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EPA’s Ban On Wood Burning Stoves Just Days From Taking Effect

wood-stove-endalldiseaseDOTcomThe Environmental Protection Agency is set to finalize a set of regulations in February that critics say will effectively ban production of 80 percent of the wood- and pellet-burning stoves in America.

The EPA had published a set of proposed regulations more than a year ago, and since then had accepted public comments.

But the regulations already are having an impact. An advertisement for the Central Boiler Company says that company’s classic outdoor wood furnaces will be outlawed by the new regulations and will not be available later this spring.

The EPA has argued that the new regulations would improve air quality. The regulations require new stoves to burn up to 70 percent cleaner.

“Residential wood smoke causes many counties in the U.S. to either exceed the EPA’s health-based national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS) for fine particles or places them on the cusp of exceeding those standards,” the EPA previously said. “To the degree that older, higher emitting, less efficient wood heaters are replaced by newer heaters that meet the requirements of this rule, or better, the emissions would be reduced, the efficiencies would be increased and fewer health impacts should occur.”

It would be the first new standards on stoves since the 1980s.

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Critics say it is government overreach lacking common sense – and note that people have heated their home with wood for thousands of years.

“It seems that even wood isn’t green or renewable enough anymore,” columnist Larry Bell wrote on “… [It’s] the oldest heating method known to mankind and mainstay of rural homes and many of our nation’s poorest residents. The agency’s stringent one-size-fits-all rules apply equally to heavily air-polluted cities and far cleaner plus typically colder off-grid wilderness areas such as large regions of Alaska and the American West.”

About 12 percent of all homes rely primarily on wood, Bell said, quoting census data. The regulations won’t force Americans to get rid of their old stoves, but the regulations will ban the resell and the trading in of those stoves.

Local and State Governments Ban Wood Burning

Some local governments are going even farther than the EPA. The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency recently banned wood burning in King County (Seattle) for several days because of stagnant weather conditions. The Seattle Times reported that persons who violate the ban could face a $1,000 fine.

Elsewhere, the Utah Department of Environmental Quality has proposed a ban on wood burning between November 1 and March 15 for several counties around Salt Lake City. All coal and wood burning would be illegal during that period in Salt Lake, Box Elder, Cache, Davis, Utah, Tooele Utah and Weber counties in the proposal. Only persons who used wood as their sole means of heating would be allowed to keep burning.

An organization called Utahns for Responsible Burning has been formed to fight the ban, The Deseret News reported. The News called the ban the nation’s toughest wood-burning ban.

“A full ban would punish those who have invested thousands of dollars upgrading their wood stoves to EPA-compliant models that burn more cleanly,” Brigham Young University Mechanical Engineering Professor Ed Red said of the ban.

Do you believe the EPA should regulate wood burning stoves? Or should the EPA tend to other matters instead? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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  1. Yet somehow large industrial and commercial entities can dump pollution into our ecosystem and essentially get away with it. Sure they might have to pay a fine, but usually the fines they have to pay are easily absorbed, unlike with an individual or even a small business.

    • maybe instead of them sticking there noses into areas they have no right to maybe they should focus on all the crap our government is spraying into the atmosphere and put a stop to chem trails bet if the bog corporate boys needed to burn wood this wouldn’t even have been a thought

      • You bet your a _ _!!!!, The chemtrails are directly responsible for killing thousands, causing respiratory problems for even more, not to mention the climate change, and other problems. It is not about the pollution. It is about power and control, and YOU PEOPLE who are knowingly spreading these chemicals will burn in HELL along with those who are doing it. OUR GOVERNMENT knows, and does nothing.

        May the chemicals you drop bring 7 times the affliction on you and your families for what you do.

        • Chemtrails are mostly steam with a small amount of unburned kerosene and exhaust. I know this because my father is an aircraft mechanic.

          Think of car exhaust on a cold day, it’s cold at 30,000 feet. And besides, kerosene burns cleaner that gasoline. Which makes the exhaust cleaner.

          It’s time to take off the tin foil hat and get some reputable information.

          • fool. do you research on geoengineering. that’s the problem with you stupid americans… you listen to controlled media. you have no idea what is going on in the world.

          • Contrails do not expand and create clouds,they disipate. These trails stay for hours and turn into clouds!!

          • You’re talking about CONtrails! That is an entirely different animal and dissipates. These people are talking about CHEM trails. Research!

          • I think the mechanic has the tin foil hat. Apparently you dont read much. Theres alot more going into the atmosphere from chemtrails. Its how the haarp machine is able to experiment.

            Also. I hope they realize there will be blood of they try to stop woodburning. People have been doing it for centuries and the air is fine. The earth is alive and heals.

          • You people are dumbasses if you think there is such things as chemtrails. Drives me nuts when uneducated stupid asses make comments about chemtrails. There is no such thing! My Dad was a commercial airline pilot for over 35 years and I’m a pilot too. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CHEMTRAILS!!!!!! Get it through your thick ass skulls

          • I have seen “chemtrails” on more than one occasion in a checkerboard pattern, and I do not live near a major airport.
            I understand vapor trails, but the pattern part would seem to indicate something else.

          • You have a great deal of company with those of unshakable trust. i would not unduly try moving you from your belief. You can know one thing though. A time is coming when that which is held secret will be laid open for all to see. As far as the east is from the west society will split down the middle. And Washington will see the misery of their trek into darkness.

          • FOOL ! Breath in cold weather the fog that comes out of you mouth does not hang around all day !?! Look at the sky and try to remember what a true blue sky looks like ?!?! Try thank back !!! Deep blue Beautiful not now ! Not whiteish pink ! amazing how people cannot remember ?!? Contrails do not turn the whole sky into overcast clouds !!

          • Joe, You need to stop drinking fluoride. You need to learn how to use the research features on your computer and you seriously need to refrain from insulting those of us with IQ’s well above your room temperature IQ. Get back to us once you’ve mastered the art of investigation. Until then, you don’t have anything valuable to contribute to the conversation.

          • You are an idiot. Pick up a book and do some reading. Steam. What a clown.

          • I get very sad when people think chemtrails are a thing. Stephan, maybe you should read up on the Scientific Method and do some research of your own. They’re contrails.

        • Washington State, Oregon and California have the strictest EPA wood burning requirements. How many thousands of burning acreage polluted the atmosphere just this year? Your going to either waste wood or use it. Either way it’s eventually going to burn and you’ll be breathing it. At least we get some use out of it.

