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Do You Think Glenn’s Comment Was Malicious?

Do You Think Glenn’s Comment Was Malicious… And Is It Ever Appropriate To Even Joke About Stabbing A Presidential Candidate?

Tell us what you think below!


  1. more unguarded and unwise than malicious –– I’d be surprised if Glen were up to any more than talk

    • My thoughts exactly.. I bet even Glen has reconsidered.

    • Not malicious – just stupid, as often happens when Glen forgets he’s being recorded, heard by thousands, and even looked up to for advice. Not very “wise” comment to make at any time about anyone – stab someone for what they they say, think or feel? This is America Glen – freedom of speech among other freedoms – thank God!

    • His comment was not only viscious but he should be charged. He is the one with a problem and exactly the type that should be profiled. Does he carry a gun? Does not sound too stable with his history. Obama wants gun control? Here’s a good place to start. People like him are the reason why Trump is doing so well. Go Trump… I had a lot of respect for Glenn when he was at Fox but now he has stuped to the sewer. Funny how those in the media think they are so much better than the rest of us. I think We The People have about had enough and Trump is a good start to fix the mess they have created. Get some help Glen, you’ve stepped over to the other side.

      • Are you freaking kidding?! He’s already talked to the Secret Service and even they laughed it off! Glenn’s in the clear, so who are YOU going to have him charged by?!?! How stupid! Get a life!!!

        • I have got tired of his show all he does is talk shit about Trump . It is pushing me to vote Trump just to piss him off. His show is a paid spot for Cruz and bash Trump Beck sucks

          • Glenn Beck has embraced a new persona as a head Trump-Trasher,
            Glenn is obsessed with his new compulsion as much as he is enamored with the damage he hopes he inflicts. I used to think that he was a very decent, Christian man who tried to use his gift of analysis to educate the public.
            Now Glenn seems nearly demonic possessed of such hatred for a man who has done nothing to him and has the best interests of this country at heart.
            Too bad. Glenn has lost it, and lost all of us, too.

          • I feel the same about beck . I listen to him every morning. Im sick of him bashing Trump and cramming Cruz up my ass, I have switched to Bob & tom until his show is over!

        • I met a man one time ,I’ll call him R. He liked to talk a lot, always knew everything about everything . He talked so much that no one took him very seriously . I also had a best friend B, great guy , do anything for anybody.
          Well R. got hooked up with B’s Ex. Time passed and R. started talking about how he would like to kill B, but come on , he was harmless .
          One afternoon R. and B’s Ex stopped by and R started talking about how he was looking for an excuse, But COME ON R just liked to talk a lot.
          A few days pass , it’s B’s 21st birthday he takes his two small children back home they live with their Mother, he’s 20 min. late, While he and his Ex. are discussing B. being a little more timely, R comes up from behind and shoots B in the back,then again in the back,and the leg and as my friend lay there dying he asked R to please stop and get him some help.
          R replied by holding the hand gun inches away from my friends mouth and pulling the trigger and this, right in front of his children, on his 21st birthday.
          A lesson I learned many years ago, When ANYONE starts talking Murder, you had better take notice . Nobody knows whats going on in someones head , not me , not you !

          • Beck was way out of line as are so many others!! It’s called RESPECT!!! for others. What has happened to this country?

        • I met a man one time ,I’ll call him R. He liked to talk a lot, always knew everything about everything . He talked so much that no one took him very seriously . I also had a best friend B, great guy , do anything for anybody.
          Well R. got hooked up with B’s Ex. Time passed and R. started talking about how he would like to kill B, but come on , he was harmless .
          One afternoon R. and B’s Ex stopped by and R started talking about how he was looking for an excuse, But COME ON R just liked to talk a lot.
          A few days pass , it’s B’s 21st birthday he takes his two small children back home they live with their Mother, he’s 20 min. late, While he and his Ex. are discussing B. being a little more timely, R comes up from behind and shoots B in the back,then again in the back,and the leg and as my friend lay there dying he asked R to please stop and get him some help.
          R replied by holding the hand gun inches away from my friends mouth and pulling the trigger and this, right in front of his children, on his 21st birthday. I had to testify at the trial. a very hard lesson .
          A lesson I learned many years ago, When ANYONE starts talking Murder, you had better take notice . Nobody knows whats going on in someones head , not me , not you !

          • “C. cat” very wise comment. Hate is a terrible thing and gossip is a sin. And hearsay is worse than that. Are we all Republicans?
            With all this “talk” going on how on earth will we ever put someone in the White House?
            sweet Meledie I am not unstable or angry. I have researched and listened and feel Mr. Trump is not perfect (as none of are) BUT IS the one who can take on the Liberals and win. At some point we have to either come together or splinter and lose.

      • Are you freaking kidding?! He’s already talked to the Secret Service and even they laughed it off! Glenn’s in the clear, so who are YOU going to have him charged by?!?! How stupid! Get a life!!! However, anyone for Trump is, themself, like him, unstable and angry!

      • Lighten up, folks. Where was the outrage when all of the sick stuff was being said about Bush, Cruz, Thatcher, et al?

      • Although Obama is not only for gun control he I think is out to disarm totally as the UN would like. Trump is not for guns either and he would like gun control also. The problem is there is a lot of interpretation going on and NO ONE has the right to interpret the Author or the authority of what was written. Leaving out interpretation and reading exactly as it is written, whatever is written is either vague or it is right on point. What I heard in the audio takes a lot out of context thus bringing with it a lot of interpretation and opinions that actually could be erronious. The ONLY time when stabbing would be allowed would be if and only if a physical attempt to harm or damage another human being was made. Then is when defense needs to take the step of countering at equal or superior strength.

        In my opinion, ALL politicians ONLY say what the constituents want to hear, even if the politician doesn’t agree with it and it doesn’t interfere with PARTY platform. All politicians follow Party Platform or else they would be out on their cans, wondering why they don’t have the support of the Party affiliates. The Party will allow the comments just to win voters over to their way of thinking, and that is why every Candidate is beholden to their Party ——— FIRST. The constituents are just sheep needing fed so they will follow as they are told

        I was a House of Reps Candidate and learned that really quick in my bid back in 2002. Dems and Repubs did not like my stances and got extremely fidgety when taxation came up, as I had done, from the Independent stance. Taxation is the politician’s bread and butter, in all reality. The less it is brought out in the campaign to ease taxation dramatically, the more the Dems and Repubs like it.

    • Really???!!!! And Glenn is one of your product sponsors! This was directed at Stu. Listen to the entire clip!

    • I think it is ridiculous to be even concerned or bring up this for people to vote on. We have better things to concern ourselves with and disappointed in this email from our off grid folks I love! I heard no maliciousness.

    • What did he really say. It’s like he kind of made a statement then sort of took it back and then almost made the statement again. Kind of like what I just said. But wait. What did I just say? Wait let me read this again ….. I don’t know what I said … ???

    • Wow. I am amazed by the intellectual immaturity of some of the responses to the issues… and the fact that people respond and don’t know the facts… but that is the great thing about this country… the 1st Amendment. Only those that listen to the show know that Glenn was referring to Stu not DT in terms of the stabbing… But more amazing or alarming… those who want to “shut people’s pie hole” and give up our freedom of speech.


    • They have been feuding for awhile…Beck needs to move on.

    • NOT malicious because he was talking to Stu, not Don. He kids around all the time with his friends. I watch and am a subscriber to his channel, and can assure you that he DID NOT threaten Mr. Trump in any way, shape or form.

      • So, Glenn was just kidding around with his friends?

        I have lots of friends who like to “kid around”, but not one of them would ever
        joke about murdering someone.

        When I listen to Glenn and Stu “kid around” I am reminded of teenage boys who
        maliciously “joke” about people who scare them, people whom they would
        really like to hurt, but they don’t have the courage to confront.

    • Furthermore, I am appalled that off the grid news would fall for this nonsense!

    • I used to love BECK, now I think he is TOO FULL OF HIMSELF.

      I DO believe God speaks to some people, but BECK claims to hear HIM often???

      Some would/should think BECK committed a serious CRIME!!

    • That’s all he does is talk…..Does no one care about each other anymore….Glen their will be a day where each and everyone will be held accountable for every word we speak.
      Having been a Mormon I would seriously doubt if he hears from my God.
      Everyone needs to get off of Trumps back. You all must love Hillary….or you would get behind him and help him.
      Go Trump!!!

      • Trump is doing nothing other than any other politician is doing. Blowing his trumpet to a tune that people like or WANT to hear. I am not so sure Trump would be any better than any other Candidate on the GOP side. On the Dem side I think a lot of those are too far off of the base where they could be tagged out if only people would just finally figure it out and not be a sheep. Politicians are typically WOLVES iin sheep clothing trying to get the rest of the sheep to gather around them before the slaughter.

      • Gleen Beck is nothing more than a talking head in all respects. If he really had any credibility he would do more than just talk about it, in my opinion.

    • I think Glenn is skipping his meds. Next thing you know he’ll have to go off air for awhile.

