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This Is How Much Ammo You Should Stockpile

This Is How Much Ammo You Should StockpileWithout the necessary ammo and magazines, a gun is little more than a metal or plastic club (and not a very good one at that).

A major goal of every survivalist should be good security, and make no mistake: A loaded gun is far more effective than one that’s not!

Most of your “gun money” should be spent on ammunitions and magazines. Many people like to customize their guns with various accessories, often paying far more than the gun is itself worth.  For example, it’s not uncommon for people to deck their AR-15s or AK-47s out with the coolest-looking amenities.

In reality, the only additional things your AR-15 or battle rifle needs is a good optic (if you don’t prefer open sight) and a fore grip if that makes you more comfortable shooting. All of the money that you would have spent on customizing your weapon should instead be spent on buying ammo and magazines so that you can constantly practice. Concurrently, your sidearm doesn’t need any fancy upgrades, either. Instead, buy ammo — and practice, practice, practice.

If you can buy 1,000 rounds of ammo for practice and shoot through them at the range, you’ll find your accuracy, discipline, skill and experience with your weapon will increase dramatically. If the grid goes down and the worst comes to worst, you’ll have a definite advantage.

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As a general rule of thumb, you should always keep a minimum of 1,000 rounds of ammunition per caliber stored away not to be used for practice, and another pile of 1,000 rounds for practice.  That’s a minimum of 2,000 rounds that you’ll have to buy over time, and that’s also just for one caliber.

That’s a lot of ammunition, and it doesn’t come cheap. One strategy to cope with this is to buy a box or two every time you visit a sporting goods store or anywhere that sells ammo; you’ll find that you can increase your ammo count substantially over time.

In short, if you invest your money into two 1,000-round stockpiles of ammo per caliber, one pile to be kept in storage and the other for practice on the range, you’ll be much more proficient (and deadly) with your weapon and you also won’t have to worry about running low in the event of a shortage or a grid-down situation. By all means, ammunition is a far more valuable investment than fancy upgrades to your gun to make it look cool.

You would also be wise to purchase and train with military calibers, as they will usually be the most plentiful: 9mm and/or .45 ACP for handguns, 5.56x45mm (also .223 Remington) and/or 7.62x51mm NATO (also .308 Winchester) for rifles, and 12-gauge for shotguns.

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Additional popular calibers with Americans, despite being non-US military, that you also may want to consider include the .22 LR (which is a must for any prepper), .40 S&W, .38 Special and/or .357 Magnum (for revolvers), 7.62x39mm (for AK-47s and/or SKS’s), .30-30, .30-06 Springfield, .300 Win Mag, and 20-gauge.

Now we come to the next topic at hand: magazines. If you have your battle rifle and 1,000 rounds of ammunition but no magazines, you should probably think about getting into archery.

Most guns, both rifles and pistols, come with one to three magazines with the gun when bought. Additional magazines have to be purchased separately. But how many magazines do you really need? There is no correct answer to this question, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to store at least half a dozen magazines for each of your magazine-fed weapons. This doesn’t mean that you should pack all six magazines on you when carrying your weapon. But things can happen to your magazines; you can lose them, damage them, trade/sell them, or the springs can go bad. At that point, especially if the grid is down and the stores are empty, you’d be glad you had the additional magazines in storage.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how many magazines you really need, but having at least six per weapon will ensure that you have spares in the event that other magazines go bad or are lost.

Do you agree or disagree? Share your thoughts in the section below:  

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  1. Survival is a must here

    • Agree, however I would keep a minimum of 5,000-7,000 rounds per cal for when the grid goes down.

      • If the grid fails and you have prepared, you don’t need endless ammo. You just collect from the dead. Be creative, there are many ways to defeat body armor that doesn’t entail a bullet. And if things do get bad for Goodness sake DO NOT stay in one place, unless you love being a sitting duck. Plan, plan then plan some more.

  2. Good advice on ammo amount but the magazine number is off. Six magazines might be enough for a hand gun, but a dozen or more is better for your battle rifle. In a grid down situation, you will be carrying at least four 30 round magazines plus one in the weapon. In a defensive situation (protecting your home/retreat from the hungry hoard) you will be happy if you have a dozen or more high capacity magazines ready to go. My personal rule is 10 percent of my ammo stores is already loaded in magazines. Like the Boy Scouts say, Be Prepared.