      • thank you, so true

        • Those who have never seen chemtrails should live where I do, and those jets come out on nice days, and spray that stuff containing aluminum, barium, lyme and morgellans which not only affects humans, but has noticeably compromised our soil for growing anything.

          • There us no such thing as chemtrails, adjust your tin foil hats.
            Vapor trails from jets form ice crystals and cloiuxs at high altitiudes.
            These can remain for hours, I am aerospace engineer, I know this to be true. Don’t be idiots.
            The real news is that the Obama administration wants to choke out the U.S. economy by setting draconian rules regarding power generation, water use and other key components of an industrial economy.
            It is not about fighting climate change, it is about his mission to weaken U.S. and set up totalitarian government.


      • The gov’t owns the rain water among other things – now wood burning? WTF?

    • I have two saw mills across the road from me and have to breath their disel fumes all the time. That is ok because we are not Zoned out here? I have called everyone. They tell me that I HAVE to take pics, license numbers, dates and times. Really? Isn’t that their job? I think they are doing this because more people are turning to wood because of high fuel prices. Kick backs from oil companies!

  2. OMG …

    NO governmental agency can create laws, regulations,etc that has to be done by those the people elect. They can assist by researching, typing/keyboarding, copying, etc.

    NO governmental agency can create laws, regulations, etc, enforce them, and then judge the guilt or innocence of the person(s) involved. That goes against the basic tenets of our LEGITIMATE government – SEPARATION of POWERS. That does apply to the state governments also. Nor can anyone we elect into a branch LAWFULLY “give” their authority over to another person, group, branch, etc

    All governmental agencies must be in ONE branch of the government, and it ASSISTS the people placed into positions of authority by “the people”. That agency only LAWFULLY has the authority behind it that the branch has.

    For instance, the legislative branch makes the laws, regulations, etc. The executive branch enforces those laws. The judicial branch, through a jury of the people, decides the guilt or innocence of the people, company, etc involved.

    So there is NOTHING the EPA does that is lawful. It is “color of law”,“appearance of law”, “pretense of law without the substance of lawfulness”. It is the misuse of power made possible only because wrongdoer is clothed with authority of government.

    Can it be enforced? Sure, lots of pretend laws are enforced, and people are in jail or prison for them because WE allow it to go on. Because governmental professional law enforcement “just follows orders” or “just do their job” which does not stop them from being prosecuted (Nuremberg Trials) for those actions because no one would have been injured, or those things done to them if they had KEPT THEIR OATH and/or understood their role in our government – and that does apply to everyone here within the USA.

    People, you need to start to understand that they do NOT have the LAWFUL authority to do those things and start working to stop these things. It is really important to understand the the US Constitution and all that is in Pursuance thereof it is and DEFINES our government, assigns the duties to each branch; PLUS IT is the Supreme LAW of this land not those who serve within our governments.

    • Cal, you seem to forget that there is a higher law than the constitution. In fact the constitution was created to protect this higher law, which of course ended up backfiring as written law always becomes a pawn for immature humans to try to undermine the unalienable law/rights. The constitution is NOT the supreme law of the land–it is only the highest WRITTEN law of the land. Big difference. The founding fathers were very clear that rights don’t come from written law, or from constitutions, rather they exist before, above, after, and beyond all written laws.

      Mob rule doesn’t care about written laws anyway, it enforces them only when it helps strengthen the mob and the mob ignores written laws when it wants to. This happens thousands of times each day haven’t you noticed? Mob rule(authority) is actually the primary belief and force behind all authority in this civilization. The mob generally doesn’t care about the constitution–and it can re-interpret it and modify it in numerous ways, or it can ignore it. Even if the mob breaks the law, so what, who is going to punish the mob and throw them out of civilization? You and your lawyer? LOL. Ultimately violence and mob rule is unsustainable and the higher laws of love will prevail.

      • @ MW,

        I agree that our natural rights come from God. The US Constitution was written to make sure that the people that we gave certain duties to understood those duties are in writing, easy to follow, and so that the People who are charged with enforcing (“We the people) them will easily understand when those who serve within our governments overstep their bounds.

        That is why they have taken the US Constitution out of schools, and put a “rewritten” and “interpreted” constitution in them. Basically if everyone does not know what those who serve within our governments are ALLOWED to do, what duties are assigned to them; then they can tell you (generic “you”) what they can do and you will not know the difference.

        “Mob rule doesn’t care about written laws anyway, …”

        Mob rule is democracy, which is why the USA is a constitutional republic. The problem is we let those who serve put governmental professional law enforcement take over our duties as the Militia, and keep a “standing military” which they are forbidden to do. Remember our governments – state and federal – were forbidden to create governmental professional law enforcement and to keep a “standing military”.

        James Madison: “… large and permanent military establishments … are forbidden by the principles of free government, and against the necessity of which the militia were meant to be a constitutional bulwark.”

        Alexander Hamilton, Federalist 28: “The militia is a voluntary force not associated or under the control of the States except when called out; [when called into actual service] a permanent or long standing force would be entirely different in make-up and call.”

        Tench Coxe: “Who are the militia? are they not ourselves. Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom. Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an American… THE UNLIMITED POWER OF THE SWORD IS NOT IN THE HANDS OF EITHER THE FEDERAL OR STATE GOVERNMENTS BUT, where I trust in God it will ever remain, IN THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE.” (caps are mine)

        George Mason: “That the people have a Right to mass and to bear arms; that a well regulated militia composed of the Body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper natural and safe defense of a free State.”

        Justice Robert H. Jackson (Chief of Counsel for the United States, Nuremberg Trials – Nazi Germany): “It is not the function of the government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error”.

        The US Constitution is the Supreme Law of this land which all of our governmental officers, agents, agencies are required to follow in order to be lawful and legitimate here in the USA. But “We the people” must train and do OUR part in order to keep our nation free (okay, win it back)

        • You did some great research on the quotes! Thank you for sharing. I read your reply to Cal. I had a non-God perspective of the higher “law of love” which is beyond beliefs, dogma, denomination and to which all life (including non-human) belongs and exists inherently. With few exceptions, our births and the continuation of our lives are due to the nurturing of the Mothers throughout the generations. This is the Matrix of our lives. So, The highest law of this love is truly a significant contribution to our survival and provision of our fundamental rights.
          Some humans may follow the teachings of male god figures as the supreme law of the land, but I think that neither perspective is being acknowledged or respected during this frenzy of exploitation for profit from the land. The EPA seems to be another captured and overtaken by the monstrous corporatist sand are working to eliminate competition from renewables such as wood, solar, wind, hemp, as well as seed viability while at the same time eliminating much of the life on our planet!
          We must prevail over the actions of unruly capitalists, immature billionaires, and non-compassionate and unconscious sociopathic brats who think that no one else’s lives or lifestyles are as valid as theirs!

