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The Real Motivation Behind Gun Control Groups

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Gun control is constantly revived as a hot topic in America.

During the roaring 90s, gun control was the topic de jour and the enemy was the handgun and dreaded assault rifle. Unfortunately, the last generation of gun enthusiasts weren’t up to the task of keeping our gun rights and seemed to lose battle after battle.

No federal laws have been passed in this latest incarnation of gun control, and while we have suffered losses in some states, our victories outnumber them. But this isn’t about gun control politicians and their private security teams. Let’s take an honest look at gun control groups, their leaders, their members and their funding.

First off, who should we have in our metaphorical sights? The Brady Campaign? Nope. They are quite irrelevant these days, and the most news they received was when Mr. Brady passed away. What about the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence? They are old school civil rights violators, but their biggest presence is online via Facebook, hardly a threat, but a group to watch. Then we have the Bloomberg bought-and-owned Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. Besides having a terrible, mouthful of a name, it is among the biggest bullies in existence. Of course, we also have Everytown for Gun Safety, which again is owned and paid for by Bloomberg. They were like a match: They lit nice and hot but quickly faded away.

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In all honesty, the only people who have made any headway is Moms Demand Action. They would have you believe they are doing it to save people, to prevent gun violence. I bet some of them actually believe that and they feel their intentions are honorable, but it’s likely a small number of true believers. What about the bosses?

To show part of their motivations, we have to look at a similar group: Mothers Against Drunk Driving. They had a much more noble cause, but they are still a group who lobbied and campaigned for laws.

Here’s the difference: MADD won, and did it well. The punishments for drunk driving became much more severe, the blood alcohol level was lowered, and it generally rose awareness to the dangers of drunk driving. They succeeded. So why are they still around? Because of about $12 million in salaries. Money is money, and money for these groups is good. So whenever they have a chance to come out and criticize a video game or something else, they do.

So is money a big reason why these gun groups still exist? You bet it is. Bloomberg doesn’t dump $50 million in tax deductible money without someone getting their palms greased.

Bloomberg has more money than most, and I doubt he needs any charity his organizations bring in. So what is his motivation? Well, a quick look at the policies he tried and sometimes succeeded in implementing tells quite the story. Stop and Frisk. Banning big sodas. Banning most firearms in NYC. It’s clear the man is a power hungry control freak with the goal of enforcing his will against American’s civil rights.

How do gun control advocates really feel about guns? They actually seem to find them quite handy. Bloomberg has an armed detail he even takes to countries with strict gun regulations. Shannon Watts has her own armed security, which she uses to bully and avoid questions from gun enthusiasts. Of course, Father Michael Pfleger, an anti-gun priest in Chicago, runs around with his armed body guards. And the politicians? Leland Yee sells machine guns and rocket launchers, Dianne Feinstein had a carry permit, and of course Gabrielle Gifford’s husband was caught purchasing an AR-15.

So, what’s the real motivation of these groups? What laws do they promote?

Well, they are busy lobbying for arbitrary bans on magazine capacity, which changes from 10 to 7. Universal background checks, since we all know criminals will follow that law. And they campaign to end any form of carry.

They bully corporations and businesses to ban open carry. Never mind that hundreds of open carry rallies have taken place without a single person harmed. This, of all things, shows the true intent of these groups — to harass and absolve the lawful and peaceful carry of firearms, and gun ownership in general.

These are just some of the fact’s I’ve observe. What have you seen that reveals the truth about gun control?

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