    • I recommend at least one or more extremely high capacity magazines such as a 90 to 100 round capacity for your AR-15. If Shtf and you really must defend against an angry mob or horde of some sort, then it may come down to who can sling more lead down range.

      • Good point if you are carrying an AR. I have Mini-14s and SKSs (I’m old school 🙂 ). There is a steel drum for the SKS but it is not very reliable from what I’ve read and I have seen one snail drum for the Mini-14 but it looked like cheep plastic. I have 30 rounder steel and Tapco magazines for the Mini-14 and 30 and 40 rounders for the SKS. I’m pretty good at making quick mag changes. Side arms are Glock .40sw and Beretta 92FS 9mm, both with 15 round magazines.

    • You should carry the number or magazines your chest rig will allow you to carry plus one in your PDW. If you have a ruck sack and there is some extra space, then by all means stash a couple in there as well. My chest rig carries nine 30-round mags plus six mags for my .40cal. Additionally, I added two additional pouches using molle attachments to stow some more mags. With that you have to remember that everything you carry has weight and will limit your ability to travel long distances every day. Lastly, you can add more ammo by stashing them in caches at strategic locations enroute to your retrograde site.

  3. This is a little excessive soldiers don’t carry that much when they go in to action. Yes more is better but to say 2000 as a minimum for most people not realistic.


    • You don’t carry the 2000 rounds. That amount is what you have stored away in various safe locations (don’t put all your eggs in one basket). When on patrol or in a tactical situation, you would carry 4-6 high capacity magazines for your battle rifle (AR/AK/SKS…etc). If on patrol with a larger group, you may also have a group “boom bag” containing extra magazines.

      • As someone who uses a Mauser bolt action, six stripper clips and a loaded rifle totaling 35 rounds is all anyone really needs, plus with milsurp ammo you can punch throug cover like brick and wood with ease.

        Yes I need to work the bolt and have a smaller magazine, but when every shot counts, an 8mm is more likely to end someone outright than a 5.56, especially through cover.

        • AR-15, do you even 300BLK sir? Still uses 30rd AR Mags. 30 Cal stopping power. Not a common military round though. So buy in bulk.

    • A Soldier’s standard load is 210 rounds of 5.56 with 1 mag in the gun and 6 on the Soldier plus 45 rounds (3 mags) of pistol ammo if they’re issued a sidearm… When compared to the price of the weapon, 1,000+ rounds is usually half or less the cost of the weapon so it would seem stupid not to invest in that much ammo. even if it means foregoing the latest and greatest tacticool nonsense that won’t win a real gunfight.

      • Excellent Points!
        I consider this 2K per caliber what one should have IMMEDIATELY for a Battle Rifle, and more as time and funds allow. Selco ( says 5000 rounds for a battle rifle. His list also includes 2 AK47s, but of course, these again are the minimums.

        Love this OTG News!

    • Soldiers are OSCAR MIKE towards an objective and then they either have reinforcements arriving to cover them while they reconstitute or they are returning to a FOB…You on the other hand are evading for your life.

      Big difference.

    • You can’t compare yourself or your needs to that of a soldier. He will have that minimum amount, and lots of additional if he’s in a vehicle.
      Plus, if he loses a magazine or two, he can call for a resupply that will get there ASAP.
      I always carried above the minimum though. I didn’t want to run out, and neither will you.
      Plus! He can also get on that radio, and call in artillery, and air support.
      I always recommend having a minimum of 20 mags per weapon. If you have a clip fed weapon like a Garand? Double that will be the minimum.

    • 2000 is bare minimum. If we get to the point this stash is needed, the world is gonna be a crazy place for a long time. Try to imagine the collapse of the govt and the scenario after. Or banks/money system fails. Not hard to imagine at 19 trillion in debt. If everyone loses their life’s savings in one shot, 2000 is gonna seem slack. Very quickly. 20+ mags, some can be used for barter. 3500-5000 per rifle for absolute worst case scenario. 1500+ for each pistol with 6-10 mags. You may find that you need to help supply neighbors to protect your homes.

    • As an individual who has experienced combat let me just say that we would end up nine out of ten times wishing we had left something off our person and brought more ammo! If you consider that we had access to endless amounts back at base we never brought enough when the shit started! Two things are imperative…water and more ammo! If you find yourself with an AR15 or AK47 and you need to load mags you’re in a world of hurt!