  2. Glenn Beck should keep his pie hole shut. If he knows everything, why isn’t he running for president.

  3. Danielle Browning

    It was probably not appropriate.

  4. You should listen to the entire clip, he was talking about ‘stabbing’ Stu! The media is so ridiculous.

  5. It’s NEVER appropriate for a person to publicly and openly threaten a candidate for POTUS or any other public office in a specific and physical way like that! Fact is, it’s not appropriate to threaten anyone like that! People “threaten” and then they THREATEN! There’s a marked difference between a frustrated or playful “threat” and something like what Beck said.

    • Glenn Beck did NOT threaten any presidential candidate. If people want the FULL and REAL truth, they’d listen to the ENTIRE tape. His remarks were directed at one of his co-hosts on the Glenn Beck Radio Show, Stu Burgeire. A mountain is being made out of a stupid mole hill! Glenn was even questioned by the SECRET SERVICE and fully exonerated. Even they laughed about it! I swear that people are so ready to hang someone, anyone, that they’ll go off half-cooked not knowing the FULL story. Must be a major epidemic of panties that are too tight!!!

      • 1. Glenn was questioned by the Secret Service? Obviously THEY heard
        something worth being investigated.

        2. Anyone who listens to Beck’s show KNOWS that Glenn often says things
        to Stu that he really MEANS, but he passes it off as “just joking.”
        Glenn and Stu talk in a sort of “code” that teenage boys often use.

        3. Glenn has been obsessed with demonizing Trump since the first day
        that Trump announced candidacy. He has taken this so far that now
        we think HE is the crazy one! (And the Secret Service does, too.)


  6. For me it is hard because i like both Cruz and Trump but i see with Beck who is supposed to be all for being and acting like a christian as long as you vote for his guy Cruz. I used to really like Beck but i believe he is a total hypocrite and is a patriotic christian only when it suits him.

  7. I loved Glenn Beck but I done feel Mr. Trump will do harm he’ll have the right people around him to do the right stuff for the people. He does Love our country. But it WASN’T a good thing to say about him. Sorry. Lyn

  8. You need to become MORE informed and listen. His remark was not directed to trump.

  9. What a stupid question. Glenn did not say he was going to stab trump. He was joking with Stu as he always does and the media, who never listen to his show, took it wrong and went with it. As usual they didn’t check with anyone in Glenn’s company to see what actually happened. Now you ghave yes are continuing to stoke the fire. Idiots!

    • It does not matter if he was joking! He has national listeners and there FCC rules in broadcasting! If this was a statement made on his program Joke or not! The First Amendment does not protect him! Criminal charges should be brought! Or will he do another crying episode????

      • You must be a Trumpster! Only Trumpsters seem willing to hang people who doesn’t want Trump as their president. Kind of goes along with candidate Trump who is always advocating punching people out who disagree with him. This actually took place at one of Trump’s rallies and was fortunately caught on tape! Also fortunate is the guy was I.D. and is now under arrest! Sounds like a great person to emulate…NOT!!!

  10. There are no excuses for Beck to make comments like that. Shameful.

  11. I agree with Peter, his comment was likely just a case of engaging his mount before he engaged his brain. That said, what he said was NOT appropriate under any circumstances. Someone of Glen’s public stature needs to be more careful about what they say. I don’t listen to Glen Beck’s show, nor have a followed the Republican debates. Seeing / listening to “The Donald” makes me want to hurl. #NeverTrump

  12. Clearly you did not or do not listen to the Glenn Beck radio show to even bring this up as an issue! Really, we need more PC Police?

  13. I think we need to quit the trash. Its been slung for the last 17 years. Mr. Trump is saying what the people have been saying for a long time, and no one paid attention. All in Washington DC are in the ‘good old boys network’. All have played in their sandbox – – – – except Mr. Trump.
    To get our Nation back is going to take extraordinary measures….outside the box thinking. We have sent good Christian men and women to Congress- – – – – to no avail!

  14. Hard to hear but we should not threaten violence no matter how bad they are.

  15. PLEASE get your news RIGHT! People deserve to hear true reporting. Glenn was NOT talking about a presidential candidate, he was joking about his co-host Stu who was back in their studios in Texas.

  16. It was a scary comment for anyone to make about anyone, even Glen about Stu.

  17. Beck is losing his audience. Since he left FOX his popularity has decreased dramatically. It is not surprising he is lashing out at the only candidate that appears to be aggressive enough to put this country back to a respectable state. I stopped listening to him some time ago as he is turning more to the progressive liberal attitude rather than a patriotic one.

    • Not, not, not, Idiot, and not. Listen to Glenn and Stu talk about this after it aired and got everybody’s undies in a knot.
      He did NOT threaten Trump!

  18. Political correctness run amuck.

  19. Glenn was talking with the wrong part of his anatomy or else his head was stuck there.

  20. You cannot believe anything anymore! However if it is true? Then Glenn Beck needs to resign from Radio! And Make a public apology! Otherwise if this statement is true ? Criminal charges should be the next option!

  21. You have got to be kidding, right?

    The email you sent soliciting this response said “…this year’s election has really been a confusing and chaotic time for smart Americans…just who can you trust, right?” then you link to THIS audio clip, seriously expecting me to believe that Beck was talking about stabbing Donald Trump? It indicates that despite referring to us as ‘smart Americans’, you have a very low opinion of the the IQ of your subscribers.

    It’s blatantly obvious to anyone who isn’t brain-dead that Beck was JOKING about stabbing Pat (or Stu, they look the same on the radio) because he was making fun of Beck’s mixed metaphor of ‘sitting in their shoes’. Furthermore, Beck had spent the entire clip talking about Ted Cruz, not Trump.

    This is a total non-issue for ‘smart Americans’ and it’s a little distressing that you would try to make it into an issue at all.

  22. it’s all talk, listen to him everyday no maliciousness in his comments

  23. Beck is a psycho idiot! I regret buying his solar battery generator. People like him pass the vote to Hellary!!

  24. Anyone who listens to Glenn Beck would know that he is not malicious and that is just Glenn and he sometimes says things at the moment that doesn’t come out sounding too good and this is one of those times.

    • Are you kidding? Making a statement about stabbing another human being based upon political belief!!!!! As I stated if this did happen then criminal charges need to be brought!

  25. How absurd – try and follow the conversation – Glenn and Stu were in different studios – Glenn was joking about stabbing Stu for making fun of his “sitting in their shoes” comment. Stu reply sitting in “gigantic shoes”. IT WAS A JOKE BETWEEN GLENN AND STU – NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY CANDIDATE. Let’s not spread lies.

  26. If you listen he was referring to Stu !! Not Trump

  27. Need to get the facts…..Glenn was joking about stabbing Stu.

  28. Glenn went off the deep end a while back. No longer listening to him. Was a Big Supporter at one time.

  29. His comment was actually directed to his friend, Stu, who mocking his words about standing in his shoes– listen again, and notice that is where it comes in. Any listener knows he frequently threatens his friends as jokes, but not guests or others.

  30. Glen Bech has become a Jackass since his public bawling jag. He is always all over the board. I don’t trust him.

  31. My perception at the time of his comment was that he was not saying anything at all about stabbing Trump, but rather making a joking comment to his associate Stu. The “poorly educated” who support trump regardless of what a liar he is, regardless of just how phony he is, regardless of how UN-conservative his views are, along with the media who just love trump (albeit for ratings) just really don’t like Glen. There is nothing conservative about the “Trumpeteers”, just a bunch of rednecks that like to hear another @$$ hole swear on TV. With an electorate collectively as stupid as they seem to be, I fear for the preservation of our republic. J

  32. Is it ever right to say you would stab anyone? Glen beck went over the line and deserves whatever the results are of his foolishness

  33. It was bad enough for me to UNsubscribe Glen’s site !

  34. He wasn’t even referring to Trump. He was joking about his producer,Stu.

  35. If you listen to the radio episode he was teasing about stabbing Stu not Trump. FBI knew that but, as Glenn said, they were right to check it. Enough said. Let’s move on to the real issues: does Donald know and want to protect and preserve the Constitution? That is the issue.

  36. Stop fishing that’s what the liberals do. He’s joking. I think you show listen more. Get real

  37. Yes I feel Glen cross the line with his comments. Look I have already voted for Mr Trump. It was not easy I was a big supporter Of Dr Ben Carson. Well just today Dr Carson has thrown In his support Mr Trump. I saw that coming. That said I feel Mr Carson will be good for Trump he needs a Dr Carson to soften down Mr Trump. But getting back to Glen I feel he has gone way off the RIGHT END If you get my drift. So we need someone that can lead this country that can come back towards the center a little when needed. Not put a knife in someone who is running for president of the United States. Glen you crossed the line !

  38. Beck did not threaten trump. He was joking his producer about sitting in shoes. Look at video. The irresponsible part is spreading a lie about someone. Look at the video of this. There is one on YouTube.

  39. it was taken out of context. he was saying that jokingly about stew in dallas.