        • Your informtion is very inspiring, and also very true. I feel that there is only one alternative to the problem. That is to inform as my people as possible, and stand united. Find those individual’s that are like the founding fathers, who are willing to fight against those that wish to destroy the constitution and replace those in office,that will not represent the people. The house of representatives hold the strings to the purse, they should be able to defund such NGO’s that seek to destroy the constitution. Such as the UN, EPA, ACORN, agenda 21, to name a few, and take away the power that has been given to them by congress. Freedom first society has a solution to the problem, and a site that scores each congress man,or woman to how they vote the constitution. It is very surprising how many vote against the constitution. Liberty is given to from God. Two thirds of the hostess of heaven where removed for the cause of liberty. Doe’s independents not come with liberty? Sad to say some have become dependent on government. But could we teach them?

          • American people have turned coward wont unite only at a bar or a soccer game look how the muslims are walking all over us we forgot 911 or to busy to bother


    • The PEOPLE must fight back by insisting that Congress stop all these agencies from regulating without the approval of congress! Is that even possisable today, or are we doomed to abuse by evil and self serving dictators?

    • We need to be aware of the concept of “jury nullification”. If you are on a jury and see that someone is being prosecuted for breach of some agency’s insane rule, then it is you DUTY to vote “innocent”.

    • Let’s sue the govt when there’s a Forrest fire.

    • The E.P.A LIKE EVERY OTHER AGENCY does what Obama tells them to and no matter what laws are suppose to be followed or who’s approval , I think we all have learned by now this president does what he wants when he wants and it is a joke to even think that congress would try and stop him, they are lead by Boehner and McConnell are nothing but a bunch of yellow belly cowards,

    • Cal,

      Sure, I understand that the EPA and other alphabet agencies ‘do NOT have the LAWFUL authority to do those things ” But they do have “practical authority.” That is to say, they have local, state, and federal Law Enforcement and Courts behind them, helping to enforce their illegal and unconstitutional regulations. If the common man goes against the alphabet agencies, he ends up in jail, fined, or both.
      Stinks, but its the reality of the situation.

    • Haven’t you yet noticed that Obama can do as he pleases??

  3. It would be prudent for those either purchase one now or learn how to build one. Consider a wood gas heater, it pulls the wood gas aka (white smoke) back into the burn chamber. you are left with almost no smoke.

  4. EPA and those who push its nonsense agenda can drop dead. A small percentage of people burn wood, and its going to continue with or without approval. EPA is bordering on the point of ridiculous. It wont matter shortly as Russia is going to kick our butts and the whole country will be burning. They just cut off all Gas through Ukraine to Europe and eliminated the Petro US dollar. Todays news Thursday. Jan 16, 2015. Hopefully Russia will only make war with those in DC.

  5. In densely populated urban areas there may be a need for clean burning wood stoves. The newer stoves do exactly that. In rural America these rules are stupid.

  6. Under the jackboot of the children of satan.

  7. This is an outrage.

  8. Burning wood stoves shouldn’t be illegal, but if I ask my neighbor to please stop burning their wood stove so I don’t have to breathe toxic smoke and he says “screw you”, then he deserves to be thrown out of the community. Forcing me to breath smoke is not the answer and making it illegal is not the answer, but throwing the idiots far out of the community IS the answer.

    • Throwing the idiots out of the community IS the answer? You are insane! You and your sniveling ilk are the ones who should be thrown out of the community, preferably off a big cliff!

  9. Unenforceable.

    • You don’t think it is enforceable , Do you have home owners insurance , they inspect you home these days and when they see the stove that is non compliant the cancel your insurance , if you make house payments you have to have home owners insurance ,, VERY ENFORCABLE .

  10. will americans ever get tired of the tyranny being brought everyday by the cronies in power who have been bought off?

  11. When wood stoves are outlawed then I guess only outlaws will burn wood……… I would!

    • You don’t think it is enforceable , Do you have home owners insurance , they inspect your home these days and when they see a stove that is non compliant they simply cancel your insurance , if you make house payments you have to have home owners insurance ,, VERY ENFORCABLE .

  12. They had this debate a number of times in the late 60s, the 70s and again in the late 80s on wood burning stoves and its carbon nutrual and it does not matter if its allowed to rot in the woods or burned by some means to heat a home or for cooking, there is no getting around it the results are the same.

    • Yeah, this has all been hashed and rehashed over and over again. There is no difference between wood on fire or letting it rot in the woods and then becoming part of water pollution. The end is that it is being reduced to its basic elements — once again.

      But honestly the question should be – do we have an EPA or are they just another agency that only exist to keep people busy as they allow the skies to be poisoned beyond anything man has ever done before with chem-trails?!! They cite people’s health all the time but everyone is being poisoned – not to mention that there are a huge amount of trees dying because they’re so weakened by this poison that they’re being eaten up by insects == the ash borer comes to mind ==.

      There is no real EPA, they simply are there to ruin your ability to fen for yourselves and to bring you to poverty. Yes, the War on the Middle Class is going well.

      • John

        The net effect of this agency rule will not be cleaner air, it will be the opposite. Many new technologies such as rocket stoves are amazingly efficient – up to 95%. Efficient stoves are already available, and those who can afford them most certainly buy the best that they can. The real, actual, net result of this ban is that those who need heat will not be able to afford a proper stove so they will use extremely inefficient old stoves or dangerous home-made contraptions that will result in house fires and death. People burn wood because of financial need, which is much more common now than it has been since the thirties. Companies will be shut down, hand built units will be installed without code approval, and the net effect will be negative both in terms of human casualty and actual efficiency of wood being burned.

        Furthermore, stop calling people names. This website is open to many different viewpoints, and many of us come from very different backgrounds and political viewpoints. Make your point without insults. A far more productive discussion would center around the complexities that should be included in a rule that has a direct effect upon so many people who are limited in income.

      • Could somebody kindly remove Johns nose from homobama’s well reamed behind?