  4. I have 15 magazines for my 9mmP and 6 for my 223 – but only 2 for my 22. My other weapons are archaic revolvers so they don’t really count …. and old rifles, however my 303 is scoped. too put aside 2000 rounds for my 3 main weapons is beyond my financial reach – on the other hand I am extremely familiar with all these weapons, so I guess a 1000 per will do. I have that in 9mmP already plus reloading components.

    • It’s only beyond your financial reach if you buy it all at once.
      Try just buying one box or two of 20 with one paycheck, and one extra magazine with the other.
      It’s what I do.

  5. I’ve been taught that a MINIMUM number of mags for any weapon that takes a detachable magazine is 30 for rifles, 10-15 for pistols. without these, your beloved weapon is……a single shot.

  6. One add on for any type personal protection weapon is a good light … You have to know who/what your shooting at need to know friend or foe. You can use a handheld flashlight with handguns but mounted flashligjt is almost must for any type of long gun. In a fluid surivel situation people can be in the wrong spots and you don’t want to kill a family member/companion because you could not ID them in the dark …….

    About magizines as many as you can afford (extras to replace lost/damaged) ones also to give to very very close companions to help with your defense.

    God Bless..

  7. Sorry forgot something stock pile as much as possible all you can of the stuff you cannot grow or manusfactor ….

  8. Due to the ignorance of our elected officials here in Colorado (one thought that you throw away
    the magazine after all the “bullets” are shot out of it) we have a ban on standard capacity magazines
    in this State. Prior to the ban going into effect, Magpul allowed Colorado residents to purchase multiple
    magazines direct from the factory. I now have WAY more magazines than I ever intended to purchase.
    The Morons at the state house effectively doubled or tripled the number of magazines due to their
    stupid legislation! Our local sheriffs have said that the law is unenforceable and they will not attempt
    to enforce it (55 out of 63 sheriffs). My point is that you never know when stupidity will overtake the
    local legislature, so be prepared with as many magazines as you can accumulate ahead of time.
    Pay cash and they are untraceable.

    • CO Legis are Morons

      CO here also. I ended up with 20 .223 mags at the airlift in Glendale before the damn illegal unconstitutional law went into effect…and I don’t even have a .223 to plug them into. Just because I felt I needed to support Magpul and to screw with the legislature and Hickenlooper. I suppose I should buy a .223….just because.

  9. You are right about recommending buying one or two boxes at a time to build up your stock for two reasons.
    1. That is the prudent way to do it, especially if you aren’t “rich”.
    2. Panic buying has forced most retailers to limit you to two boxes anyway!

    • CO Legis are morons

      For good ammo deal look at and You can find 9 mm around $0.20 delivered. .223 for $0.29, .308 for $0.55. They have sales all the time and 1,000 round ammo boxes.

      It adds up fast!

  10. Another way to build up your stock is to go to a weekend gun show on Sunday afternoon and about an half hour before closing make an offer about 10% less than the asking price “so you don’t have to carry it home.”

  11. Stuck in Commiefornia

    Today you can buy 1000 rounds each of 5.56 for $320.00. 7.62×39 for $215.00. .40 for $230,00. 9mm for $195.00. Magpul 30 round PMags for $9.00 each. Or you can buy a new new iPhone for $500.00. It is all about priorities.

    • I use a $20 tracfone that had minutes included for that $20 buy in.
      I use about $30/month max in minutes… My old phone bill for the family of 4 was ~$200 and now it is $50 for 2 tracfones. As you can guess, the savings is put to much better use 😉

  12. I think that 1000 rounds in storage is a good start.
    As far as the mags are concerned, I always recommend a minimum of 20 per.
    Reason being, is you’re gonna lose one or two, at least, as time goes by, either by dropping one, or by lending one to a family member or ally.

  13. If i ever hit a point where i ONLY have 2k rnds per caliber i’m going to panic!!! I shoot 1-2k 9mm & 400-500 5.56 per month. I keep @ least 2k of each on hand for use & have 8k in 5.56 & 4k in 9mm stashed + components to make 25k rnds +/-. If you’re going to buy ready made ammo, remanufactured is way cheaper than factory new. Ammo is cheaper per rnd by the half case / case online than in a brick & mortar store. If you REALLY want to lower costs reloading is the way to go. You can buy a lee progressive for less than $200 new that’s 100% ready to reload 1 handgun caliber. I’m able to reload 9mm for .09-.11 per rnd vs .20-.26 from somebody else. That doesn’t mean i’m really saving any $ though because i’m shooting 2x as much.

