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BREAKING: Police Seize 6 Children Simply Because Family Was Camping

Stock photo

Stock photo

A Michigan family which had dreams of camping during the summer in the great outdoors was horrified when state officials seized their six children simply because they were temporarily living in tents, Off The Grid News has learned.

The nightmare experience for Christopher and Antonia Hernandez began May 19 when Otsego County sheriff deputies and a CPS official took their children, and ended June 10 when their children were returned after the parents won a court ruling based on the fact the mother and children are eligible for enrollment in the Tlingit Native American tribe. The federal Indian Child Welfare Act makes it more difficult for state officials to separate Native American families. Michigan has a similar state law.

If the family had not had the Tlingit link, the case still would be ongoing, with the children still in foster care.

But the removal never should have taken place, Christopher and Antonia told Off The Grid News, which has read the court documents – one of which criticizes the family for not having electricity or a water source. The family was near a state park and had purchased a pass to shower and bathe there. The parents also had a generator.

They had been living in the tents for nine days when police arrived.

“The government has tried to standardize what a home is and what a home must have, without consideration for if the children’s needs are being met or not,” Christopher and Antonia said in a joint statement. “This was not a case of neglect, but a case of the government telling us how we have to raise our children — that we must have running water, we must have electricity and we can’t stay in a tent for the summer. To the government it makes no difference if the children are happy and healthy. We need to conform to their idea of normal or they can take your children away.

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They added, “Taking children from families needs to be limited to clear cases of neglect and abuse. It should be every parent’s right to raise their children as they see fit, unless the government can prove that what the parent is doing is actually harming the child.”

The children, ages seven months, 2, 4, 6, 15 and 17, had been living in the three tents – two of which were large nine-person tents – when the controversy began.

“Our family decided to go camping for the summer to a 10-acre property we are buying,” Antonia said, noting they do own a house. “We had intended to stay the summer while we finalized plans on what we were going to do with our lives. We cannot say we would have stayed the whole summer due to the fact Christopher is donating a kidney to his mother and we may have been called home to do the surgery at any point. If this were to happen we planned to return home for the duration of the surgery and the recovery period however long that was.”

The parents simply “wanted our children to experience the outdoors” – and perhaps see if they wanted to live off-grid permanently.

The Hernandez family

The Hernandez family

“We purchased several chickens, a couple of turkey and a couple of ducks so we could try and provide a portion of our food needs,” Antonia said. “… We set up one tent as storage for our tools, as I do a lot of woodworking. Another tent was set up as a closet to house our clothes and diapers, etc. As you can imagine, with six children we have a lot of clothes and other miscellaneous items. Our third tent was set up as a kitchen.”

The family also had:

  • A natural gas stove the parents converted to propane for cooking food and heating water.
  • Six five-gallon containers of water they refilled at the local Walmart. They also were collecting rainwater.
  • Several solar lights.
  • A generator.

On May 19, the parents left the property to do laundry at a laundromat, as well as to buy food and some fencing for the animals. The younger children were left in the care of their 15-year-old son, who is nearly 16.

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“When we arrived back, the Otsego County Sheriff’s Department was at the property claiming to have received a report of squatters on the land,” Antonia said. “We provided documentation of our right to be on the land, which was verified the next day by the land owner.”

A CPS representative also was on the property, and had concerns about the living conditions. CPS made four allegations, according to the official court document:

  • The family was not in a “stable living environment.”
  • The family had no electricity or water source, and was using kerosene as a means of heat.
  • The children were playing in the woods, cared for by a 15 year old.
  • The youngest child had a diaper rash.
  • The 17-year-old girl, who has Cerebral Palsy, was cold.

Antonia told Off The Grid News she knew of the diaper rash and it had been healing. The 17-year-old girl had a temperature of 96, but Antonia said this was after sheriff deputies and CPS “had the tent flap completely open for at least an hour and a half.” When she was admitted to the hospital it was 97.7.

“I witnessed her without covers for at least part of that time,” Antonia said. “I was told by her case worker that the doctor who examined her said she was very well taken care of.”

As for the children playing outside in the cold, “none of the children were displaying any signs of being cold — shivering or teeth chattering. As a matter of fact, they kept taking off their coats, which to me indicates that they were not cold.”