  40. If you were a regular listener like I am, then you would know it was a joke with his producer Stu. Look it up before you run with trump bot talking points. Secret service immediately dropped it, too. Really disappointed in you- and you are supposedly an off grid site and not a political site, btw.

  41. I don’t think that Glen’s comments were intentionally malicious, however, they certainly should never have been said. The downside of having a conversational radio talk show, is that the host(s) can tend to talk like they’re in private.

  42. Glenn was speaking metaphorically. Similarly to when he described his feelings of anger and frustration by saying “he had blood shooting out of his eyes”. He’s expressing his extreme discontent about a topic/subject. Glenn is passionate about this election. He does not trust Trump and so wants to convey his serious fear that Trump could be our candidate as the Rep. going up against Hillary. I know Trump pretty well. I shutter at the thought of having him as president. We don’t really need another narssisst or megalomaniac as president. Reagan was such a pivotal president because he got the every day person. That is because he was an every day person that just happened to be president of the U.S. Trump does not know what an every day person is. Yes, he works hard because he loves the game. But it is all about Trump and the game. It is never about “how does this effect the rest of the population?” He is a man of the world and therefore thinks and acts like a man of the world. He has a very European outlook on life which is all about practicality not at all about the individual good. As an example: Pro Life vs Pro choice—- if he were faced with a decision between the life of his unborn child or the life consequences and inconvenciences of an unexpect child birth, he would choose to sacrifice the child. This is because he has an inherent, worldly, practical outlook on the situation. “How am I going to be effected by this event. If I’m going to be effected negatively, then I’m going to choose to have the situation go away in the most expeditious way possible.” That describes Donald Trump. Now that is not to say he is unfeeling. He just would not let his emotions rule over what is practical. He should be honest about his true feelings and let the American people decide for themselves. I’d be willing to bet most people would be ok with it because it is the truth for Donald. Instead he lies because he thinks the people want this to be how he actually feels. No different than the politicians now in office. He would be better than Hillary, but he would not give the US people what we crave now. He would not give us a hero, he would give us a King.

  43. The story was reported incorrectly, Beck was not referring to Trump. He was joking about his employee, Stu. The Secret Service had the case closed in an hour. Just more poor reporting by numerous media outlets that don’t bother to check facts.

  44. First and foremost he did not threaten Trump. It was directed at Stu, I was listening during this time. The LSM (lame stream media) misreported the whole story. As with most things now day’s people do not check facts.

  45. Yes it was malicious and inappropriate. Beck is a wrotten snake and acts as if he is God himself passing judgements, sarcasm, etc out like candy to children. Elections tend to bring out the worst in so many people. In this situation……there wasn’t far to go………..Beck’s always at his worst. He should apologize.

  46. The comment was in relation to Stu, not Trump. This is just one more in a litany of smear jobs on Glenn. Give it up. Any honest person would know that Glenn meant Stu, not Trump, by just listening to the conversation carefully.

  47. So sad you cannot get your facts straight or perhaps you like taking thing out of context. Even sadder, you didn’t go to the source before attempting to stir up a hornet’s nest.
    Glenn was speaking to Stu. FBI investigated & closed the file. They apparently saw it for what it was.
    Your credibility has taken a hit.

  48. Glenn Beck is a delusional ass that need togetback on his meds ASAP

  49. PLEASE fact-check your survey questions before asking them!! As a few others have already pointed out here, Glenn DID NOT THREATEN Donald Trump in any way! This survey question is NOT an honest question, since its premise about what really happened is untruthful. Glenn’s comment was not about Trump, but was actually a NON-serious response to a joke that one of his co-hosts, Stu, made. Anyone who listens to the show for even a short time knows that the guys joke around with each other like that regularly, and those kinds of threats are NOT serious. I heard Glenn’s show the day it aired, and didn’t think anything about the comment at the time. It was consistent with normal banter that he and the guys do with each other on the show, and I knew that he was referring to Stu. I was quite surprised to hear all the uproar about it a day or so later. Glenn was in a different city than the others while doing the show that day, so the comment about “if I was any closer” referred to being closer to Stu, not to Donald Trump. Please don’t spread disinformation!

  50. Beck still acts like the drunk he is. Off with his head!!!!

  51. I can’t even read all this crap. Really? How do you feel about all the disrespectful crap that Trump allows to go on with his constituents. ………………………………………. oh my LORD.

  52. Glenn a jerk and Cruz a jerk. I would not vote for any one Beck backs. You can throw Mitt in there also. All of them are a piece of S—. Mitt a looser and he also sold out the American people and now think he can tell everyone who to vote for. I could care less who or what Beck said or who he wants to stab. He’s all talk like all the people that’s going to move out of country if Trump wins. It’s fun to watch everyone try and figure out Trump and it will be more fun to watch them all tell us they knew. Cruz, Rubio and Kasich will all do what the party wants them to do and not one thing will change. Give them hell Trump. Roll Tide

  53. Glenn has gone off the deep-end. I think he’s one step away from regrowing his mullet haircut, and wondering around the mall weeping and talking to himself with a cockatoo on his shoulder.

    His Nazi references to Trump supporters (which I am not) were disgraceful. For all the good he’s tried to do, he’s still a snide condescending jerk. l’ve been listening to Glenn since before he was Glenn Beck, but I’m unsubscribing from anything related to him and his organizations, including this website.

  54. Off the grid news should know by now that Glenn was out of Texas at the time and was talking to his associated Stu back in Texas.
    He was referring to Stu’s comment about big shoes…he said to Stu, ‘I wish I were close enough to stab you’
    Which he threatens Pat, Stu and Jeffy all the time on their show.
    How could you not discern the difference between a joke with his own crew and Donald Trump?

  55. Glenn is a schill for Cruz. And, I used to be a Cruz fan. But, during this campaign, I have seen a side of him that I don’t like. I know longer believe he is the “honest” man that he wants everyone to believe.
    Glenn, you have a made a huge mistake this time, and I hope the Secret Service does a thorough investigation. I let my subscription to your TV show lapse and won’t be renewing it. YOu have become irrelevant.

  56. Please do your homework. He was talking about Stu not a presidential candidate. Even the Secret Service knows this. The rest is due to social media not actual facts.

  57. Joseph W. Gallagher

    I’ve always liked Glen,and I heard his rant the other night. I was more than somewhat taken a back by his words. I haven’t made up my mind yet about Trump. He is a different kind of Coyote than I’ve seen in my political past, and I’m almost 88 years old. I have been closely following politics starting my junior year in high school. I believe it was 1948 when Humphy was running, the school put on mock conventions of both parties. While things were far less screwed up than they are now, but its was bad. But Humphy lost, thank God. Any way I’m a fairly good Christian and I believe Glen is too. I thought it was against the law to threaten any body running for political office. JOE

  58. This is so ridiculous that I almost didn’t even respond. Glenn Beck is a radio talk show host and things are said for the ratings. And some things that are said are never in any respect meant to be actually followed. Taken out of context, what was said could be construed as aggressive. But I sincerely don’t believe there was any malicious intent and to construe otherwise is by someone who doesn’t have an open mind in this!

  59. Really, clearly he was talking about Stu and besides, he is a joker and goes for the shock value.
    Trump instead think that he can buy his way up to the White House; which by the way it is a by-product of the Republican Party. (being myself a Republican). The inaction of the party has created this “thing” that is real bad for America. Just my two cents, of course

  60. Are you freak-in kidding me. I agree with Nancy, next time check your facts before posting a stupid question like that.

    As far as the Trump supporters, when I first heard Trump talk about the GOP and Washington, I jumped up and down that someone finally said it like it was and how most of us felt. I also wanted to burn down the GOP. But I became very disappointed when I saw how he treated everyone that disagreed with him or criticized him. I soon realized he was no better than the current administration. As I watched the debates it was clear he was nothing more than a bully that had to get his own way by name calling and degrading other people. I am concerned he is only concerned with getting power. Then I am reminded of this old saying, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. With his personality I think he would be easily corrupted, if he isn’t already.

    • I see there is another Nancy at 5:53, I don’t agree with her. I agree with Nancy at 5:19. Buy the way I do now support Cruz, though I do not support the GOP rinos.

  61. 1. THE “vote” options DO NOT WORK and will NOT allow you to vote “NO”. Fact. I’ve tried it on my phone. iPad and desktop computer. It says zero votes ( unless I submit a vote of “yes”, yet there are dozens of FAKE COMMENTS but those people didn’t vote? Hmmm
    2. Do you all realize that this information you emailed and published is completely FALSE AND NOT ACCURATE?! He was cleared by the secret service in under an hour bc obviously the comment was not about Trump, rather a joke directed towards his co-host. Get the facts correct before you go slander someone. Very disappointed to learn the true values/principles of this company/website/blog, etc. I will no longer be using nor purchasing ever again. you should seriously reconsider your email sending and posting publishing of this proven FALSE lie of a story as it could have serious legal implications.

  62. Glenn Beck was teasing Stu about using a knife on him because of what he was saying to Glenn, NOT Trump. I also saw the video.
    Oh, and I wasn’t able to vote. I would have voted NO. It was a “back & forth” between Glenn & Stu. The comment had nothing really to do with Trump.