  14. Darin Bulldog Fowler

    Very good read, and spot on. Some of the comments are not so much surprising as they are informative, some people would say 5000-7000 rounds per cal would be excessive, but who are they? I would say to those people, two to three grande mochas from dutch brothers every day is excessive! I quit smoking and quite the dutch brothers thing and started using only some of that money on ammo, and let me tell you, not only am I saving money but my cache is upwards of 12000 rounds of various ammo and the ability to reload another 10000 rounds. I am prepared for almost anything, my children are well trained both in the use of firearms and the moral grounds in which to use them. At the very least, when I pass, my children and grandchildren will love me!

  15. You can NEVER have “enough” ammunition, unless, you are trying to cross a river or deep creek, or trying to swim with the ammo.

  16. I think it depends on your home location and the help you have on hand, ( friends, family). Also the size of the location you have to defend. A ranch style home with 10 windows and two doors are a lot harder to defend than a 4th floor apartment with 1 door. Secondly are you bugging out, or bugging in. You can’t carry 5000 rounds on anything vary far. I of course agree with practice practice practice…….but the concept of “how much” ammo….. thats a tough one, you will always need more that you have!
    Merry Christmas

  17. Picking up my first Glock today. Good info for a new shooter. I don’t go out to eat, don’t waste money on Starbucks and rarely shop for any newer clothes and don’t care about fashion. No salon days like half the clueless and unprepared women I know either. This way I can start to buy what I need. Can’t rely on a man to protect yourself. When SHTF, I want to be as ready as possible. Saving for more, this is the focal point now. New shoes, a fancy purse & a new hairdo will not protect you other women out there .. stock up and train, train, train, train, train.

  18. I like to keep 1000 rounds of ammo per firearm and minimum of 10 mags per rifle and 6 per handgun. Slowly add to it a few at a time. Light, sling and optic are important on a defensive rifle.

    Just my thinking.

  19. What about the most deadly and accurate pistol cartridge the .45 ammo? Serious blunder here!

  20. Only 1000 rounds per caliber just does not seem like enough to me. Especially when you consider a SHTF scenario. I think at least 5000 or more would be better. Then you have some left to barter if need be.

    • If SHTF, then ammo is worth more than gold. And it weights less. I think you will have to be careful with who you may trade it with. There is no such thing as too much if SHTF. And if you think you are going to Lone Wolf it, then you better think again. The only chance most of us will have is to form up a well armed group as quick as possible. If SHTF, how long are we talking about. 1-8 weeks, then no problem. most of us could just hunker down, and defend our spot for that long, as long as we have enough food and water.

      But what if, it last for years. Then we are talking about a whole different thing. I would not want to be in any city. A small town would be ok, if you could form a group of at least a 1000 armed, and hopefully you were able to get your hands on some heavy firepower. A pack of 50-100 hungry armed rats can be a lot to deal with, and they will be everywhere.

      I.m just saying, it is a lot more than how much is enough. As someone said earlier, are you bugging out, which a lot of us will be if we are smart, since most people do live in cities. If you have to bug out, then you only need enough with you to make that trip. Your main supply should already be there. And once you get there, there is no such thing as to much. Lets face it, if you need to trade for some food, or medicine, chances are a smart person would take bullets from you before they took gold or silver. A lot of people will not be prepared, with ammo and guns stocked up, but that does not mean they are worthless. A doctor will be worth a fortune, esp. if he had the hindsight to bring all the drugs he could. I know I would protect a doctor or a nurse in my group, like they were my family. And as combat has taught a lot of us, if you are in a major firefight, the medicine man, can kill someone. And I know I have a spare firearm and ammo, that they can use if need be.

  21. The ammo count is good. I try to have at least 6 mags per weapon. If your using nato rounds such as 9 mm, 45cal,
    556×45 or the 223, you may pick up some ammo in the field. Personally, the ak47 with. the 7.62 x39 ammo is one of the most durable weapons to own, in my opinion. The 20 round mags are better for use in the prone position, as the 30 round put the weapon too high off the ground, where one has to stick their head up to fire from the prone. In any rate,barter willbe great for any unused ammo or xtra weapons so too much is never too much. Its good to read these other post for ideas. Put it simply. Any weapon is better than no weapon and xtra ammo makes for great claymore mines and booby traps, regardless of the caliber.

