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The Silent ‘Stealth’ Survival Rifle That’s Compact And Lightweight, Too

The Silent ‘Stealth’ Survival Rifle That’s Compact And Lightweight, Too

Image source: TheTruthAboutGuns

Air rifles have been around for quite some time. The Austrian army equipped some of its units with air rifles in the early 1800s, and the Lewis and Clark expedition carried one on its westward journey. Back then, a huge flaw of the air rifle’s design was that it was delicate and had to be pumped over 100 times to fill its air reservoir.

I fondly remember my 10th birthday. It was the day I opened up that beautifully wrapped box to find a Crossman pump action air rifle. The rifle was capable of not just firing your standard BB, but also .177 pellets in single shot mode. I was given a carton of BBs, and a box of wad cutter pellets.

For that glorious summer I was Wyatt Earp, or a big game hunter in the Yukon. Many mourning doves fell to my deadly aim, as did a great many tin cans and hornet’s nests. The rifle was joined that winter by a pellet pistol and now I was armed for whatever situation boyhood could throw at me.

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Today, the pellet rifle is starting to come into its own among survivalists and hunters, and is seen as more than just a child’s tool before they own a real firearm – for a host of reasons.

The pellet rifle has proven itself to be a fine small game implement, and can feed a man lost in the woods on squirrel, grouse and rabbit. The pellet rifle is compact, and can allow the carrying of more ammunition than even a .22 long rifle, especially if it is pump-operated and does not employ C02 cartridges. And a pneumatic air rifle can deliver velocities within a range equal to that of many big game rifles.

It is not uncommon to see Internet photographs of hunters who use air rifles posing with their big game kills such as a wild boar or deer. No, I don’t recommend you take even the most powerful air rifle with you on your next Alaskan brown bear hunt. But a proper air rifle is suited to most game found in the lower 48 states and much of Canada.

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As a survival tool, an air rifle equipped with a pump rather than a CO2 cartridge is a fine choice to provide food in a desperate situation. In fact, as long as you have pellets, your air rifle can keep supplying you with needed protein. Pellets, being as small and light as they are, can be easily carried in large amounts in a pocket or backpack. The amount of pellets carried can easily be in access of several hundred, and an equal amount of standard ammunition would be a weight too great for most wilderness travel. In fact, just 100 rounds of ammunition can weigh several pounds.

An air rifle, while not being as long ranged as many rifles, can certainly provide you with more range than a sling shot. An air gun is also silent, a trait that you will not find with your .30-06 or even a .22. Often, an air gun will allow for a follow-up shot if you miss a game animal, since they won’t be spooked by noise.

The Right Air Rifle

Picking the right air rifle is just as important as picking the correct hunting rifle or your home defense weapon. It should come from a reputable manufacturer, and should work every time you need it. I strongly recommend that you pick a rifle that utilizes an air pump system rather than CO2, simply for the fact that if you run out of CO2, you are carrying a giant paperweight. You will not be running out of air to pump into your rifle anytime soon.

There are two manufacturers I really count on for a quality air rifle – Gamo and Benjamin. Both have been in the market for a long time, and both build quality products. They offer rifles in .22 or larger calibers, and their prices are affordable. It will not cost much more for one of their air rifles than if you were to go out and buy a new .22LR rifle.

Depending on your needs, you may even want to put an optic on your air gun. I have done so before, and I use a decent .22 scope. I get around the same results as when I mount one on a rimfire.

So before your next wilderness trip or trip to the firearm store, consider an air gun.


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  1. As an expert in this field of airguns for hunting and survival. I can tell you the neither of the weapons pictured in this article are silent or stealthy! A high powered pre-charged pneumatic ( PCP ) airgun is really loud un- surpassed. The more powerful it is the louder it is. Unlike a springer. The UK has been building high quality airguns for decades and by far superior to the US market. Thats being said. The US market is getting better all the time. I do all my small game hunting with a UK airgun. I have for 30 + years now.

    Some will balk at their high price tag often over 1K, 1.5K being the norm. However when comparing the cost of ammo. The lower cost of pellets ($14.00/500 rd) quickly cover the up front expense. Owning and shooting a quality airgun WILL improve your firearms skills too. The ability to shoot inside city limits is a plus as well. Owning one is a pride ifull experience.

  2. This caught my eye because as a girl growing up in the Midwest,I remember my brother had a gun and he used to shoot at birds for targets (im sorry to say now) but the gun had Dirt coming out of it. Is that possible? Could an airgun also shoot dirt? I thought it was an airgun,now Im not sure. Anybody know?

  3. anthony rodriguez

    Does anyone know what companies sell air guns for home defense?

  4. Thank you very much for the article. It gave me a different view on the gun. Before, I only saw it when watching the movie without knowing about the history and how to use it.

  5. Great article! I saw gun on the movies without caring of the history of it. But I wish that guns will not be used anymore, there will be no wars, no fighting in our world.

    • Don’t you believe it, there have been large scale wars and random violence long before projectile weapons we even concidered. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people!

    • Einstein is said to have quipped:
      I know not weapons WWIII will be fought with, but WWIV will be fought with rocks and sticks.

  6. I’m not interested in this item but I’ve seen rifles when I was very young, my uncle and some people used them to hunt deers, your article reminded me my childhood

  7. What an interesting article! Lots of information about rifle. It frequently appears in American movies . But nowaday, I suppose people only using rifle for hunting, on home defence, they use shotgun, right? (of course if they have the right to use them)

  8. RWS makes very good spring air rifles over 1000 fps. But quality and speed does not come cheep you get what you pay for. The main requirement is to always use high quality pellets. I have a FWB-124 .177 cal 950 fps for over 30 years still shoot fine today a would buy .22 cal.

    there are many low price air rifles on the market and most are .177 cal and slow 600 to 800 fps

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