      • All must keep eyes on the ball. This is not about clean air, old stoves, or carbon emissions. It’s about control over us, over you. If one cannot burn wood to keep warm, then one must use alternate means of heat. That means some sort of public utility that is monitored by a smart meter, which is monitored by those who want to control you. There are already meters for electricity, water and natural gas. Propane is next.

        Do you really feel you are in control of your lives in any sense of the word?

      • john you blow your nose in the bed sheets

      • so John my suggestion to you is tell the Chinese to stop so we can heat with wood

  13. Well the EPA can go f**k themselves, now can’t they?

  14. Glad I burn coal as the only source of heat in my home.

  15. Doug Thomas had the most sensible comment. Some areas are heavily polluted with wood burning smoke and need some local regulations. Breathing smoke is like smoking, and we know what that causes. Need to use some common sense here.

  16. It’s amazing that for 60 centuries people used wood for heating and cooking, but yet there wasn’t any pollution, hmmm? Gee, ya think there’s an agenda here? Better start saying NO to these leeches, and let them realize they are not our bosses!!

    • God your stupid...

      60 centuries and “no pollution”? Are you REALLY THAT STUPID? Have you even ONCE cracked open a history book or read the writings of ancient writers? No? Well, then you’re an idiot.

      Air pollution has been a MAJOR problem for centuries. It’s well-documented, but then again, you’d have to be able (and willing) to read and have at least two-functioning neurons working in that pea-sized brain of yours.

  17. Why don’t the bureaucrats regulate the pollution from tens of thousands of airplanes not to mention the chemtrails. Remember how the sky looked on Sept. 12 2001 ?

  18. The U.S.A. has been overrun by a criminal element. We are rapidly approaching 20 trillion in debt of paper backed by nothing, that is used as a tool by manipulation to inslave us and our future unborn descendants. Our childrens, children etc, will be indentured servants unless we break the criminal yoke. The Bankers and their minions, the Esquires have actively with knowledge, made crimes legal for profit, for them.
    They have shipped our industry to China and run us into the ground while living the high life while worshipping their god the love of money. It is time to go back to the Law. Its time to make what they have done subject to capital punishment. They used China to bring us down so they should not complain to being subject to China’s form of punishment, American style. We chuck the Esquires out of our courts and legislatures then pass laws retroactive based on crimes against humanity. They get their one day in court, and if found guilty by a three judge tribunal of their peers, capital punishment, same day. A mini Neurumburg. All legal like.
    Unless you folks are ready to make a real change now these bogus laws they keep cooking up will just continue. Start getting the word out because the money whores will indeed kill us all and I make that claim based on firsthand knowledge.

  19. Oh sure! You don’t start with the wood that people have used to keep warm for thousands of years. Start with the cancer causing man made chemicals. I pumped Alaskan oil tankers and was exposed to crude blended with Benzene so it could slide through the cold pipeline, I barely survived stage 4 Lymphoma, I was taking my last breaths before I made the turn. Everyone on the west coast is exposed to that crap at the gas pump and those money grubbing corporate oligarchs knew since the 1920’s that that crap causes cancer, and they don’t care. Buddy, I hope you use Roundup. See what its like to look into your wife’s eyes for the last time….forever is a very long time.

  20. Maybe I missed it—What about burning wood in fireplaces?

  21. The EPA should go after the CHEMTRAILERS instead. But they are too chicken. I know, because I have a family member who won’t say “sh*t” about the trails, eventhough they have a mouthful of it. They have their marching g orders.

  22. liberals took our wood away gave to resolute to make power looks like corperationions make clean pollutio

  23. Make sure you fireproof your wood stove so that it doesn’t collapse. Especially the grate, which comes into direct contact with the fire. You know, collapse like the twin towers ?. (stupid Merkans) ! They will believe anything the TV tells them to.

    • Yeah, I hear the pics of the nuclear craters under the WTC basements are being leaked now. They kept that a secret for years. Google “Dimitri Khalezov 911 Movie”, select the 4 minute one, then fast forward to the 2 minute mark, then the crater pics start to appear. He also does a longer interview that explains a whole bunch more, since he was a nuclear device expert for years. He knows about the demolition plan devised before the WTC was built, the international treaties that specify what size mini nukes are allowed for building demolitions, and he knows what happened to the 22 Granite missles that were recovered from the Kursk submarine that sank many years ago. All with 1.5 megaton warheads on them. A little off topic but what the heck, lots of particulates went into the air that day, and the EPA said it was safe. Since when is radioactive vapor and dust from an underground detonation safe ????? No wonder all those first responders and clean up crews are coming down with exotic cancers now. Just like what happened after Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Just wait till the 20 year mark.

      • The WTC site is not the only place that demolition plan was pre built in. Other skyscrapers around the country and around the world have the 50 meter deep shafts dug into the bedrock below their basements. Dimitri Khalezov says that the Sears Tower has it too. That’s why they evacuated it on 911, because they thought it might have been nuked that day also. It’s amazing how they can measure the hardness of the bedrock and determine just how deep and exactly what size mini nuke to use. The type nuke they use just creates a lot of heat that vaporizes the rock, and the building above will just sink into it and melt and vaporize. Then after a while they cover it with a layer of special radiation absorbing resin, then lots of concrete and whatever, and walla, building all gone and real estate ready to sell or build a couple of fountains on.

      • Hey, Slick.
        How convenient that the planners got those Muslims to fly those aircraft into the towers and the Pentagon on just the day they wanted to blow them up!
        Don’t you think that is a little too pat?

        Ps, Was the Pentagon mined too?

  24. its whats wrong with this dam contry epa just keep takeing away jobs now takeing away from poor people

  25. I think this is totally wrong. The energy companies are really trying hard to make it impossible for anyone to create or use other resources for heating and cooling our homes. Do we want the EPA or energy companies being the only ones who can create and develop new ways for energy…. I sure don’t. If I want to develop my own solar heating/cooling or way to filter my water I definitely don’t want someone telling me I can’t because it will eat their profits… I can only hope that many many people will stand up and speak out against this before it comes forth.

  26. Alrighty then. John, I heat two homes with wood and produce very little smoke, but I also burn well seasoned firewood. Haven’t lived near a city for years, but burned wood when I did. The pollution you speak of comes from what few factories [and jobs] that we have left. Only so much pencil pushing to be done, there must be some sort of production. Clean air is very important, but so is a warm home and a livable life. Our idiot-in-charge has proven himself to be a clown who cares nothing for the rest of us. Keep on with your mindset, I think there is a very unpleasant surprise in store for you.