  22. Your all going to fall prey to the guys that have tuned bolt guns and know how to use them. You are the protein………

  23. I have been doing a lot of online research on this subject. The answers range anywhere from a couple hundred rounds to stockpiles. First, I believe it’s important to realize that one can never have enough ammo. A lot of good points were made on this write-up and in the comments. Magazines….very important! I do not agree on having a set number of rounds for every firearm that you own however.

    I believe you should have 5 groups of firearms that you focus your efforts and money on when it comes to stockpiling ammo for….the number of rounds depends on the individual. One should have these 5 categories of weapons and the ammo built up….again that number depends on the individual. 1:tactical battle weapon. I.e. ar, ak, etc.. 2.: long rifle for hunting and sniping. I.e. 3006, 308, 270, etc… 3. Pistol (sidearm) 4. Rim fire rifle and pistol. 5: shotgun. I’m not saying not to own other firearms but the focus of ammo buildup should be for these 5 primary groups of firearms.

    I personally have at least 3000 rounds for each group. I own a lot of other firearms but have nowhere near that many rounds for those.

    This is just my 2 cents on the subject. I can sleep at night knowing that what I have locked up if there is a case that I need it. And as someone else on here said….if I don’t need it then my grandkids will be gratefulthat I left it to them.

    Oh and on a totally different subject….make sure you research ways to keep your ammo dry and safe from the elements so that they last 30 years.

  24. Having a stockpile of ammo is good for bartering. Realistically though you won’t need 2000 rounds to fight with. You probably will not live long enough to shoot that many rounds. If you do there will be plenty of weapons and ammo laying on the ground for you to pick up

  25. I am a school teacher who has only been a firearm owner since 2012, I now have 7 hand guns (two in .22lr and 5 in 9mm) and 16 rifles. I have my concealed carry permit and have stock piled 30,000+ rounds of ammunition. I chose 7.62x54r – 7.62×39 – 5.56×45 – .22lr – 9mm and 12ga. It all about taking your time, doing what you can afford. I have 55 gallon plastic drums I store water in my basement as well as many months worth of food. Some people think this behavior is irrational, however I will be much better off than most in times of war, famine, pandemic, or natural disaster.
    I never hope to have to use my fire extinguishers or my carry weapon, but if the times comes I am forced to I will be glad to have them.

    • You are off to a good start, and with the right calibers.
      IF things go bad(SHTF) nothing will be available, you will go with what you got.

  26. My uncle (U) took a business associate (BA) hunting. After filling BA’s tags (2 deer) they were driving back, and my GU spotted a coyote.

    U said, “BA, quick shoot that coyote!”
    BA: With what?
    U: Your gun!
    BA: I can’t?
    U: You can’t? Why not?
    BA: I only brought two bullets?
    U: You only brought two bullets?
    BA: Yes, I only had two tags.

    Take it whatever way you want.

  27. Get it while you can folks, I started buying .22 ammo about 6 years ago when it was under 20 dollars for a brick of 500. I didn’t know anything, just had a feeling that it would be a good idea. Bought a brick every time i had a little extra money. It is still hard to find a good deal on .22, but I don’t have to buy anymore. Currently buying .223, as it is cheap and available right now. If you don’t have to use it, you will be able to trade it.

  28. Why list the 20ga as the essential scattergun round to keep? Get what you need for re loading , what you consider to be, cant do without

  29. You can never have enough ammo or magazines.
    If you get into a firefight and survive, you will most likely loose or damage half your mags.
    I have seen the forward edge of the battle area littered with mags, MG belts, loaded bandoleers and body parts.

    A thousand rounds per long gun is bare minimum, so is six spare mags per.
    My self, 5k of ammo and 25 mags per is the norm.
    FAL and M14 mags, 10 per will do because of expense.
    If using an M1 Garand, have ALL your ammo on clips, IMO you will never recover them in a moving firefight.

    Obtaining aftermarket mags is risky, too much junk out there.
    Surplus AK mags are the way to go for them, well built and cheap.
    AR, M16, Magpul P mags or USGI,

    Keep your ammo in sealed ammo cans, if it came in original cans, leave the cans sealed.,
    Take a 50 cal can, add ammo and a couple of matching mags some desiccant packs, mark outside and put away.
    I have dozens of crates that have never been opened and never will be unless needed.