  63. would he be so brave as to say that about Hillary or obama ? what would they have done if he had?

  64. I voted NO. Why was my vote not counted?

  65. Given today’s political atmosphere, it wasn’t a smart thing to say, in any context.
    That said, I long ago stopped listening to anything that Glenn Beck says. That happened at the same time he called me a Racist because I support Trump. If I want to be insulted, I’ll listen to NPR or some other left-wing outlet.

  66. Malicious: having or showing a desire to cause harm to someone : given to, marked by, or arising from malice

    Absolutely Glenn was malicious but who cares? Mr. Trump gets it from all side on a daily bases and rises above it all in private – does the best he can in public to counter the insults so he can stay off the radar from the PC Police.

    You can’t stop the movement, he will be our next President.

  67. Glenn Beck went off the deep end a long time ago and honestly, I cannot stand to listen to him any longer. He is a real pycho!

  68. I think he crossed the line

  69. Glenn is just another typical politician who only runs his mouth like Rush Limbaugh and never do anything ! If they are so smart then why do they not agree that the people are tired of politics as usual and are voting for the DONALD because politicians have got us to where we are today ! They think we work for them, but we are awake and are going to show them they are wrong ! The Republicans created Mr. Trump by sitting on their hands and not working for the people ! So yes, Glenn inserted foot as usual and crapped on the very people who listen to him ! If you vote for a politician then you vote for business as usual !!!!! The people are finally tired of it !

  70. This is such a farce! He never threatened Trump!! Your organization just cheapened yourself in .my estimation with this headline. Won’t trust anything else you post.

  71. I have always looked forward to listening to his radio show but he is constantly bashing Trump and us fools that support him. Getting old or is that stale? It is not anger either. The media has a knack of saying one thing and doing the other and blaming the poor sucker they are trying to fry. It’s clearly a double standard and once they crack the multi million dollar mark they are above all. I did not bring up the vote, I responded to it. The media has a way of saying any slip of the tongue and be able to get away with it. Even a good lawyer like Hillary uses the “I made a mistake” defense for her clandestine deals. I just hope the FBI has the guts to do an honest investigation and she is held accountable. The media and politicians hide behind this same rule. Only We the People are held accountable. That is why we are seeing the Trump phenomenom. The average person has had enough lies and broken promises with no accountability. I am looking for a new radio station. The only way to get the message across is vote them out or turn them off. And I ain’t freeking kidding. Keep laughing.

  72. I’m shocked that you continue to give out false information even after the FACTS have proven you wrong days ago. We have ordered a number of products from you that you advertise on Glenn’s website. But NO MORE… we have also unsubscribed from any future emails/mailing from you!!

  73. James Raymond Lane

    He wasn’t talking about stabbing Donald Trump. If you listened to his show for any length of time you would hear Glenn and his co-hosts CONSTANTLY ribbing, insulting (jokingly) and saying all sorts of of-the-wall comments aimed at EACH OTHER. THAT was what the stabbing comment was. It was (jokingly) aimed at his co-host, who himself even admitted such in news article(s). EVERYONE is taking this out-of-proportion and out-of-context.

  74. Beck was joking about his co-host, Stu, not Trump, and even the Secret Service knows this. This is ridiculous.

  75. Glenn Beck is dishonest and not wrapped very tight.

  76. Would not be a question if he was a drooler. the nation not PC

  77. What a Crock! So, what else is” new”? Doesn’t EVERYONE by now know that Talk-Radio is a propaganda ministry, and that the Democrat/Republican,”‘Conservative”/”Liberal” SINGLE POLITICAL PARTY INC.– is a TOTAL FRAUD.

    Political INC. DOES NOT represent ANY decent American citizen, period. Beck is just more CRAP. Just like ALL the others on Talk-Nonsense Radio.

    Do they ENFORCE ALL of the Bill Of Rights? Do they PRACTICE the Golden Rule, and the 10 Commandments?

    Idiots ARE idiots! Beck? Who cares?

    “And their lips shall betray them”.


  78. It was totally inappropriate. Please stop the violent speech. It’s dragging us all down.

  79. people say stupid things all the time, obama has not said anything smart yet

  80. Glenn was not being malicious………but what a stupid thing to say. I know for a fact had he said that about Hillary or Obama, the secret service would have been dragging him away by his feet.

  81. Glenn Beck is an A-hole.

  82. Not malicious. It is not a serious show and anyone listening to that bit knows they are just filling time a spewing nonsense banter. Get a life. I like the prepopulated yes vote offered above. I tried four times to revote and each time it cast a yes instead of my no vote. More effective than a butterfly ballot with misaligned punch holes.

  83. Glenn was talking about Stu…Why is this even an issue ?

  84. Unfortunately all your hearing is a ‘snipit’ taken out of context of a complete discussion, DUH! How are we or anyone suppose to make a wise decision on how to vote? Not having heard to full text of their conversation & what or why they would have even made such a comment is as crzy as asking us to vote on such!! Give us an opportunity to hear the ‘complete’ conversation up to what led to this comment, THEN ask us to vote accordingly. Thanks

  85. Yeah, I can hardly understand who he is talking about, but it doesn’t sound like it’s Trump. Anyone who has listened to Glenn just once knows he says the darnedest things, not thinking what they may sound like to his listeners.

  86. I am very disappointed in your publication of this non issue ,you are twisting the facts to create a story that doesn’t exist!

  87. Listen carefully. Glen was talking to and about Stu regarding the shoe joke he made just before they went into the break.

  88. Glenn Beck has bent over backwards to do everything in his power to influence the vote against Trump, so it comes as no surprise to me that he would ratchet up the rhetoric to this degree. I really don’t know who made him and authority on the character of another man, when he, by his own admission, was a dirt bag in his days of abusing alcohol. My Bible doesn’t tell me that a good president or leader must fall within moral or ethical opinions of a few people. Quite the contrary. My Bible says that it is God who sets up leaders and it’s God who tears them down. If God wants Donald Trump to be president, then a whole army of Glenn Becks will not be able to change the outcome of this election!

  89. I don’t think Glenn meant the joke maliciously. Things like this are said frequently during elections, so take it with a grain of salt. It’s better than talking about the size of your hands….

  90. Shame on you Bill Heid for playing in yo thus nonsense. Beck did not threaten Trump, and every responsible news outlet has now clarified that. My opinion of OFf The Grid just fell off the cliff.

  91. So if he is desperate for something that we don’t know, like publicity or,
    he is taking some kind of drug, I could see a driving force. But this seems
    out of character, weird.
    It’s scary, really weird is the new normal. I don’t know what to think

  92. Why are you asking this question??? What does this have to do with your product???
    If you are a Trump supporter that is your business….
    Have you turned against Glenn??
    It is OK for Trump to make all sorts of accusations and comments and no one seems to take
    offense….what is your problem with Glenn??
    If this is the case I am no longer interested in your product…

  93. My wife and I purchased a generator from you, because of Glenn Beck’s recommendation. Don’t think you or I should be making an opinion about him. Glenn uses the wrong words sometimes, but he isn’t malicious. He has a great program and has taught us a lot.

  94. I heard the original broadcast and then relistened several times. Glenn was obviously talking to his staff who were kidding him about “sitting in their shoes” – referring to the candidates. He meant to say walking in their shoes. Pat and Stu were joking about this. Glenn then said he wish he were closer as he wasn’t in Texas and he’d stab them. A stupid comment, but it had nothing to do with Mr. Trump.

    I however am sick and tired of Glenn’s bashing Donald Trump every single day for hour upon hour. He misquotes and misrepresents Mr. Trump all the time. I think this is rather nice that Glenn was misrepresented … but to give him credit …. he was not talking about Donald Trump.

  95. If the Republican party loses this cycle, it will be of their own doings. The news people, and other stubborn headedness, is becoming very embarrassing to me. For people who can’t think for themselves, or listen to all these rants, or are undecided, have got to be about to puke. If we can’t agree on 1 candidate of the 17 who stepped out for our country, we’ve doe it to ourselves. A write in, or a NO show to vote, is a vote for criminal Hillary or socialist Bernie. If that is the case—we might as well find our hiding place nd have enough supplies to last for 4-8 years, or longer. We may not have a country any more, after that.
    Did anyone see article this week written by Brannon Howse with regard to Mitt Romney’s speech. Most don’t know half of these facts with regard to LDS, including Glen Beck—-who knows everything !!!!

  96. If you listen to the comments by Glenn you will realize that it was not malicious and not even directed at Trump. It would seem that the news is in favor of trump in so many ways. But that is politics and the United States is not exempt from corruption.

  97. Theresa Meglasson

    I was listening and watching the Blaze at the time and Glenn was talking about Stu, not anyone else. You have to know the voices and personalities to know the truth of this matter. They are usually in the same room, so it was difficult to catch, but Glenn was “threatening” his friend, Stu Briguiere.