  27. Seems like a sensible solution, they aren’t forcing anyone to get rid of their stoves, so it won’t effect the poor. They are just phasing in the new stove over time like they did with seat belts in cars. People fail to realize the cleaner burning the stove the less wood is needed thus saving money or time in acquiring the wood. Less trips to the wood stack. And less cleaning the flue. Seems like a win win for everybody that likes clean air and less work/money. If the wood is bought it should pay back the purchase of the stove.

  28. Americans need to take control of their governments and cut them back by 95% and deport semites and non whites. Bring back the constitution and the ten commandments and burn the rest.

  29. John, PLEASE do this world a great favor and step in front of a fast moving BUS!

  30. Clean the air with hydrogen power (no pollution) The U.S. Navy just said they would be using salt water to make hydrogen to power there ships in a couple of years. Stanley Meir made a vehicle that was powered by water that made hydrogen on the run. Others have too. One in the Philippians and two in Japan. Honda this year has a car that runs on compressed hydrogen it will go 300 miles or power your home for two weeks. No nuclear, no diesel, no gas emissions. Or is our government hiding this power to not hurt the gas producers? A wood stove here and there would not hurt the environment at all. Lets make a law EPA that we wont allow forest fires.

    • Yes, JMW, they killed Stanley so they could steal his technology. He said he could drive his dunebuggy from coast to coast on less than 25 gallons of puddle water, salt water, rainwater…as long as it was wet. The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator put together by Tom Bearden and his crew was all patented and ready to go into production in 2003, but then the dept. Of energy got hold of it and put it on a shelf, along with many other patented devices that could supply clean power. The powers that be are a bunch of lunatic psychopaths only interested in themselves. They should be identified, taken to court and given fair trials, then hung for all the misery they have caused the human race. For them, I pray there is a hell.

  31. kiss kiss smooch smooch (gag gag)

    The only good bureaucrat is one with a pistol at his head. Put it in his hand and it’s good-by to the Bill of Rights. [H.L. Mencken]

  32. All must keep eyes on the ball. This is not about clean air, old stoves, or carbon emissions. It’s about control over us, over you. If one cannot burn wood to keep warm, then one must use alternate means of heat. That means some sort of public utility that is monitored by a smart meter, which is monitored by those who want to control you. There are already meters for electricity, water and natural gas. Propane is next.

    Do you really feel you are in control of your lives in any sense of the word?

  33. I live in the Los Angeles area and I was born here in the 1940’s. Smog and air pollution were unbelievably bad. It was only one mile from school to home, but on some days I could not make it without my eyes swelling shut and my lungs hurting so bad that I had to sit down on the curb for awhile before I could continue on home. Thanks to air pollution laws, some days are now crystal clear and air pollution is not bad at all.

    For two years, at the edge of Los Angeles, my only heat was a wood burning fireplace. I liked it a lot. The article reported that only new wood stoves had to meet these requirements – so it really sin’t a big deal.

  34. This is just another example of the government trying to think for us, (because we’re just too stupid to make up our own minds, according to them) . I personally heat with wood on a stove that a family member made. I burn about 3/4 of a cord of wood pet month at a cost of about 40.00, compared to propane which has in the past ran as high as 500.00 per month! Sounds to me like the government is in bed with the oil industry! I’m on a fixed income and just can’t afford to spend that kind of money on a resource that is running out versus a renewable, cheaper resource. I can’t afford it financially, or ecologically. I’m so sick of government agencies putting their noses in everybody’s day to day business that I could just grab up a politician and slap the stupid out of them!!!

  35. If my voice matters at all, our stove is highly efficient. It puts less emissions into the air than any other, and less than our cars. This is stupid and ridiculous. The government is NOT helping. If they want, then subsidize these stoves like they do the CAR industry. Government is supposed to make sure we are safe and things are efficient. but ban? if that what this really is, then it’s wrong. If the industry needs to adapt better emissions, then the government ought to subsidize this as well as every other industry.

  36. The EPA can’t even control people that burn household trash, I don’t see this as a big problem.

  37. Nice to know that you can put together a complete paragraph espousing the benefits of EPA, yet not one fact is mentioned.

    Lets discuss the facts that corporations cause more pollution and never really clean it up. Yes, back in crammed together housing with fireplaces that the people burned anything in was a pollutant. But also, back then was the early form of corporations causing much more pollution, and the way the cities were built made no natural way for the smoke to dissipate, be reused and reformed into what our planet needs.

    The reality is the EPA goes after citizens or small businesses that are “invading” major corporations territory and becoming a nuisance or threat to them, or what those serving within our governments want left along.

    Let’s start with radiation from Nuclear energy plants from here and foreign nations (Japan), it is now in our air (denied by gov, but look at alternative organizations information), it is in our water, in our soil, etc. Why are they still presented as “clean”, when the reality is much different? Could it be that it is the source for nuclear material the Military Industrial Complex needs? All of that is to support the military needs, not the people they are “protecting”.

    When they want to ban anything, one must do the research and see who benefits from that ban (and I do not mean by “clean air”). Follow the money is a good idea always. (Instead of google, you might need to use startpage or another alternative search engine.)

    Let’s go back to the Incandescent light bulb ban, General Electric, Sylvania, and Philips did what major corporations always do: They turned to the government for regulation that rigs the market in their favor. Yet, those bulbs are more hazardous from beginning to end. They are created with hazardous material, if one breaks one must remove all people and animals away from the area and call Hazmat to clean it up (around$10,000). One must pay a fee per bulb to dispose of them properly, and in landfill they destroy the soil.

    It always comes back to corporations making more and denying those that least can afford it warmth, decent food, clean water, etc. So, if burning is banned (and all burning will be), who will profit? Do the research.

    • The Carbon Cycle from a (much older) elementary school science class, summarized.

      People breathe in oxygen to use and breathe out carbon dioxide, so because we breath oxygen understanding the basics of that carbon cycle is very important to us .

      Plants use Carbon Dioxide. Grass and other green plants take Carbon Dioxide from the air, turning it into sugar and Oxygen. The ruminants (cows, sheep, horses, goats, deer, etc) eat the grass, burn the sugar and turn it back into Carbon Dioxide. Their gut flora turns it into methane, which is released and it is quickly turned into Carbon Dioxide with no real measurable change Carbon Dioxide levels.

      It is a major part of the normal planetary cycle. There is also a geological carbon cycle, but that would be for another elementary school class.