None of the allegations, he said, warranted removal of the children.

“We were given no other option to either return to the house we own or to obtain a hotel room until we could go to court,” she said. “By law, they are required to a reasonable effort to prevent or eliminate the need for removal as required by law.”

The case is now closed, and with their children back in their care, the parents have decided not to return to the property.

“It is a sad that they were out of our care for 21 days because we were camping,” she said.

What is your reaction to this story? When should the government be allowed to remove children? Share your thoughts and comments in the section below:

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  1. My reaction to this, I can’t really say here as it is a moderated page, but I say f%^k the government! The neighbors – likely liberals as those I have seen do this most often are as conservatives actually have brains and use them – need to mind their own business! This is ridiculous! I am glad the family got their kids back but they shouldn’t have to stay away from the property because of nosy neighbors. What happens to families when the power actually goes out? When there is no heat, no running water, no air conditioning, no refrigeration? What happens to families when it is actually safer to do the camping out thing rather than staying in an apartment, house or somewhere in the city where such outages can lead to dangerous situations like robberies and murders over the supplies you have? Oh, but these idiots don’t think of that because the government will take care of you. We live in such a nanny state now and it needs to STOP!!

    • Yeah you’re an idiot, Conservatives are easily the biggest cheaters, rapists and liars this country has ever seen. F— you and everyone that thinks like you. For the record I’m not a liberal, they suck too.

      I’m more about watching both Conservatives and Liberals killing each other off while I laugh. Can’t wait for that day to happen.

      • Jon, my, my what a potty mouth! I take it you believe this makes you sound all tough and grown up! Calling nasty names and dropping the f bomb like a 4 year old who just discovered the word! You laugh while people kill each other??? That is a tad sociopathic! Actually your entire comment is filled with violence and hate! What exactly is it that makes you so angry that you feel the need to call strangers names? Why not find a positive way to vent that anger!! You obviously don’t care for liberals or conservatives so who is your candidate, your party, your person who can do something for We The People??????????? You see Jon sitting back and laughing is not an answer to the major problems faced by this country and therefore YOU!!! If the country falls apart then NO INTERNET buddy!

      • Poor poor Jon, whats the matter mommy and daddy didn’t take you camping when you were young.

    • My dear Sharon how could one person be so wrong!! You wish to turn this into a liberal v. conservative battle when clearly it is a battle We The People should stand united on! These people had their children taken for no good reason!! It is people such as you that keep this country divided at a time we need to stand together!!

      • Exactly! I’m liberal in most instances and this didn’t strike me as poliical but just a horrible abuse of power. People live in cults with their children, brainwashing them and preventing them from leaving (Warren Jeffs comes to ming). These people keep their kids but a couple camping and wanting to experience living in nature don’t? I’m sure it would be much easier to live in a home with running water, but this is what they wanted. Maybe they should go help kids that are truly in danger or living on the streets!

    • That’s what the concentration (FEMA) camps are for.

    • People in Michigan call it “camp”. People go for weeks to pick berries, fish and enjoy nature without snow. How silly is CPS becoming? I wouldn’t go camping with all that stuff. I was taken all over, from the jungles in South America and all over the US. I had the most fun with my four other sibs. Camping on deserted beaches in the jungle and taking a jungle shower.

      For all the oddballs, Tennessee is the biggest Nanny State in the United States. Their regulations are the most invasive I have ever heard. Republican.

    • I think this is horrible. But, it is not the fault of liberals as you say. It is the fault of the “Conservative Christians” They are the ones with their noses up everyone’s Butts. Telling everyone what they should do and how they should live their lives. They are the hypocrites that think they are better than others and should dictate what everyone else should be doing. Yes, I said it. It is the “Party of smaller government” that has the government in everyone’s bedroom, up every woman’s uterus, in every families life, and the ones all for the corporations and god forbid anyone should live off the grid. You must be a teabaggie coz you need to wake up and smell the coffee.