  98. Glen Beck’s show is chaotic ( Bob and Tom). His comment was childish. How he can be immature one moment and then expect to be taken seriously the next? Beck/Cruz=Duke/Trump deja vu 2008.

  99. Spontaneous ? Yes Distain ? Yes. Poor choice of words ? Only for a politically correct , overly sensitive , pansy in 2016 America. Why is this even a subject? This country has become embarrassing!

  100. Glenn never made any comment about stabbing Trump. This fake “story” (let’s replace “Stu” with “Trump” and see how much mileage we can get with it) was quickly posted by the Beck detractors who took advantage of a comment he made, in jest, and directed to his program co-host, Stu. For those able to watch Glenn’s TV broadcast of his morning radio show on that day, you would have seen that Glenn was broadcasting from the CPAC convention in Washington DC and Stu was back in the Dallas studio. Numerous split screens made it patently obvious. Not once did Glenn say he was going to stab Trump. It was embedded in a conversation between Glenn and Stu only and Trump was never mentioned. But nothing seems to stand in the way of the haters trying to take any and all advantage at every opportunity to lie and misdirect the truth, expecting that their readers are too lazy to investigate the facts. And I believe it was someone from the Trump camp who contacted the Secret Service to make a complaint. The Secret Service showed up at CPAC and in Dallas and within a few minutes were able to confirm that nothing of the kind was ever said or suggested. They apologized to Glenn and he thanked them for taking seriously any threat situation including the farce that had just transpired. Glenn and Stu discussed these events quite extensively on their Monday morning program.

    So really, this vote, and this discussion thread is nothing more than a stupid exercise in discussing a lie. More thought should have gone into researching this event for accuracy before posing it for a “serious” discussion. Apparently the facts no longer stand in the way of a good rumor.

  101. I do believe Glen was joking, but, as the Bible clearly states in the book of Proverbs, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” He obviously has hate or strong vehemence against Trump. Another verse says, “Foolish jesting is inconvenient” …and we see the raucus his jest has caused. We all say things at times we wish we would not have, so I’ll forgive & pray for him, but respect has to be earned.

    • O.T.G.N. with this post. They have only posted a small selected portion of the interview and the “NO” vote box has been deactivated. The tone of the clip was clearly not serious, nor does it clearly state who might be stabbed.
      Trump has been a clear advocate for violence at his events. He’s talked about his ability to shoot someone with loosing votes. He has talked about punching people in the face, having them carried out on stretchers, etc.
      It’s clear to me, just who the “nut job” is. If either Trump, Sanders or Clinton is elected POTUS, may God have mercy on the USA, because after 8 years of Obama, no one else will!

  102. I can’t believe you are sending out this question like it’s actually legitimate! Glenn wasn’t even directing that comment toward Trump. It was meant solely for Stu!! He has been doing this to Stu for years! If you watched the broadcast and actually listened to the show you would all know this! They even discussed it on the show the next day and even the CIA knew, that it wasn’t directed at Trump. But, they had to follow up because people like you are making it out to be NOT what it really was! I’m truly surprised at off the grid news for putting this out like its a legit thing!! Super disappointing!!! You guys are better than this!! At least, I use to think you were. Now… I’m not so sure!!

    • You nailed it. The comments were CLEARLY directed at Stu.

      • He was obviously joking with Stu. Silly to even be an issue.

        • He was talking about Stu!!!!! He was not talking about Trump in any way whatsoever, for goodness sake watch the video, the entire thing. If this is the kind of crap I will be getting from Off the Grid News, I will unsubscribe. This topic should never come up, is Trump paying you people to put this kind of stuff out there?

          • This is slander as its been proven comments were not directed towards Trump. I predict a lawsuit coming for emailing and promoting proven false malicious lies and wrong info I’m done reading and purchasing anything from this shill of a company/group

    • Bingo! Shame on OTGN for even making this a poll question.

    • Concur…this was a cheap attempt at publicity. Really disappointed. Apparently it was the Secret Service who investigated and cleaned Glen, not as incorrectly reported by a number of sources that it was the FBI or CIA. After this, I’ll be unsubscribing.

  103. Very stupid thing to say.

    • Do you find it as unusual as I that they would ask a question that depending on how you answered could get you flagged in a OGA database?
      Am I the only one who thinks the question itself is completely moronic?

  104. I don’t agree with anything Glen Beck says. From my research an understanding, he is a dissolution ed false cult person. I could say more but won’t.

  105. This comment is not about “stabbing,” whoever Glen was talking to or about. It is about the fact that he is trying to tell people who to vote for and doing things to sabotage the “nominating process” of a candidate that the majority of “We the People” want, who are not all crazy. Our wonderful country is going to hell in a handbasket and the people or groups of people who are doing things to sabotage the “process” are going to wake up one day and see they made a mistake. Glen is out of his spiritual integrity and I am shocked to see he is not walking his talk. Just let “We the People” individually exercise our Constitutional right, which Glen is infringing upon and has no right to do. THIS IS AMERICA AND WANT IT TO BE GREAT AGAIN!!!

  106. This comment was inflammatory and it contributes to the hate that we are seeing. Here is Glenn always saying that we should follow Ghandi or Mother Theresa and then he spews hatred about Trump every day for 3 hours and every chance he gets on Megyn Kelly’s show. I think he is unbalanced and he owes Donald Trump an apology.

    • I think you owe all of us an apology for writing such nonsensical junk. Trump is not good for this country. Only the people who do not think support the guy. I say that because if you did have a brain and you did think you’d realize that Trump NEVER, NEVER, NEVER explains how he’s going to do something. He’s worse than a politician. At least political hacks take the time to come up with a plan that they actually do not fulfil. Donald just says, “I’m going to build a wall and Mexico is gonna pay for it!!!’ He gets you all worked up – but did you ever wonder just once… JUST ONCE…. HOW IN THE FREAKING HECK HE’S going to do that???? What? He’s going to invade Mexico? He’s going to bomb them into submission??????? You Trump supporters are a HUGE disappointment to mankind and especially as Americans. Now if you are a Christian (Not just in word, but you actually have a relationship) then I think you should fall on your knees and repent. Since when does supporting an ungodly man warrant our loyalty????
      People who are voting for Trump or just like the people who voted for Obama based on mutual skin color. They did it because of what they thought they could get.

      So the man says “I’m going to make America great again!!!” Have you EVER, EVER, EVER, EVERRRR ONCE asked yourself why in the name of Mike he NEVER NEVER NEVER explains just HOW HE IS GOING TO DO IT?????????

      He never does. Instead he badmouths his competitors. Instead he says things like “I love you, I love Ohio!” We’ winning this thing!!”

      I just wish someone would demand some real answers.

  107. Those comments were NOT said about Trump. The were said to (and about) his co-host Stu, in a joking, satirical manner.

    Is it okay for Trump to say he could “shoot someone on 5th avenue” and people would still vote for him? That is what Beck was mocking!

  108. The comment was not directed toward Trump. The secret service knew this. This is a misdirected, malicious attack on Glenn Beck, not the other way around.

  109. I watch his show every day. Monday- Friday. He said what he said but he was talking about Stu, not Trump. He NEVER said anything about stabbing Trump. He was giving Stu a hard time and they were all talking about Trump but he never said a darn word about stabbing Donald Trump and was seriously only kidding about doing so to Stu. The fact that this has blown out of proportion is insane. The fact that the SS even had to go speak with him was a joke. I mean, yea, they spoke with him but even they knew he was razzing Stu and nothing more. Before you ask, no I did not watch your little cut of it because I already saw the actual show. Turned to my hubby as soon as he said it and called this very thing happening. I knew this is what would come back and bite him in the butt. Like I said, I watch him every day. Just my 2 cents…

  110. I do NOT think that Glenn was threatening anyone! I tried to cast my vote as a “no” but the link wasn’t active. Only the yes link is blackened to accept votes. The “no” is gray.

    BTW, do you think that The Donald meant it when he said that he could walk out on the street and shoot someone…? Was that a threat?

  111. As so many have said before me, the comment was not directed toward Trump, but to Stu. I know because I do watch the show. What is not right, is to take only a portion and try to condemn a person for their words. That’s like taking Scripture out of context to try to prove your point, let’s look at ALL of it to make sure of the truth. Your “clip” is not fair, so neither is your posting here. I’m rather surprised.

  112. I’ve been watching Beck for years. Lately, his behavior is not right. I have subscribed to his show from the beginning. It is a better policy to not endorse a candidate, period. I personally think he is nuts. His insane rants and really abusive insults are bad. It is one thing for Stu to be sarcastic on his SNL show, but BVeck’s show has become nuts. I listen to Limbaugh too, but he is smart no to endorse a candidate. Beck is also a rich capitalist and still endorses Goldline who are crooks selling gold for about 50% commission. That is OK. I have always respected Glenn, and I have thought that Cruz is smart, honest and one of the few who has tried to stop the corruption in Congress but (trying to be objective), I believe and am tired of Cruz’s lies. George Soros doesn’t want Trump to be elected either. TRUMP WOULD UPSET ALL THE CORRUPT PEOPLE’S APPLE CART. This is crazy.

