQ absolutely deserves a look.

What do you think of the PPQ? Is it better than the Glock 19? Share your thoughts in the section below:  

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