      • Sorry, Yvonne, I’m a Conservative Christian and we DO NOT call the police, it’s the liberals who stick their noses where they should not be. I am all for this family camping with their children. it is none of anyone’s business, especially, the government, unless they are abusing or neglecting them. This was not the case and you are one very confused liberal democrat. Wait, all liberal democrats are confused. And God forbid, you should offend them. They will call down the wrath of government upon you because that is YOUR nanny state that you rely on to take care of your every need.

        • Conservative Christians are just as diverse as any other group of people. Some call the police and some don’t. Some judge others based off their religion and some don’t. The labels of liberal, democrat, conservative, republican, etc. are all ruses, in it that politicians really all do the same thing, that foolish people choose to follow.

          • I agree with you, its not the party label thats the problem, its the american people , we sit back and let this countries government invade our private lives, dictate how we discipline our kids, take church out of schools as well as messing with the pledge of allegiance. So i say its are own fault, and the american people need to find their backbones and clean the government houses out, Just tell them were not paying them and watch them all walkout, theres your solution

        • Ah yes the evil Liberals So was it the ones in the Earthship? Maybe the Liberal hippies down the road? Funny how you seem you embrace our lifestyle & call it conservative. What next Going to vcomplain that Obama is not letting you build wind & solar farms. THat he’s dynying you a smaller carbon footprint?

    • I’m as liberal as they get and I’m outraged by this story as much as you. [email protected]

    • There’s no need to make this about partisan politics. I’m a liberal and these kinds of situations disgust me just as much as they do you.

      This isn’t about a “nanny state.” This is about nosy people on both sides of the aisle who think that children need to be coddled way more than they actually should be.

    • Does it matter as to the caller’s political beliefs? What matters is the response of the government officials (in a decidedly conservative community). Well, abuse by government, even when well intentioned, must be fought by conservatives and liberals alike. The caller, whether conservative or progressive (liberals believe in little government), may have had suspicions of a family needing help and called the authorities (rather than reaching out herself) to assess the situation. The government officials overreacted, not the caller.

      There are instances of callers going out of their way to make trouble and to use the police to enforce their beliefs, such as a conservative religious group travelling to a remote nude beach in Texas specifically to spot nude sunbathers and call the police on them (actual incident). The police arrested the nude sunbathers. Were the Texas laws a result of conservative or progressive legislatures? A truly liberal legislature would repeal any law forbidding nudity on beaches. Laws promoting child protections are produced by both conservative and progressive legislatures as the legislators attempt to give the appearance of looking out for the general welfare. The laws are then administered and enforced by people who are really often very stupid – whether they themselves happen to identify as conservative or “liberal”.

  2. I live in Ontario. This happened to a friend of mine about 20 yrs ago. They were living in her MIL trailer over the summer. They didn’t have another house to go to at the time but that is because they were moving anyways and figured they would save the rent for 2 months. The lease ended on their other apartment and they couldn’t move into the new place until September. The place had running water, heat, lights, they just didn’t consider trailer a proper house that was the first issue. I know we have plenty of trailer parks here that have permanent residence, the USA has even more. Her son had a seizure while there. They took him to the hospital. They tried to say he had shaken baby syndrome. While there her daughter fell at the babysitter and broke an arm ( they claimed not proper supervision) . She fought for a long time to get them back and lost. Found out after that her son had epilepsy and children services hid it from the courts. Her daughter they did rule it an accident and dropped the charges on that but still refused to give the girl back.

    • I grew up in a camper I survived quite well I saw amazing things and am more well traveled than 90% of my friends.
      Im 43 and a well rounded person.
      I had a extremely happy childhood and I lived in a 26ft camper from age 3 to 10…
      children are not being abused living in campers or tents for a summer. This is rediculas.

  3. It baffles me how many people forget that our ancestors used to live like this, and were fine. Just because we have all these modern day conveniences, doesn’t mean we should turn our backs on getting in touch with nature and living more “simple”. Just be honest. The government doesn’t want people living off grid because it takes money out of there pocket and keeps it in the pocket of the people.

  4. They did that with us in NV 3 summers ago. The nights were warm at 75 and the kids wanted to camp. My oldest daughter had her daughter and was married. Because they were camping on our land while the house was being built it was not *a right enviornment* for the kids. Our youngest was with them and all was fine. Then CPS came up with the police and gave us the same aligations of neglect. They were taken away and thankfully a friend jumped in to help. We were there the whole time and when we left they went with us. They were sent to doctors and the docs said the same. There was no neglect. The kicker is they were clean, the camping area was clean, and it was WARM. So what is next unless you are in a trailer or house that is built to their SPICIFICS then your kids are gonna get taken away? I feel for this family becuase I have been there! Oh and they are doing this on the rez too!