    • Really? Trump is a crony capitalist taking advantage of our system. Not to mention he’s donated cash to Harry Reid, Nancy Paloski, Hilary Clinton, to mention just a few. Dig deeper or keep drinking that Kool-Ade. I fully expect to receive hate mail and death threats. Have at it.

    • The “lies” Ted Cruz allegedly told began at the Trump campaign. These allegations are simply not true. Again, just dig just a little bit deeper. I know where there are pitchers of Kool-Ade in an office in Manhattan.

    • What’s crazy Joy is every word that just came off the tips of your fingers. Did you proof read what you wrote before you posted it? It’s double-minded, double-tongued, and duplicitous.

      Get your head screwed on straight before you start blathering…
      You’re really a Trump fan who has consumed an entire Igloo cooler full of the Trump-Aid. What flavor is that?
      The flavor is Train Wreck which is what we’ll have on our hands if HC or DT get elected as POTUS.
      Either way, Train Wreck. Mark my words.

      oh and don’t kid yourself – Trump WILL say whatever, and I mean WHATEVER he has to say to win.
      THis is the guy whose most famous line is “You’re fired”. I’m sorry I expect and demand a little more for my POTUS.
      Pop an ammonia capsule and come back to the land of reality.

  113. Glenn was referring to Stu who had just made fun of Glenn’s comment about sitting in his shoes. Stu said they most have been big shoes.If you listen to Glenn’s radio program you’d know that that’s their relationship. When Stu corrects Glenn , Glenn goes after Stu. No big deal!

  114. My respect and support for your business just went into the tank. As others have stated who actually listened to the show, Glenn was not talking about Trump in this segment. It was Stu he was talking about.
    Your email and pursuit of this subject just shows your listening skills to be as lame as Breitbart, the “news” organization that was pushing the stabbing Trump story. To bad they did not listen to the show either.
    I can only hope this email, and poll was sent out by a rogue employee. This company cannot be this inept.

  115. First he (Glenn), Pat & Studio are all the time cutting up. If YOU PEOPLE that are batching and whining about what was said. YOU haven’t even listened to what was said or for that fact when it was said. YOU just love to batch and whine and if a person would stop and listen to what you are saying they would also understand who you have your head stuck up! I don’t agree with everything Glenn and his people say but this is something that the Damocrats & Republicrats (Damocrats in Republican Clothing) are saying to hurt Glenn and his people and business. You can always tell the back bitters and rumor spreaders with what and how they say there piece, it is rude, mean and YOU talk about hate speech YOU need to proof read what you are saying. For you that say Glenn says we should follow Mother Teresa & Gandhi that is fine at least he picked good people and not Hitler and Satin to follow like you people.

  116. At this point I am so upset with Glenn Beck, we have followed him for so many years. He was the guy telling the truth etc. He was the guy that was always fair and honest etc. He wanted the Blaze to host a debate because HE was the only fair guy and would not take sides tec. For the last 3 or so months all he has done on his radio and TV show is trash Trump. At first it was just Heckle & Jeckle (Pat & Stu) but now he is just as bad or worst. When they started all that I was for Cruz and it really up set me that there was so much going on in the world (that Beck always keep us up to date on) and now all he does is trash Trump.
    It’s clear that the GOP is afraid of Trump as he is not bought and pay for and can be controlled, but all this makes Beck seem like he is one of the bad GOP guys he use to always talk about.
    So, with that being said, I now support Trump! We gave the GOP the House and they didn’t do what that promised they would, 2 years later we gave them the Senate and still they vote for what ever Obama wants. It’s time to put some one in office that owes nothing to the GOP higharcky.

    • Jack,

      As a Beck fan for so many years, I agree with everything you said. My hubby & I have also been subscribers from the beginning and watched the shows on GBTV regularly. I still love For the Record, but I cannot stomach the rudeness and insults Beck and his folks keep spewing against Trump and, specifically, Trump supporters.

      I have tried to like the Dana Loesch show but, even though I agree with her about the Second Amendment, I cannot tolerate her one-sided bashing of Trump and his supporters. I loved learning about her new puppy, but you have to be suspicious of someone who “hates cats” and so many other of God’s creatures.

      I’m sure I would enjoy the Tomi show if I could stand to wait through the Beck/Loesch diatribes and the boredom of Buck’s show (used to LOVE the Round Table group)…but I’ve turned off the programs in disgust once they start frothing at the mouth. Sigh!

  117. Is this for real? what a waste of my email space. this politically correct BS is what is fueling the divide in this country. I am one that does not worry about your feelings. I will say what I believe and feel. just like you have your right to say what you want. if I do not like what you say I do not deal with you and you should do the same with what I say. I DO NOT feel Glenn was directing anything towards Trump. The government should worry about doing their job and bring charges against Clinton for ALL the ILLEGAL stuff she has done. how about the government start securing our borders. how about they let our troops over seas do their job with out worry of them being charged with a crime. the enemy knows this country is so worried about political BS that they can do what they want. The problem is the government sticking their nose into our everyday life. please do not waste my time with these emails any more. I do like off the grid news but if your going to go all political on me I will be removing my name from your list.

  118. First I will say I am behind Trump.
    Second, I have long followed Beck, and have been impressed in the past when he talked issue points with rhetoric very similar to Trump’s.
    It seems sometime between now and his days on Fox News, he has jumped the fence and and would be satisfied with the status quo he railed against not so long ago.
    His comments were not becoming of him, and I am confused as to whether I can any longer see eye to eye with his perspectives.

  119. That this question would come up within your company, seriously damages my respect for you. Any one that listened to the whole thing would know it’s a running joke between Glenn and Stu. Stu commented on Glenn’s using the term ‘sitting in their shoes’ while Glenn was trying to make what he considered an important point. They do this kind of thing all the time. Glenn then made the ‘stabbing’ comment which was directed at Stu. Maybe, (just maybe ) because of the fact that Glenn was doing the show from a remote place ( not in Dallas ) made the timing a little tight.

  120. I use to listen to Glenn, and read his books. Won’t be doing that! I was very upset by what he said and the positions he is taking. I am also for Trump. This country is so divided at this moment and we need someone who is going to unite, secure and build the country. I want to see all borders closed while we figure out how to process individuals so we are not allowing in the “bad guys.”

  121. This “survey” is a perfect example of left wing deception. You ask me to vote up or down on someone’s morals based on a lie. Right after I post this I will unsubscribe. I am as severely disappointed in this website as I am in the attempted shredding of our constitution and the restrictions of our rights.

    • Ellyn Cool is exactly right.This whole story is a complete lie and anyone who cares about the truth knows Glenn was joking with Stu not directed at trump at all. Shame on you for spreading this
      Bovine Excrement.

  122. Beck was in no way threatening Trump. He doesn’t like Trump, and some of his comments about Trump are inflammatory and not helpful, but I believe he is a Christian man and bears no ill will for Trump. I think as a country we are becoming way too sensitive to other people’s speech. I like your company and appreciate that you have requested your customer’s opinions, and have posted them. Thanks

  123. I find it interesting that we have discussions about comments and opinions made by talk show hosts, both conservative and liberal, the news media and all others whose intent is to influence our opinions and thought process. The people of this country have the right to their individual opinions, however, it would be much better if they studied the Constitution with the intent of understanding the meaning and intent the Founding Fathers had when they penned our founding document. It is sad the people of our nation are controlled by talking heads because we don’t care enough to study and understand our “Constitutional Republic” form of government. Most think we are a “Democracy” which our Founding Fathers detested. They understood that democracies always fail. Unfortunately, we have a very ignorant electorate. Become educated and make informed decisions and quit being led by those whose only intent is to influence your opinions and thoughts. If you think these people have an understanding of the Constitution, though they reference it often, you are truly being deceived.

  124. While I detest Glenn Beck and his sophomoric outburst (his ‘co-hosts’ are no better) He did not direct the statement towards Trump. It was childish banter (which he obviously believes is good radio entertainment) between Stu and him for when Stu corrected and made fun of Glenn’s misquote of an old adage. You don’t sit in someone’s shoes, you either stand in them or walk in them. Stu went a little farther by making the comment about having to be huge shoes for Glenn to ‘sit’ in them and that’s when the schoolyard banter took place. It’s unprofessional, yes. Sophomoric, yes. But not aimed at Trump.

    I’m voting for Trump and can’t stand Glenn, but I call them as I see them.

  125. I do not believe anyone who hides behind JESUS CHRIST….case closed….

  126. It was funny and so true. Trump is a liar, big bragger and I think people are terribly deluded if they vote for this hateful man. Glen Beck has been s voice of reason in all this. He did not cross the line at all.

  127. It is by now well established that Becks comments were NOT snout Trump at all but one of his co- producers- and yes it was a joke. The only reasone the Secret Sevice got involved was because some hyper sensitive drama queen made a false report. Cut the crap already, there’s enough real and true things being said and done in the world without making stuff up.