      This is why “dumbing down” matters, because if the people do not learn basic science, etc they can be told anything and it will be believed.

      Some carbon from dead plants is temporarily removed from the carbon cycle as fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. F

      If you are worried about carbon dioxide, PLANT a garden, preferable not GMO.

    • It never ceases to amaze me how much you love to read what you say. Continually putting folks down for their writing skills or way of thinking. A question Cal, do you ever praise anyone? Do you think of yourself as a Narcissist? Oh , don’t worry, I won’t be back. There’s no intention to stay in the valley.

  38. Here in NYS after drilling a well the water is tested and they all fail because according to federal regulations water must test to contain chlorine. The regulations inhibit common sense. Wood burning will be among these regulations.

  39. This, as well as the very existence of the EPA is a violation of the Tenth Amendment.

  40. It is man’s nature to be free, yet everrywhere he is in the chains of an oppressive Federal government. This is not to mention the chains of local and state governments which are doing the Federal government’s evil work.

  41. the only co2 comes from your mouth you lib idiot coward

  42. When the EPA proves to me that they are a non polluting government entity, I will consider listening to them.

  43. Haven’t bothered to look at the new EPA approved stoves, but I think they use some sort of element like the cat-converter on a car. We’ve been using our two stoves for years and expect them to serve our lifetimes. We do live in the deep sticks and burn wood all Winter, but produce a minimal amount of wood smoke. The trick is to use well seasoned firewood, at least seasoned for a year. Doesn’t really matter what variety, we burn most anything, but get best use from the hardwoods. Oak, hickory, walnut, locust, hedge, all hold a fire well and what little smoke they produce is aromatic, to me at least. Keep an eye-out for deadwood that is still fairly solid, it’s usually good to go soon as you find it. Stay warm and enjoy…..

  44. No, President Obama Is Not Trying To Make Your Wood-Burning Stove Illegal

    With 12 million wood stoves currently being used to heat homes across the country, a nationwide ban on them would indeed be cause for concern. Except that’s not what’s actually happening.
    What’s actually happening is this. After waiting 25 years to propose new efficiency rules for wood-burning heaters, the EPA in January finallyreleased standards that would require all new devices to burn 80 percent cleaner than those manufactured today. Currently, all 12 million wood-burning heaters in the U.S. only have to comply with pollution standards set in 1988. Out of those 12 million regulated stoves, 9 million are older, less efficient, non-EPA-certified stoves. So-called “pellet stoves” that burn compressed wood or biomass are not currently covered by any federal regulation.

    Emissions from those wood-burning devices currently account for 13 percent of all soot pollution in the nation, according to EPA estimates. But the issue has been extremely sensitive to regulate. Lawmakers in the mostly-rural areas that use wood-burning stoves have scowled at the idea of increased regulations, saying the idea “comes against American values and traditions.”
    So, as part of the long-awaited compromise, the new EPA regulations do not affect wood-burning heaters that are currently being used. “If Americans like the wood stove they have now, can they keep it? Period?” Rep. Thomas Massey (R-KY) asked EPA Gina McCarthy at a November hearing before the proposed regulations were introduced. McCarthy confirmed that they would not — and they do not.
    “The proposed rule would not affect existing woodstoves and other wood-burning heaters currently in use in people’s homes,” the EPAsays. “The proposal also would not apply to new or existing heaters that are fueled solely by oil, gas or coal, and it would not apply to outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, pizza ovens or chimineas.”

    Still, opponents of the EPA’s proposed regulation insist that the rules would, in effect, ban wood stoves. The Missouri Legislature recently proposed legislation that would symbolically declare that “all Missourians have a right to heat their homes and businesses” with various wood-burning heaters, and has proposed to ban state environmental officials from regulating residential wood heaters unless authorized by the Legislature. That legislation is necessary because the new EPA regulations mean “the death knoll of any wood burning,” Reg Kelly, the founder of Earth Outdoor Furnaces in Mountain Grove,reportedly told Missouri lawmakers at a recent hearing. “There’s not a stove in the United States that can pass the test right now.”
    The whole point of the EPA’s proposed regulations, however, is that there are not currently stoves that pass the emissions test. That is why the rules would take time to implement — to give manufacturers time
    to comply. The rules would, if approved, officially go into effect in 2015. They would become stricter again after five years.
    Manufacturers of wood stoves would likely have to spend more money to comply with the standards, meaning the price of new, efficient wood-burning stoves might increase. But according to EPA estimates, the overall economic effect would be beneficial — and would come directly from savings to the American health care system. For every dollar spent to comply with the new standards, the EPA says, Americans will see between $118 and $267 in health benefits — eventually adding up to $1.8 to $2.4 billion in annual health and economic benefits. In other words, for every dollar spent to comply, America will see fewer heart attacks, strokes, and asthma attacks — and less CO2, methane and black carbon emissions.
    But, unless they decide they’d like to replace them voluntarily, Americans will not see fewer wood stoves. Hopefully just better ones.…/24/3321941/epa-wood-stoves-2/

  45. People have been burning wood for thousands of years and here we are still alive! Maybe they should stop big companies from all the air pollution and toxic waste. What is a fine to them? A fine is nothing to them!

  46. Last winter was nearly the coldest in history for most of the US. Propane is not a renewable resource. By imposing stricter emission controls on wood burners, they will be forcing thousands of people to “upgrade” to burning nonrenewable propane, natural gas, or fuel oil. They imposed emission controls on vehicular exhaust long ago, but they didn’t force them to burn upside down, and then burn the smoke. Their money would better be spent fighting the dozens of forest fires in California and Nevada. Rather than outlawing wood burning, they should offer grants to wood stove and outdoor wood furnace companies to help them develop cleaner-burning products. Perhaps the EPA could develop a burn-wise video to send with each furnace, stating which types of wood burn cleaner, and the values of letting it dry first. The bottom line: burning wood is not irresponsible, rather, burning wood irresponsibly is irresponsible, but not a criminal offense. NYC’s smog doesn’t come from outdoor wood furnaces. No questions about that. The state of Michigan passed an excellent new law denying the EPA the ability to enforce their regulations in their state. The EPA needs boundaries. The American government has always been run by a system of checks and balances: the President can veto, and congress can override the veto etc. There are very little boundaries to the EPA.