  5. I see the all toooo familiar “power grab” for our children. Back in the mid ’90’s the state of Cali made upto $150,000. per kid per year!!!!!! Its FANTASTIC SCAM!!!!!!! Ruins families & they get rich. Also these scumbag DPS workers have NO boss!!! Find the book from the ’90’s who is watching our children by Barbara? May not be actual tital just ask ur phone. Its about the whole DPS screwed up system. They stole my daughter for 14 yrs w/my dad & step moms help when they were the ABUSERS!!!!!! She gives a case where they stole the child because the DPS worker was offered a sandwhich on a napkin NOT a plate. Snobby jerk. I jumped thru soooooooo many hoops doing circus tricks & NOTHING was good enough. My daughter ran away @ the age of 20 she was a ward till 21!!!!!!!! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR they have NO RIGHT!!!!! ITS ONLY GONNA GET WORSE. KEEP CLOSE TO THE LORD FOR HE IS THE ONLY ONE TO HAVE IN YOUR CORNER!!!!

  6. This is ridiculous, I remember when I was 8 going on 9 years old. We did a three and a half month camping trip, from Cali to Montana. They helped us, they did not try to make my moms life miserable by taking us kids away. What is so wrong with teaching your children to live in the wilderness??? You never know one day you might end up there and not know how to survive. That is sad, seems to me a part of the worldly government trying to control what we do. We have rights as US citizens to do what we want as long as no laws are broken. Teaching your children how to survive in the wild is a good thing!!!

  7. Joseph Edward Bodden

    I think we can thank the Mondale Act for this, seems that if child protection holds a child in ‘custody’ for one year, they can collect twenty thousand dollars from the Feds for ‘upkeep’ for that child.
    Interestingly, Mendocino county has had a pattern of children being seized, held for a year and a day and THEN returned to the family. Of course if the family fights back, the courts can (and have) rule that the children have been out of the home for ‘so long that they are alienated’ and forcibly adopted out… human trafficking is alive and well in the USA.

  8. This is our lobbyist form of government in action. How dare this family not use municipal water or electricity for nine days! But wait, aren’t we told to conserve?

  9. The CSP person should have looked deeper. For example, they don’t have running water, but do they have adequate stores of drinking water for the children? He or she needs a more flexible mind to get to the real heart of the matter, the intent of the law.
    A family I know well are serious, wonderful Christians with 5 kids and before I’d met them, they both lost their jobs at the same time. They wound up living in an Oregon state park in a tent for 3 months during the warm months. All those kids are now grown and doing very well. One has been a missionary in Bolivia since the day she turned 18 and that was like 15 years ago.
    The interesting thing is, they all relate to those three months in a tent as the best time of their lives. They had time for one another every day and grew very close during that time, creating bonds that will never be broken.

  10. It’s hard to provide “judgement” without understanding all of the details in this case. Child abuse is a reality, and we, as a society, need to protect the innocent. This, of course, goes both ways. The criteria for taking custody of someone’s children needs to be much more stringent.

    It seems to me that there’s an increasing element that is free of critical thinking in our society. One that looks at self sufficiency (hunting, simple rustic living etc.) as a strange goal. This lack of critical thinking bleeds into every aspect of the debate we’re in as Americans, focused on what is “American” or what is the USA going to be. It’s the progressive vs conservative debate at it’s core.

    Somewhere back in elementary school, on of my teachers described freedom as “the ability to do what you want up until you infringe on the freedom of others”. It’s an over simplified definition, but still the best definition of freedom I’ve ever heard. Being self-sufficient…living your life as you want, is at the core of what it is to be American. As a white collar professional, to my earlier point about some looking at rustic living and self sufficiency as taboo; I say living the majority of your life in a office playing corporate politics etc. is taboo. It’s downright insane! Work to live, don’t live to work!. Teach your children everything you know with a goal toward self-sufficiency. That knowledge is the best gift you can give them. I do not think it impossible, that we may see an economic collapse in our life time and those that can fend for themselves, will be the ones with the best chance of survival.