  128. Glen beck is a mainstream media puppet, controlled by big business and the federal government!
    I’m sure he has some tears in there so he can suck a few more sheep into the dinosaur media web. If people can’t see through the blatant misinformation and weak attacks on trump, this need to attack the one who is mopping the floor with the other candidates because he wants the current situation to change is really sad.
    Mental slavery is the worst kind of slavery. It gives you the illusion of freedom, makes you trust, love and defend your oppressor while making an enemy of those who are trying to free you and open your eyes.

  129. I don’t think Beck really meant that he would actually stab Trump, but the comments he makes on a continuing basis on his shows are very bad. He has given up all pretense of even respecting Trump supporters, much less Trump himself.

    I believe Glenn Beck has every right to choose Ted Cruz as the candidate he endorses, but refuses to accept that others may disagree with him. I personally think Cruz is a liar and a phony, using dirty tricks just like the worst politician. That does NOT make me stupid, ignorant, uninformed OR a “brown shirt”, simply because I prefer Trump.

    I personally believe that Beck’s call for being united to restore civility is extremely hypocritical while he continues to belittle everyone who disagrees with his choice of POTUS candidate. And I say this after being a Beck fan for MANY years. I am extremely disappointed in the recent behavior of a man who has had so much foresight on so many issues. Perhaps he now believes he in infallible…who knows.

  130. Glen Beck is a media turd…

  131. The comment was directed towards Stu and was cleared up immediately afterwards and was a non issue except to people who are desirous of defaming someone with a different view point. At which point I am disappointed that you even think you need to poll this… Off the Grid News needs to do some better back ground research before doing this. Check your sources before going with a story.
    As far as Beck’s comments about Mr Trump’s supporters, most people can understand that he is talking in generalities not each person, (as with ANYONE with a very public radio or TV forum, be they liberal or conservative). If you listen to him regularly you would know that he has said positive as well as negative things about all the candidates, including Cruz.
    Each voter needs to make their own decision of who they will support, do so by researching them on your own. That is the responsible way to be an informed voter.

  132. I’m a long time supporter of GB and a subscriber to the Blaze. But I’m thinking of canceling my subscription. I am not a trump supporter, nor a Cruz fan. But his show is starting to sound like the Michael Savage show. Angry, degrading and too extreme. Please take it down a notch. Or I may cancel for now. And then renew it when we know the inevitable will occur. Hillary will be president.
    God save our nation!!!

  133. “Dear” Mr. Glenn Beck:

    Please take the time to read this…it is, we believe, instructional.

    I, and many friends, listened to your radio shows years ago and you made a great deal of sense, were conservative and logical (even if you were an alcoholic). However, and maybe it was a result of getting fired by CNN and FOX, you became a born again Christian to “save yourself” , collectively resulting in your now completely losing touch with reality and the American people.

    Your self-described view of Glenn Beck: “You’ve never met a more flawed guy than me” has become absolutely true! I thought it just a bit of self-deprecating “humor”, but I think you nailed it with a statement of fact. You are flawed in your thinking, your conspiracy theories and your unbelievably vile attacks on Mr. Trump. What makes you and your far right cronies think that you know what conservative republicans truly are…where did you acquire that license? It surely does not come from your being a minister in the Universal Life Church Monastery… or perhaps it does and that’s part of the problem. Politics and religion do not mix. (We have noted the same thing to the Pope but don’t attempt to put yourself in his camp please).

    On March 18, 2015, you (Beck) left the Republican Party, saying that the GOP had failed to effectively stand against the president on Obamacare and immigration reform, and because of the GOP establishment’s opposition to insurgent lawmakers such as Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. If you left it, then leave it alone and stop lobbing in peripheral hand grenades. (We agreed with your position and that of many other unhappy Republicans, but we did not leave the party). You gave up your party rights on March 18th. If you want to attack something (which is how you have made such a substantial living the last 15 years), then attack HRC, and the Democrat party and the socialist running on that side with insanity/lies/deception and greed. Stay off our turf and that of tens of millions of Americans who are in favor of Donald Trump and all of his arrogance. He has the courage and the morality to say and do what we believe is right for our country at this point in time…that which is needed to reverse the incredible damage that Obama has inflicted upon our political, economic and military infrastructure. Sadly, our country is now more fractured nationally and internationally than any time since the Vietnam War era.

    You have compared Mr. Trump to Hitler among other extremely demeaning and incredibly inaccurate statements. (But that’s your style isn’t it?) Hitler’s mission was to wipe out entire sects of humans from this planet and produce a master race of Germans. How does this in any way relate to Mr. Trump? I believe you said you’d rather vote for HRC or Sanders than Donald Trump. These statements clearly demonstrate your detachment from reality in mainstream America today. Yet you chant your conservative stance on all things. The truth is that you and your compatriots on the National Review “hit team” are fearful of the fact that you will be unable to “control” Trump as president and after 8 years of divergent Obama, you have a massive pent up need to control the new president. Guess what…he will become president and you and your pals will not “control” him. Or cajole him or bribe him or threaten him into doing your bidding. The so called conservative Washington GOP clan has the same fear…hence you’re both now aligned in a war on the leading conservative…yes conservative, candidate in the country. You are all totally out of touch with reality seeking only to satiate your own narcissistic needs for control.

    Collectively, you and the NR “contributors” are all control freaks who can’t stomach the fact that you don’t have it now, have not had it for nearly 8 years, nor will you when Trump in the White House. It just makes you all seethe with uncontainable rage. And out pops some of the most insane commentary that the country has ever witnessed against the leading candidate and surely does not need at this time. The goal, in case you have lost sight, is to defeat the democrat ticket…period. We are not stupid yet you squawk that we are being duped by a charlatan. We suggest that it is you and your “team of hitmen” that are the frauds.

    Several things that Trump espouses are certainly “new” and refreshing politically, but most are not and are solid republican values. And NONE are Hitleresque! You should be ashamed of this totally stupid and ill-founded accusation. Don’t equate his arrogance and pomposity (which you have in copious amounts yourself) with anything other than being a tough SOB and wanting to return America to greatness while being aligned with conservative mainstream American values.

    Our first recommendation to you Mr. Beck is to stand down from your war on Mr. Trump and convince your cronies to do the same. Your collective fiery and vile tongues and pens are doing nothing more than creating a wider fracture between republicans/conservatives and the balance of the lost souls who happen to have voting rights in America. We do not need any more divisiveness, particularly when its source is based on revolting and wholly incorrect notions of a candidate that are conjured up simply for the self-serving needs of a group of control-driven media based elitists with big voices and apparently little sense or caring for what is in our country’s best interests.

    Our second recommendation to you (given that you’re presumably too young to retire) is to do your preaching solely in the Universal Life Church or whatever other religious-based platform invites you to address their membership. But, keep it to religion and Jesus Christ. Just stay the hell out of politics…you (as well as your cronies) are making massive fools of yourselves once again. Should you decide to stay your destructive course and not accept my two recommendations, perhaps this time you’ll get fired by America!

  134. That comment was NOT DIRECTED at Trump. If you listen to the full discussion the sarcastic comment was directed at Stew, Beck’s co-host. Beck made the playful comment toward his co-host (which is typical comical banter for them) because Stew was mocking Beck for his “sitting in his shoes” quip from earlier. Beck was at CPAC and Stew was in Dallas at the studio. Beck said, “if I were closer the stabbing would not stop.” Again, it was a JOKE directed at Stew. Get the facts straight.

  135. I’m surprised…this is more typical of the main stream media taking comments out of context.

  136. Cancelled my subscription to Glen’s show as he’s definitely gone over the edge. Don’t appreciate how he’s pushing Cruz as the “Savior”. Why doesn’t he talk about the fact that Neil Bush has joined the Cruz campaign or how his wife is a member of the CFR and partner at Goldman? Cruz is part of the New World Order and needs to go. I definitely DON’T TrusTED!

  137. The comment was a joke about Stu. The next day Stu even wore a flak-jacket and they joked about it again.
    Look I love O.T.G. and Solutions from science but this is just another example of taking a comment utterly out of context. Which I would not have thought Bill or his people would do.
    Please stay out of the ugly side of the political arena.

  138. Glenn was talking to Stu, if you watch the video you will see it was Stu he was stabbing not Trump. Don’t spin it to make it look like anything else. There is no investigation, from the FBI, CiA or the secret service. At the convention the secret service talked to him and they weren’t concerned for Trumps safety but how this was going to be spun. None of the negative reporting on this is true. But I’m sure you will continue to believe the lie anyway.

  139. I no longer watch Glenn. He say’s Trump is a divider, he and Berrnie are the dividers. Its time Bernie took responsibility for what he is preaching, instead of blaming everything on Trump.

  140. Who cares what Glen Beck Said? The Media thinks we have no mind but to listen to their lies.

  141. Good grief. How frickin’ petty. If y’all don’t recognize a joke, then you’ have no/zero/nada sense of humor. MM is constantly looking for and finding comments to take out of context, and skew in an obvious attempt to devil-ize Glenn Beck. Classic Saul Alinsky (yes, I’ve read his books). Denigrate, divide, and destroy.

