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Why Krav Maga May Be Your Best Defense Even If You Own A Gun

krav maga civil unrest self-defenseThe advanced techniques of Krav Maga instruct you on how to disarm a gunman and defend yourself against multiple attackers. The basic premise of Krav Maga is to create space in between yourself and someone trying to harm you.

Imagine a scenario where the power grid is inoperable and civil unrest has caused riots in the streets. While you have survival supplies onsite that can keep your family alive, the majority of the population is rummaging through dumpsters looking for food. Knowing how to weaponize your hands and feet in case you are unable to secure a firearm is just as important as taking action and stocking supplies.

Why Krav Maga?

Krav Maga was formulated in the 1930’s during times of civil unrest in Europe. Fascist and Nazi groups were known for harassing and physically assaulting the local Jewish population in front of their homes and businesses. Imi Lichtenfeld was a boxer and wrestler who first developed this self-defense technique. Imi became fed up with his friends and family being continuously harassed in the streets. As a result, he began teaching Krav Maga to those in Bratislava. He brought the Krav Maga technique to Palestine where it is still being taught to Israeli Defense Forces today. Although the term Krav Maga translates from Hebrew into English as “Contact Combat,” the basic premise of Krav Maga is self-preservation. If you are able to evade a potential confrontation without being seriously hurt, you have won the battle.

How Does Krav Maga Compare To Other Self-Defense Techniques?

Krav Maga is a hybrid self-defense technique. The style incorporates moves from wrestling, boxing, Muay Thai, Kung fu and savate. Krav Maga can be practiced by men, women and children of all ages. Since Krav Maga focuses on self-preservation, it teaches that physical altercations should be an absolute last resort. Krav Maga is taught much like other martial arts. Krav Maga awards belts that indicate rank just like karate or judo. A white belt is the lowest rank and a black belt is the highest rank.

Krav Maga is a rather dirty fighting style. That’s why this self-defense style is such an asset during a time of civil unrest. If you are involved in an altercation, Krav Maga teaches you to target the groin, the eyes or the back of the neck. When you think about the most vulnerable parts of the body to strike, those are the parts of the body that Krav Maga focuses on. The technique advocates different types of kicks, strikes and combinations that can be used to help you evacuate a situation where one or more people are attacking you.

How to Get Started with Krav Maga

Since Krav Maga has been around since the 1930s, there is a tremendous amount of free information available. Your local library may have books that teach you the basics of this self-defense system. Videos made by Israeli Defense Force trainers are available freely on YouTube. Watching these videos could help you determine the usefulness of this technique.

How To Defend Yourself And Your Family Against The New Breed Of Lowlife Criminal Scum

You should seek out partners who could help you practice Krav Maga. If this isn’t available, you may want to check around and see if there are any martial arts studios or MMA gyms that offer Krav Maga classes. In addition to being able to protect yourself, regularly practicing Krav Maga is a fantastic method of getting a cardiovascular workout.

Basic Krav Maga Techniques

In beginners Krav Maga training courses, an instructor will have you practice by putting objects between yourself and an attacker. You can practice separation by using chairs, coffee tables or any other type of household furniture. If an attacker cannot touch you, they often cannot hurt you. Krav Maga teaches that you should stand with one foot about 12 inches ahead of the other while balancing your weight evenly on your stance. This will allow you to use your hind foot to quickly retreat or use your forward foot to blast forward and pounce on your attacker.

In Krav Maga, you will learn how to throw different types of punches. You will learn how to throw a:

  • Straight Punch
  • Hook Punch
  • Hammer Punch

There may be other variations of punching but these are the most effective strikes to learn. It is important to practice so that you know how and when to use each type of punch. For example, the hammer punch is ideal when you are being attacked from behind while the hook punch is best used in situations where you are face to face with someone trying to harm you.

Krav Maga also teaches counters to these types of punches. Counters contain combinations of blocks, kicks and punches that target the most vulnerable body regions of an attacker. Krav Maga advocates using your legs as a way to inflict pain and create separation between yourself and someone who is trying to harm you. The most advanced Krav Maga techniques show you how to evade or disarm a person brandishing a knife or firearm. The techniques advocate grappling and devastating strikes to the nose, throat, eyes and ears.

In times of civil unrest, physical attacks may become common and knowing how to protect yourself and your family is essential to survival. You may find yourself ambushed by a desperate group of people who will go to any means to acquire your resources. Krav Maga is the premier self-defense system for those worried about civil unrest.  If you are unable to defend yourself with a weapon, Krav Maga teaches you how to properly use your hands and feet in order to protect your family.

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