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canning‘Off The Grid News’ is a fiercely independent, weekly email newsletter and website that is crammed full of practical information on living and surviving today and in future times when life may not be as easy.

Each week we include articles on topics such as:

  • Gardening, including “Crisis Gardens”
  • Alternative Energy Options, so you can go ‘Off Grid’
  • Political Analysis, So You Can Understand What’s Really Going On
  • Herbal Medicines and Alternative Health Care
  • Threats to Your Privacy
  • Economic Analysis, So You Can Prepare Your Finances
  • Gun Ownership, Maintenance, Training and Use
  • How-To Articles on Things Like Canning and Food Storage
  • Emergency Preparedness Planning and Crisis Response
  • Personal Security & Self Defense

And much more…

Our team of devoted writers and analysts scour the press and utilize our network of deep undercover sources to learn what the headlines really mean and how they will impact your life.  For example, you’ll discover:

  • What rising gold prices mean to you… even if you don’t own gold
  • How health care reform-in any form-is a sneak attack on your constitutional rights
  • What the trend experts and forecasters are saying is on the horizon
  • The parallels between the fall of the Soviet Union and the future of the US
  • What lessons to learn from the earthquake in Haiti

And other analysis and advice you’ll never hear from the mainstream media.  With this information, you’ll be able to:

  • Plan your survival retreat or emergency hideout
  • Plant a survival garden and avoid the common newbie mistakes
  • Learn the secrets for getting (or keeping) a great job in any economy
  • Build your emergency stockpile, without wasting time or money
  • How to select the right “Get Out of Dodge” vehicle
  • Discreetly turn your home into a fortress… without attracting attention
  • Treat common ailments and injuries at home-with ease and confidence
  • Identify the people in your family or community you can rely on… and who you need to avoid
  • When to ‘fight’ and when to flee… based on the threat and your abilities
  • Choose the right firearms based on your situation and needs

And many more secrets of experienced survivalists…

gunsJust imagine… each week you’ll be adding to your own knowledge the most valuable information from expert advisers from a wide range of backgrounds, giving you the equivalent of a Master’s Degree in Off The Grid News, Emergency Preparedness and Survival Techniques.  Soon you’ll be telling wanna-be homesteaders the right way to configure a solar panel, how to can food so it doesn’t lose taste or nutritional value, and what natural remedies fight pain and infection.

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