  47. This ban is really hard for me to comprehend. How can burning wood be more damaging to the air than say, driving a car. Yet cars are not banned, not even the major gas-guzzlers that emit much more fumes than a campfire. I would greatly applaud anyone who saved energy and money by burning wood, a resource that is very renewable as long as we keep planting trees. I am glad that the public mind is becoming more concerned with the environment but I hope we focus on the bigger problems and finding a solution.
    Eli |

  48. What is America coming to , allowing people and organization’s to tell us we can’t buy a wood stove to heat our homes and keep our families warm. Sound’s to me like we’re loosing all of our rights and this law is the stupidest I’ve heard of.

  49. The government will stoop to any level to reduce self-sufficiency and end homesteading. They claim residential wood stoves are the problem and need to be banned while “clean” coal-fired power plants crank out ton after ton of carcinogenic smoke. It’s not about cleaning the air. It’s about ending self-reliance.

    • Actually, after a whole 10 minutes of research, this regulation will only apply to stoves made after 2015. All current wood stoves are not subject to the regulation.

      • Thanks for the comment. The story explains that: “The regulations won’t force Americans to get rid of their old stoves, but the regulations will ban the resell and the trading in of those stoves.”

  50. All this talk of “clean air” and “Man-caused pollution” is just so much B.S. What most people don’t realize, and what the “green movement” do their best to hide is this; just one volcanic eruption, such as St. Helen’s back in the 80’s, created more atmospheric particulates (air pollution) then the entire human race has created since the dawn of time. How many volcanic eruptions have we had since then? I can think of 4 or 5 just off the top of my head. Hell, Kilowaia in Hawaii has been erupting lava, ash, and gasses for several years, non-stop.
    “Global warming”, “Man-caused pollution”, and the “Green Movement” are all just buzz-words that some people use to try to control more and more of your lives. I do my best to fight these new rules and regulations every time they are proposed, but I am only one voice. Until the majority of everyday Americans realize what is happening, and stand up to reject it, the money behind the “Green Movement” and the EPA are going to keep eroding our liberties and freedoms. If you haven’t contacted your elected officials yet, it’s time you do so. If they receive enough pressure from their constituents, they will do what is right.
    Me, I plan on being outside my Senator’s front gate when he returns for the Easter recess. And every time he returns from Washington. Not on, but at the entrance to his property. He will hear me, whether he wants to or not. Hopefully, he will also listen.

  51. I think some of these rich people with their big ideas suck when they gonna let a little man run this country i dont think youd have to be to smart to do the job i mean everytime i see obama hes smileing or playing golf oops sorry got him mixed up with tiger woods i would like to know just what they expect people who dont have the money to do for heat or they gonna let us all move in with them

  52. they regulate the little guy and let the major polluters go scott free……………………..they can take my kinddling when they pry it loose from my cold dead fingers

  53. Had a good fire of locust and oak overnight. Kept us warm and felt nice this morning. Somehow, didn’t seem to be anything wrong with that. And almost zero smoke……

  54. Here we go our government is going to put more people out of work. We have the power to stop all this stupid cheap.
    Everybody just stay home for a week.

  55. ***** ” Humans have been burning wood for thousands of years ” – The reason for the regulations for humans burning wood is not because they are burning wood but is because how many people are burning wood in a area. I am not a lefty or a environmental nut. I am someone who looks at the logic. A 100 people burning wood in there fire place in a large valley has a different impact than 10000 people burning wood in the same valley. This is why there are regulations. Think about it. IF there are two of you living on 5 acres of land and you both go the bathroom in the same 50 feet by 50 feet ditch there would be no major health problems so there would not be any regulations, but as soon as there were 1000’s of people in the area going the bathroom in the ditch there would have to be some regulations or there would be major health problems” So the fact is – when the human population grows then there needs to be more regulations. If you don’t want more regulations then you would need to control the population. (which is a regulation) I have come to the conclusion that most humans can not see far enough in the future to understand the problems we create which mostly comes from population growth.

    • BULLSHIT…. LMAO… You had to really mentally masturbate yourself to come up with this horseshit paragraph. What if’s don’t count. If every single person on this planet were put in New Zealand, the density of the population would be that of Manhattan. People burning woodstoves does not create health problems for any one. 1 volcano eruption sends more pollutants into the air then all the fires and car emissions that have burned since the beginning of time. Tell the EPA to tell the volcanoes to stop erupting.

    • Give me a break. It’s bad enough that the eco-terrorists keep spouting their end-of-the-world rhetoric. Now we have the population freaks chiming in.
      So many people have bought into their over-population-is-the-root-of-all-evil nonsense that every western European Caucasian country has an under-population crisis. So they import anti-birth-control populations that have been populating themselves out of room in their own countries. Result? They have a culture crisis. Every government solution creates another problem.
      And please stop saying it doesn’t matter because the new regulations only effect new stoves. Again, every government solution creates another problem.

  56. Yup Me Too, over-population is a world-wide problem. Just put a load of seasoned Oak in our stove that won’t bother anybody, but will keep us warm. So many common sense solutions to so many problems…..

  57. It is time for the EPA, DHS, IRS, DEPT. of Education and many other bureaucracies to be eliminated. These assholes are not elected and do as they please. They are not held accountable and are not provided for in the US. Constitution. Nowhere Does the Constitution authorize these Nazi type of government offices.

  58. The US Government (this includes the EPA) need to get out of our lives. THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO WORK FOR US. We pay them. BACK OFF. WE THE PEOPLE are sick and tired of all your stupid little rules and taxes and all the BS that you spew out of offices.

  59. Was wondering if the Koch brothers are pushing this agenda just to sell more oil ?!

    • Gary, go take your temperature! Quick! You’re hallucinating. It’s Soros, et al that are pushing government micro-management of our lives. Not the Koch brothers. They’re the ones the media and Democrats are maligning.

  60. John, you bring up climate change, talk about CO2 producing warming.
    So, explain why citrus growers have had to retreat Southward for decades because it is too cold in areas where citrus used to grow?
    Climate isn’t warming, it’s cooling! If climate is warming, we should be able to grow oranges in Southern Virginia by now instead of only being able to do it in Southern Florida!

