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How Living Among Like-Minded People Could Save Your Life

mutual assistance group

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A while back, I was presented with an interesting idea by a long-time friend and hunting buddy of my husband.

He was talking about mutual assistance living (more or less), which is the idea that a group of people or families can band together to help each other, support each other and protect each other.

I’m not talking about communes. I’m not talking about shared belongings or alternative lifestyles, communism or socialism. This is all about people doing things for themselves, for their own families, while having others nearby that they can depend on. There are a lot of different ways for people to go about mutual assistance living and a lot of different circumstances under which a group of people might want to choose that lifestyle.

Our friend has access to pretty large plot of family land. For a long time now, it has been primarily used for hunting. There’s a cabin on the property that can house up to about 12-14 people at maximum capacity (if everyone is willing to share a bed with someone) and you never know who might show up but it’s always a good time. There are always people coming together at this little cabin in the woods, hunting together, cooking together, sitting around a campfire roasting hotdogs. Everyone pitches in and does their part whether it’s preparing meals, washing dishes, doing laundry or cleaning up. To sum it up, there’s always a lot of love at this place.

So a few years ago, our friend mentioned an idea to us (somewhat in passing) about how nice it would be if he and his wife, my husband and I, and a couple of other families built houses on the property and we all moved in to form our own little community. We would be neighbors living on the same land, but we would be more than that – we would be helpers. We would watch out for each other, we would hunt with each other and help take care of the land together. And in the event of a catastrophe or societal collapse we would protect each other and help one another survive. In fact, I believe that with the cache of weapons, ammunition and good old-fashioned know-how that these families would bring together, we could survive almost anything.

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But why? What could mutual assistance living accomplish that we couldn’t accomplish on our own? The answer is nothing, really. My husband and I have guns and ammunition of our own. We know how to hunt for and grow our own food. We know how to can and preserve. We are both decent marksmen and neither of us would be the slightest bit shy about defending ourselves with deadly force.

We don’t really NEED other families to help us and neither do any of the other families proposed to go into this arrangement with us. The whole idea is really just about like-minded living. We could live in the community we live in for the rest of our lives and do perfectly well on our own, but who is to say that the people living in the houses around us believe what we believe? Who is to say that our next door neighbors will be OK with our ownership of weapons? And if the time comes that the weapons we possess are less legal than they are now, who is to say one of our kindly, law-abiding neighbors won’t throw us under the bus? Who is to say they won’t be the ones would have to defend ourselves from to begin with? But if we all moved in together on the same land, our friends and ourselves, with all of our similar beliefs and ideals, with all of the “do-what-it-takes” mentality between us, we would become a force to be reckoned with. We wouldn’t have to be wary of our neighbors. We wouldn’t have to constantly watch our backs because there would be others around watching it for us. (Not to mention the convenience of running next door for that literarily trite “cup of sugar.”)

I am not going to prattle on and on about what a great life it could be. I’m not going to try and convince anyone to choose that path. And I certainly don’t think that mutual assistance living would be for everyone and for all I know, we’ll never end up in a situation to even give it a shot (And let’s hope that the state of the world improves and we’re never forced to). But for the sake of argument, it could be a beneficial way of life. So, if you’ve never considered it (or heard of it), the idea is at least worth consideration.

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  1. Better gather up and hang on kids, it’s almost time……..

    • My family has come to same conclusion. It’s very close. So many really have no idea how close.

    • Roger that boys. Lock and load!

      Which brings up the prime benefit of mutual assistance-defense. My wife and I can only drink so much coffee and stand 24/7 for so long. We need eyes ears and trigger fingers. Our early teens are a help, but kids are kids even at the end of the world. We have a group of like-minded neighbors, and although there are no formal arrangements we have all talked about defending our AO, realistic perimeters to defend, road blocks and check points along our main access roads and so forth, comms between homesteads, sharing surplus and bartering the variety of food stuffs each of us produce are also topics. We even have a very short list of folks on the “With Extreme Prejudice” list if the lights have been out for more than three days.

      Remember that in a serious, long-term pinch, anyone not with you could very well be against you. Zombies show up in the most unlikely places!

      Hold on tight, the wild ride is coming!

  2. This is a great article, and this is happening now! I belong to a group, we have meetings monthly, barter tables are at the meeting. We have chicken and pig coops going and are planning a beef coop. We have lectures on everything from medical to soap making. Lots of fun!

    • Curtis, what state are you in? How would I find groups like this?

    • Curtiss. How do you join such a community as yours?
      I’m in California and would love nothing better than to live amongst like minded people without hierarchy and judgement. Grow our own food raise our animals homeschool and live in a safe place away from the conforming pressures of the modern world. If anyone has any info or ideas send me a message

  3. Would like to donate! Seeds, med. supplies, self help books, sew supplies gem. An a lot more. Please give me a contact

  4. Kristin Henderson

    My eyes were just opened a few days ago & I’m really thinking that this simplistic way of living would be to our benefit. Who do I contact & where is this community? Is there a community in SC, or near there? I’m extremely interested for my sons sake. I used to be totally against guns & hunting, until I woke up! Now I know, in my heart, that we need these skills in order to survive what’s coming. I tried opening others eyes, but they think I’m nuts! Please, please let me know what I need to do. Thanks for any info.

  5. I’m looking for this type of community. Not peppers or religious but just like the old days where you farmed and had neighbors you liked and trusted. Any one know of any places like that?

    • I say we all get together and create a village as such. Anyone who is serious contact me please

      • Mary, Kendra we like the way you think. My wife and I live on 80 acres, off grid. Plenty of power, water, satellite, tv, and internet. All the comforts of the city in our secluded location. We’ve talked many times about the idea of living with someone of like mind. We support ourselves from an online business we run from our home and warehouse on the property. Like Mary said, not preppers, religious, just good country people. ANy others like us?

  6. Hello my name is Ron
    I noticed that your most recent replies are dated Oct of 2016 so I don’t know the status of your community building project. I am a 53 year old man, Father and Grandfather not transgender or other. I am currently in a 9 year relationship with a woman that I love dearly but does not share any of the same values or views on how this Great Nation has completely destroyed itself and can not accept the fact that the chem trails we inhaling are just as bad for us as the GMO’s that we are ingesting daily. I was raised and still am an avid hunter / fisherman that has a fair amount of growing experience. I do believe that what you proposed is the only way to survive what I think is inevitable. Not only for protection but a since of values that has been long since lost. I live in the California Central Valley and have property in Colorado as well as Utah. I do not think this will be survivable on our own though. That is why I am contacting you. I would like to know how the organizing of a community is going? Is this something that has worked for you? Thanks and Best Wishes

  7. Hello, my name is Kat, I am also interested in this type of life. Born and raised in the country on a farm. I live the day to day bustle in the city. I too am aware of the way our country is headed. I would like to have information, know of like-minded people, and/or community living groups close to me. I live in southwest Fl. and am very interested in this way of life.

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