    This case sounds like an overreach of government. I hope it’s an exception in this case. I’m generally concerned with the overall trend of growing government and the ever present desire of some, mostly on the left, to impose their will on the whole of America especially related to the First and Secondment Amendments of the Constitution.

    Don’t Tread on Me

  11. So much depends on the State. In Oregon, where I live, there was a man living with his daughter in the State park. He was turned in to Child Protective Services. He was camping, homeschooling, providing for her needs. CPS determined that he was taking care of his child’s needs, and was allowed to continue doing so in the manner he was doing it in. Some places do understand. Choose to live there.

  12. The problem isn’t the government, its the voting citizens of the state of Michigan that
    1. Are too busy watching ‘Dancing with the Stars’, and have no idea what is going on.
    2. Know about things like this and are too lazy and apathetic to care because the government hasn’t come after them (yet).
    3. Know about things like this and say, “I trust the government to do the right thing no matter what”. (Idiot) (That’s not just an insult – look up the Greek origin of the word “idiot”)
    4. Someone that sees the horrific injustice here and want to change it. They are the voice crying in the wilderness. If there were enough of this category of people, things would change!

    Which one are YOU, citizen of Michigan?

  13. Use to tent camped all my summers when I was a child. From when school was out to a week before it started… Best Memories a kid could have. Even though I had chores. Everyone has to do their part.

    I see NOTHING wrong with them camping showing the kids a different way of life and its no ones business. It seems like the parents provided for them


  15. It is a sad say when a family does not have the right to spend the summer camping on their own land! It is time for al of us to look closely at what our actions say about who we are as a community. SCOTUS declared the state equal to the federal government when it did not reject the affordable care act. Now we do not even have the right to live free on our own land.

  16. This is totally unfair, the govt is going too far, neighbors need to mind their own business, at this point all children are wards of the state until they reach 18. But the state sure doesn’t want to take care of them they leave that up to the foster care system which is also broken. I know I am a foster care parent. Then it takes 6 mo to become a foster care parent and in the meantime we go broke trying to feed and cloth them. Where’s the justice. I don’t want any child abused or hurt but we still need discipline. That is what is wrong with our country, why do you think children are killing children, They have NO respect for others or themselves.

  17. …and while they are following up frivolous complaints and hounding perfectly good parents, the kids who REALLY need CPS’s help are the ones missing out – the ones who end up being killed or dying from neglect or abuse. CPS needs to lift their game.

  18. I believe the government wants us to die. Google Georgia Guide Stones.

  19. They’re a bi-racial family. that’s why. If it were a white family this more than likely wouldn’t have happened. I honestly believe that. btw i’m white. not pulling a race card.

  20. I am totally amazed by people’s reactions over this article. As a child my parents bought a couple of lots in Northern Michigan. The “house” was 2 small rooms wide and 4 rooms long. On one end of the house there was 2 small bedrooms. Each room was large enough to have a full size bed and a small dresser. The doors on the rooms were more like bathroom stall doors-open at the top and bottom. We had electricity, but no running water or bathroom. Instead we had a pump and outhouse. There was fuel oil for heat and a fuel oil furnace in the living room. My brother and I slept in the living room one on each side of the furnace, with a curtain stretched across the front of our beds. My parents used one bedroom and my 2 younger sisters had the other bedroom. The final area of the house was a kitchen with a propane stove, and dry sink. This house was built off the ground and basically sat on rollers about 1 foot off the ground. We lived in this house every summer for 7 years for 3 months. After reading this story I know that all four of us kids would have been taken away from my parents! And when the authorities had found us playing in the woods and swimming in the lake with no supervision, their parental rights would have been revoked without question! In the 60’s it was considered a good life! Now it is considered dangerous. What a joke and set of double standards.

  21. That’s a bunch of bull shit right there. When I was 15 I was taken away from my family and sent to a facility in upper Wisconsin and every 45 days a bunch of us girls had to go and live in the forest for a week, one roll of toilet paper we got a filter so we could filter the lake water and had to carry 60 pound backpacks while hiking 35 miles in 6 days. With a bunch of strangers from the facility, but yet that’s ok. But it’s not okay if you are with family doing it, this family had way more than what was provided for us girls. Ridiculous!