  61. Time for this administration to go… ALL OF IT!

  62. This is just another attempt to force Americans to rely on Gas and Electric. Most people will not be able to afford any upgrade models, and if they ban altogether, everyone is forced to live off the grid. Is anyone noticing that our rights are being taken one by one? Our food is not labeled and most of it contains poisons, they are trying to take our weapons, our religions are being ridiculed. So without good food, heat, weapons, and religious preference, we are merely mindless people living under government rule. I say take down Monsanto! Take away their GMO’s and Round-Up Pesticides that are killing us and our environment, do away with the Chem trails and Fracking, do away with dangerous plastic that holds our water, keep Jesus in all areas of life, let us keep our weapons, and shut the hell up about our heating systems.

  63. I Beleive these Talmudic Communist Devils that have taken over the world are pushing and squeezing the Goyim masses even further to keep them from being self sufficient and they lust for a total power grip over everyone. Their goal is a total Talmudic Communist World Order !!

  64. What politicians came up with this. How many of them will profit from this. In my home the source for heat is wood. So I guess the EPA is saying that Our Trees are not good enough to burn for heat source. ?? Does this also effect the structure built with Wood will be heavily fined if they happen to catch fire and emitted smoke into the air.??
    Someone is profiting from this ignorance very well.

  65. My family has used wood burning stoves for generation, as a primary source of heat in the winter and we cook on them as well (seasonally not year round). The EPA is doing nothing different here than the land grabs in the Midwest. The goverment should be supporting Tesla over this, but what you are seeing is a socialist state of mind here controlled by foreign oil, and another push for control where it won’t matter by this administration. Push the little people into a state of submission and systematically take away their rights, their self control, burden their finances and make more people accept government subsidies and ultimately be controlled by by the government. The IRS needs to go and they need to stop doing the bidding of this socialist minded president and the EPA needs to be reeled in and have its powers limited. It is another sad day in the history of this country. .. with its for fathers doing somersaults in their graves. This is not what their vision for this country was!

  66. if the epa wante to ban wood burning stoves they will haft to pay my electrail bill no I wont give up my wood burning stove

  67. I cannot believe we are discussing revolution because of a ban on FUTURE sales of outdated wood-burning stoves! They’re not going to take away your stoves and you will still be able to buya new one when you want to….it’ll just be a cleaner-burning one. My God people…choose your battles!

    • “What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?”

  68. And yet we can still burn brush and cropland with no regulations. How does the burning of 1000 acres of clear cut timberland compare to a couple wood burning stoves?

  69. This is foolish law at best. It is well known that the earth has been burning for millions of years. Every year there are millions of acres burned by natural forces such as lightning. Any educated person knows that any tree that exists today on this great earth will someday die and rot. Rotting wood puts the exact same amount of greenhouse gasses as burning wood. Slower yes but eventually it is exactly the same in the end. I guess the next law will be illegal to plant a tree. Sounds rediculous doesnt it? Dont kid yourself. The amount of emmisions is exactly the same. That is why burning wood is considered greenhouse NUETRAL. No more or less gasses are emitted. Now to be fair the rotting wood does not emit the particulates into the air but they are heavier than air when cooled and i believe settle to the ground eventually and are filtered by the earth same as many types of “natural” pollution.
    I can understand this type of law for highly dense populated areas but is non sense for any rural area. Fires are a natural occurance and you cant fight Mother Nature! Some trees only grow after a natural occuring fire clears the land- think pine trees where the fire actually starts the seeding process by burning the pine cones. This is nature at work. Fire is part of nature.

  70. 100% wood heat at my house, furnace doesn’t even work and that’s fine. The article is disturbing but very short on specifics. A lot of the stoves marketing materials boast of meeting certain standards, they have specially designed air flow and after-burn chambers etc so an article on this subject really has to go a lot deeper in describing what the regulations would be and what it takes for a stove to meet it. Consider all the rightful regulations that have imposed costs on new coal power plant designs and ultimately making coal obsolete –and its the right thing to do. Wood is not fossil fuel so the climate change factor isn’t there, but there is nothing inherently wrong with regulating the stove design to get the fewest particulates and toxins possible up the chimney. Need more information, this is bad journalism.

  71. First of all no one’s going to convince me that the government is worried about our health. Just read how long they knew about asbestos and other carcinogens and did nothing. It’s the same story wait till the people complain to do some

  72. I’m lighting my fire while reading this email. I will light it tomorrow if I feel the need and I will light it next year when it gets cold.. just watch me. 🙂

  73. While they’re regulating our lives and fining us for non compliance, has anyone heard who in the “EPA” went to prison or was at least fined heavily for poisoning that river out west????? probably not, because their part of the “CORRUPT” government we now have. I’m burning wood to stay warm this winter, if you don’t like it, come and get me…..

  74. I suppose they will also sue Mother Nature when lightning starts a forest fire.

  75. The only thing that needs to be banned is the EPA. One of the worst agencies in the government with too many little tin gods.

  76. Ok, let me see if I got this right… God made wood to be burned for heat and someone says that wood burning is messing with EPA? Oh geex, really? Hmmm. The problem is … EPA makes no money one wood burning stoves — ya cant make a monthly income on FREE HEAT! Dirt bags!

  77. Now that my blood pressure has come down after this article I would like very much for everyone to think back when the EPA decided to open the gates and drop the tailings into the Colorado rivers that spread down through New Mexico.

    They wrote that cluster off. The reader above me has it right… Ban the EPA.

  78. Removing a choice from people for an alternative backup for heat is asinine at best. When power fails,or natural gas fails,people need another way to heat their homes. People dying from freezing is not a solution to clean the air. Lots of people have fireplaces they would like to upgrade to a stove/heater which are more efficient than a fireplace. They are taking choice away.

  79. To the “Ban the EPA” people: what happens when a factory dumps toxic waste into the stream that flows across your property with no one to help you? Don’t say “I will tell the sheriff,” because he’s probably on the company payroll

  80. This is be best news I’ve heard all day. The thing most people who scream about their rights don’t know the first thing about them. You see your rights end where the next person’s begins. That’s basic constitutional law. It’s also just what is right and fair. I can play music in my home, until the sound disturbs you in yours. So your right to burn wood ends when the smoke enters my property. Really it’s not your right at all to be selfish and inconsiderate which is exactly what i is when you all you’re being asked to do is use more efficient means that produce less smoke.

    • Jason, music is an art and on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, art comes much higher up as shown on Maslow’s pyramid than the fundamental needs are i.e. food shelter and water. A wood stove provides heat and something to cook food with along with the ability to boil water in the event of a boil order. Music (art) is a luxury and is only something a human entity is blessed with once he or she has met their fundamental needs that ensure their survival first. Therefore I find your argument does not hold up. Good try though 🙂

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