    Just because you believe something to be true does not make it Fact.

  142. This comment Glenn made was made about his partner Stu, NOT Donald Trump. As always, the left wing circus and ridiculous media jump to conclusions and go by their OPINION and NOT facts. So sick and tired of the media’s lies and liberal attacks and hate for anyone and everyone who disagrees w/them and their views.


  144. In the country I was raised in these comments would have been insistingand Glen would be having a segmented view of the world today as he watched it go by from behind bars. the rapper that called for blacks to go 40 and 50 strong would have been glen’s bunk mate also. the Grand Old Party is now fighting to get rid of their only candidate that has any curb appeal and chance to beat the dems. and our socialist candidate from the Far left is only too happy to take credit for last nights violence, all the while blaming Trump for his violent speech, as the cause. The system is tore up from the floor up and needs outsiders to come in and fix it. Is Trump the right choice. I don’t know but the “establishment” party members have done a -iss pore job from everyones point of view except our enemies. Some thing must change or our enemies will eat on our livers for years to come.

  145. How do I unsubscribe to this crap. You are no better than the lef wing media that lies and distorts the truth. I’m tired of it and will not be patronizing you site any longer. Bad move on your part!

  146. BECK sold-out long ago, He’s your Typical Mormon Zombie, just Follow the Money Trail ! Do or Say anything if the Price is Right !

  147. If Glenn Beck had had a vote thousands of years ago, I think he would have opposed God’s choice in Moses since Moses had been raised by the enemy, the Egyptians! Moses was tough and very vocal, too! How can anyone believe God’s choice for the USA would be the one who Glenn has chosen – a person with no successful leadership qualities or experience? Shame on Glenn Beck!

  148. NO! His comment was not out of line because he NEVER said it. He was joking about stabbingStu! Glenn is one of very few not afraid to tell the truth about Trump or anyone else. I no longer watch Fox. When Judge Janine, Hannity, as well as the rest of FOX sit there listening to Trump spew lies about Glenn, TedCruz & others without challenging him on it, I am done with them!!! They even backed the lie Rubio was telling about Cruz. Apparently many of Rubio’s supporters knew that too. That is when Rubio went down hill. As for my state, I am proud to say we told Trump how we felt about him & chose the only good, honest person in the race, Ted Cruz. As for FOX & all the the other trumpeteer puppets, you deserve to get him, Clinton or Sanders for President but the rest of us & our families do not. So do your trumpschmoozing out of the Presidential race leave the Presidential seat to someone who deserves it..,Ted Cruz!

  149. Don’t be like the rest of the lemmings and believe what you hear unless its every bit of it. Play the whole thing Off the Grid crowd or remove it.

  150. I understand Glenn Beck’s frustration and usually agree with him on just about everything but it is never right to even joke about these type of things otherwise we are no better than Donald Trump and the very evil we so strongly oppose. We all make mistakes and I don’t doubt glenn regrets saying this. Let’s move on. We’ve heard much worse from trump himself, over and over and over again. America is fed up with donald trump. He is not a representative of what America is. He is the worst of Society and an embarrassment for all that is good.

  151. The ‘vote’ won’t accept my ballot. But here’s my take: Beck is irrelevant and Cruz is too little, too late. The Constitution has been compromised and with Scalia gone it is unlikely that SCOTUS will ever be anything more than a rubber stamp for the DemoFascists after this, which is mostly what it’s been for years now anyway. When Lincoln was criticized for putting General Grant in charge, they said Grant was slovenly, cussed, and drank. Lincolns’ reply was: That’s all true–but he fights! That’s why it makes not a whit of difference what Trump says, how much he cusses, and whether he respects the finer points of constitutional law. He fights! If Trump loses this election, Beck, Cruz, Rubio, and the National Review may continue to be ‘pure’ conservatives, but the DemoFascists will overturn every future election that favors a Republican as ‘unconstitutional’ and we will then be in a one-party police state. Only a big-tent Republican Party can stop this, and only Trump has the wide support and Teddy Roosevelt/General Grant/General Patton personality to win.

  152. NOBODY should be talking about stabbing ANYBODY. Children and the unstable are in ear-shot of TV all the time.

  153. Someone who deserves the candidate raise and quit being so greedy to others through their teeth we are all suppose to get along not go against each others throats or we never Accomplish any thing as always never Accomplish any thing we always talk and never get any thing done like Global Warming and what are we going to say to are kids when all wild life does not exist in the world do to are mistakes,we can talk,talk,talk is cheep about any thing and I think that was a joke hurting another Humane being is wrong any way we say that we could hurt any one.

  154. HE didn’t say that hed stab Trump and it doesn’t seem right that one of his sponsors would make that accusation. He was joking about stabbing Stu.

    I should return my portable power unit

  155. If you listen to the audio in context, he was talking to (and about) his producer Stu Breguierre. Nice hatchet job, though.

  156. I believe everyone’s crossed the line with the Trump rhetoric. I know Beck can’t stand him, but both political parties just can’t do enough to try to take him down in whatever way they can. Makes you wonder what they’re afraid of, doesn’t it?

  157. Really???!!! He was joking about stabbing STU, who was in TX at the time, who made the big shoes comment!!!!! Stu is one of his producers, and everyone who keeps bringing this up is a moron. Stop it. Just stop it.

  158. First of all to ask the question, “Do you ever think it’s ok to threaten a presidential candidate” and CLAIM to be some kind of prepper survival “OFF THE GRID” site is the most outlandish STUPID idea next to gun control. You guys are actually ran by the government aren’t you?
    Unreal. All I can tell you is that I will unsubscribe and flag all of your email as SPAM.
    What’s next Off the Grid”?? “Do you think it’s ok to shoot the president if he or she is doing a bad job?”

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you asked something as retardedly stupid as that. What a huge disappointment. What idiot thought up to post a poll like that? I’m not kidding, I read something like that and it SMELLS like a question my own gov’t would ask.


  159. Yea, you are only playing a small portion of the talk show discussion. It is taken out of context. Like quoting one verse in the Bible and not the “rest of the story” as Paul Harvey would say. Glenn, obviously, doesn’t like Donald, but Glenn is a good Christian, and wouldn’t go through with it anyway. He is just spouting off about how Trump stirs the pot to violence.

  160. GLENN WAS JOKING ABOUT STABBING STU, NOT TRUMP. You would have gotten that if you had heard the comment in context.

    Stop being a moron!!!

  161. I have been listening to Glenn for many years so I know his humor and enjoy greatly. In addition, my girlfriend and I both listened to the entire original clip, and that’s not what was posted. Glenn was referring to Stu, just one minor item left out, so the left can twist things around against Conservatives!

  162. Glen was referring to his co-host, Stu. Not Donald Trump. Listen to, and post, the entire clip. What exactly do you have to gain by lying about this event anyway?

  163. To be honest, I believe anything that comes out of Beck’s mouth is self serving. He is the proverbial “wolf in sheeps clothing” in my opinion.

  164. Glenn was talking about Stu you dimwits. Can I have all the money back I’ve ever spent with solutions from science now?

  165. I have found in my own life that funny haha joking can be a way of saying what we mean without the consequences.
    I think Glenn and many more are joking about this.
    I believe Donald is God’s Trumpet for out nation.
    Not sure he will be President but he is saying things that need to be said.
    Be careful.
    As God’s children we need to be praying not calling out rudely.
    We need to see with God’s heart and ways.
    That is one thing wrong with the body.
    Why isn’t anyone talking about the other candidates that are also un Christ like in their behavior.
    In Christ

  166. This is “much ado about nothing.”

  167. I’m really sorry for Glenn. I think he has had some sort of a breakdown or something. Bless his heart.

  168. I do not not like Donald Trump. When all is said and done people will see him for what he is. He needs to be stopped. No one needs to stab him but he does belong in jail. He is using satans strategy to bring Americans to their knees. He is a liar and deceiver, He is misleading America and its working. He is promoting violence and we will all end up in fema camps while him and his family go under ground. God bless our souls.

  169. Post the entire clip. How can I make a valid commit, when you only give a few sentences of what was being said.You didn’t post enough to make an accurate response. From what I got from it, he and Stu were joking. The tone of the conversation was not serious…..Shame on you. No, I am not upset on what was said. “The View” says worse, and its on National TV. Is your company going to start becoming politically involved? There’re has been other “well known” programs/individuals that have made worse statements than this, and you have not made mention of any of them. If you are going to “get involved” and become part of the “media”, then lets not be biased. Emotions are running high, through out our country. Don’t use you web as a political sight. Don’t mix business with your personnel thoughts.

  170. I listened to the little blurb you posted, & from the few seconds I heard, it sounded like light banter. I didn’t think it was meant to be malicious. However, since I do not make time to listen to his drivel, I don’t really have a good basis of comparison. I surely hope your website (& daily emails) are not turning into a political junkie site, we get enough of that on the daily news & I do use my “fast-forward” button. If it is, I will “drop you like a hot potato,” no more orders, no “nothin’!” Get It?!?

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