  22. I see a lot of comments that are, “I feel attacked, I’m going to respond out of defense, which is another form of attack”.

    We’re all humans. We’re all unique. We all have different values, morals, beliefs.

    And we are beautiful as we are as uniquely individual beings all with our own unique levels of consciousness and being.


  23. Mahatma Muhjesbude


    Then go onto to revelation number two. WHY ARE WE LETTING THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS?!

  24. There r people living in Alaska that only have woodstoves and generators for electricity in the outback and catch the train to get to town for supplies and back. An outhouse for bathroom rellive and either spring water or melting snow. Propane for cooking etc….etc

    Some people need to mine their own bussiness when it comes to somethings, Consevr or Lib or whatever color one may think.

    But thats our goverment now that preaches to spy on our fellow neighbers.
    70 plus years ago in Germany they were doing the same thing.

    All this s++t has to stop

  25. Maybe the “government” needs to step in and remove all the Amish children from their homes. They don’t have hot and cold running water, heat, electricity (nor generators), refrigerators and I could go on and on. they survive, why in the Hell can’t parents take their children camping and let the government mind their own damn business. Sorry. I think this whole scenario was so wrong.

  26. Lori Alayne Weber Miller

    So I wonder why a family camping for 9 days is any business of CPS. It sounds like they did not find anything worse than diaper rash. And chronic problems with a person with cerebral palsy…. I have treated hundreds of pressure areas and dehydration on persons with CP and other brain dysfunction that they acquired in a skilled nursing facility with around the clock staff. CPS needs to calm their balls.No seriously why do we need to pay for the government to maintain parks if we can’t even go camping with our kids without being harassed. And yes the two faced government parasite needs to make up their collective mind carbon footprint bad…living off grid also bad?

  27. What is the follow up?

  28. Leave it to the government, CPS and neighbors who should mind their own business to cause this problem. If I am correct, the mother is of the tribe out of Alaska. They know how to survive. She could teach them how to survive.

  29. Crazy me!?!? but I was half or more through the comments when I read that they were a bi-racial family… I had read the article, and seen the pictures, but it hadn’t registered… I had to go up to see what races the couple were…
    As for the living in the tents for the summer, on their own property, when they had a home they lived in otherwise. It blows my mind that the CPS and police were so insistent on taking the kids… I am now leaning to the same side of the fence as the comment that it was because they were a mixed race family…

    When will the US grow up and put aside the prejudices that they hold so dear, some would say, more dear than their constitution…

    • This very thing happened to me and I’m sorry to say but I’m white…so are my children. This is definitely NOT a race problem people! Why do people wanna play that bullshit in EVERY situation. Just stop.

  30. The government needs to be held accountable for this travesty. Have they never read any biographies of Abraham Lincoln or Laura Ingalls? God bless these parents for giving their children this wonderful experience instead of having them sit in front of video games all summer. Until Big Brother spoiled it all, that is. We need to form our own citizens’ version of CPS to go in and rescue our children from the failed cesspools called public school.

  31. When will people in power/elected officials use a little COMMON SENSE to apply the laws ?

  32. Unbelieveable! Camping was the best part of growing up in our family! We were able to travel because we camped–and we were willing to eat bean soup as often as Mom made it to cover expenses. She made GREAT bean soup. The government should stay out of our homes and stop causing trouble for families. Period.

  33. Its time to overthrow CPS and the government if people are willing to do it

  34. This is totally ridiculous. Its an awesome experience for the children. All kids love camping. I suppose they’ll start preventing the sale of tents next lol. What a total waste of $ to do something like this! Shame shame on the wacked state of Michigan for destroying the vacation and preventing those children a very educational experience that would have taught them life long lessons! Turns my stomach to say the least. Ppl have been camping in tents w their children for years. I did as a child and also w my own children. Our camping this year is upcoming soon. This is nothing more than government intrusion overstepping wasting funds a totally shows their total stupidity!

  35. Why didn’t they choose the given option of going home, instead of having their kids removed for 21 days?


  37. Found some missing information elsewhere – NOT a “nosy neighbor” who called the cops but *Mark Hansen, an EnerVest Operating employee* who wanted them removed for being to close to a wellsite (maybe a fracking well?) So, it wasn’t aboit any concern for their wellfare, but rather, because it was brown people possibly interfering with corporatist interests…

  38. You are right! The government, via CPS is sending ill educated social workers as a child Gestapo.

    They do this in a manner that completely violates our Civil Liberties and Rights.

  39. See my way of thinking is people keep missing the big picture . It don’t matter what political party you favour there is NO difference the government as a whole is the problem just my opinion . I read so many comments to a situation like that and it bothers me people miss the point ! A family can’t camp without getting their children taken for one the person that called is worse off than just plain stupid . But also that person is weak depends on government to take care of them and thinks that law enforcemt is needed for illegal camping . People like that person is what feeds our greedy government help laws pass that are not meant for common man ! WAKE up people why waste time arguing what political party is the best there all the same lying ,greedy,weak minded ,worthless people they have always and will always be ! It’s time to come to gather to stop the shit and bring our country back to being free!

  40. So disappointing.. I came across this article in my research to potentially live off grid in the near future. Finding that CPS was allowed to remove the kids from their family because of the poor excuses listed is just sad and aggravating. Then to find people responding to an article about it in an “Off Grid” newsletter, pointing fingers to political parties is horrible!. If you ask me, people need to stop pointing fingers, open their narrow minded thinking, and more than anything everyone should take a real good look at where “WE” as a nation are heading and actually pro actively do there part to try to bring the basic fundamentals of family values back into our world! People need to stop being so concerned about everyone else, save your judgments for yourself, and do what gives you purpose and makes you and your kids happy and able to appreciate what everyone else has grown to take advantage of. Maybe then you can stop pointing fingers, find happiness, and learn how to not carry all this anger around against people you don’t even know. FYI, I don’t carry any political party for those who feel its necessary to put me into a category.

  41. check to this newborn kidnapping on fb #freebabyholm. this baby was stolen from the mother’s breast in a hospital 🙁 i wanna scream so loud………….!!!!!!!

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  43. Let me guess when they showed up they said “We’re from the government and we’re here to help” just like when Hitlers Nazis took the Jews right from their homes and through them into concentration camps.
    You are very lucky you got your kids back because most people don’t! Single parents who have false neglect/abuse accusations made against them can’t afford a lawyer and they never see their kids again. Sometimes the kids are upset and traumatized when they get taken away from a loving home so the foster family dopes them up on anti-psych drugs which causes irreversible damage.
    Dcf is a government funded human trafficking organization that should be abolished! If parents beat their kids, they need help and should not have their family completely destroyed because of it. If a kid needs to be placed somewhere they should be placed with a relative or neighbor that knows them so they’re not traumatized.

    Never tell them anything if they want to “help” you, never ever! They are trying to incriminate you so they can make money off selling your child through the adoption services, even if you’re innocent. Dcf are horrible horrible people and most investigators do not understand how they operate on an economic level, they’re simply just doing their job which is taking your child from you. The longer the kid is away from the parent the more money their department receives from the government.

  44. in the early 90s the cape may county had an article a case worker had in for a woman with school-age daughter, the kid was clean at school but the house was messy the worker went in the house uninvited found dirty dishes in the sink, the judge had already given the mom time to get things straight but the cps worker disobeyed the judge and found another to sign the removal 2 violations trespassing and contempt of court. this was a long time ago but i remember it. and in the 21 century, i worked in a lab that processed drug testing both clinical and employment. The c&f worker could not fill out the legal chain of custody forms costing the co thousands in ruined forms to the point we had our employees do the forms and they still could not even write an order name when and what time. I also learned that social workers had the highest drug positives of all employee groups, and the hassle minor things missing parents who beat, rape and abuse the kids, but the workers are often too chicken to go after the violent so they show performance on minor things the other big problem family court operates unlike any other court in the country no jury c&F lie and judge has absolute control. and one in PA owned a ranch rehab so many kids got sent for nothing since he made money on every kid he sent to the ranch (i think that was family court but could be wrong)

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