  30. 1000 rounds is a drop in the bucket, think about this you have 100 mags loaded that 3000 rounds i go on this. Has anyone thought about say you have those thousand rounds and when time come to use them say 1/3 of that 1000 for one of the 3 AK’s was misfires, duds Bang, Bang, Snap, Snap Bang Bang Puff a little smoke, now you have a ball, bullet stuck in the bore of your rifle . Are you prepared for this it happens. I suggest 3 good AK’s in a 7.62 x 39 and some extra main wear parts and the min.I know some people don’t like a AK they are perfect for this type of plan they are tough they can be left out in bad conditions wipe them down and oil it some your ready and have 3 AK’s & 10,000 and 100 mags and hide them in 3 different places at key point out and away from your main hold out, you are at a huge disadvantage trying to hold out in a house you can not see or hear , they can burn you out all kinds of stuff, so have a plan to pull back to and hopefully you have by now some stuff that really makes a big bang for them to run into. the 12GA is your escape gun with 00 buck shot the more it hold the better but 5 shots will do now this weapon is a game changer it will get you out of trouble when you are having to move fast Do not over look this gun potential and hide your ammo out away from main hold out and of course a good 1911 or Glock 21 on your side at all time even when you sh_t have it on you. maybe 2000 maybe more you can hold off and kill some idiots with only a big pistol with lots of mags . Don’t stay in one place long when you are being assaulted by a force larger than yours, take as many as you can easily, get you partners to lay down fire some go and then y’all disrupt them for the other to get out. And don’t pack to heavy it will only get you killed, take your stuff out a little at a time to the place your heading then you have these places to get supply’s if needed, don’t be in a hurry to get your self killed travel slow and quiet and light and be prepared. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Until enough of good people can get together 30 + now we can pick a place to defend as more come the days of run and gun is over, now we make a stand come and take it , you have a company by now 100 + good men. You have it made now. Don’t get a bunch of different ammo pick you a caliber and stay with one type firearm 3 AR’s or 3 AK’s or 3 SCAR”S chose one type weapon that uses the same mags and bullets no mix of 223 or 7.62 x 39 etc. believe me it is a mess trying to keep this stuff separated and you don’t want to grab a bag and take off runin to a ditch line and open it up and its 10-30 rd AKs mags and you have a AR your screwed confusion is every where don’t make more by having a mix of everything WATER WATER WATER, do not get penned down without it you will do stupid things to get some by getting shot more time than not its a war of nutrition who can hold out the longest. I didn’t cover everything remember what i said and it might help you survive the first week, then two , three weeks in the shit you have a good chance of making it now. God Bless Y’all and fight tooth and nail never give yourself up only after they have killed you that you surrendered, I want submit to evil you will have to kill me, and this may happen to me the first day, but i hope first i send as many of you evil bastards straight to HELL with my 12 GA & AK barrels still smoking and the bodies around are smoking also as i lay there bleeding to death with my 1911 by my side praying to God to let me have one more before i go and as my vision fade away GIVE ME LIBERTY ARE GIVE ME DEATH. let that be your battle cry

  31. Question??? How much ammo is enough to stock pile? I am a 57 year old female/widow who has been around guns all my life but some things I just never thought about until now. I live in the mountains of NC by myself. In case things go crazy in our country I want to have enough. Thanks much, P

    • I personally have 100 mags. I only run 3 manufacturers PMAG , C PRODUCTS AND L5AWM. I have 5 complete carbines and 5 uppers. I keep on hand at any given time 5.56 nato only ammo (freedom munitions remans)..
      1800 m855..
      1500 m193..
      500 77G bthp..
      Pistols I only run 9mm glock because of the magazine capabilities. But I have 30 17rnd mags and 10 15rnd mags. Ammo is again freedom munitions remans..
      500 115g hp..
      500 124G hp..
      500 135G hp..
      500 147G hp..
      500 115g fmj..
      500 147G fmj..
      I accumulated this over a couple year time period . Every week I ordered 50 rounds of 9mm and 50 rounds of 556.. So realistically I spent 35$ a week.. But all you need is a minimum of 10 mags for each mag fed gun and 1000 rounds for each caliber.

      When I go to the range I actually buy ammo just so I don’t touch my stock pile. I try and shoot 250 rounds of 556 and 9mm monthly. Because having a shit load of ammo isn’t necessary if you are a good shot lol. I don’t make a shit load of money either but I have been spending 300$ a month on my defense budget for years. 2 days of overtime each month covers my defense budget. Back in the day I couldn’t do that but I could do 100 a
      The main thing is you do not have to listen to me and do what you think is best for you…

  32. I like that you pointed out that you should keep a minimum of 1,000 rounds just for your stockpile. I also think that it is important that you realize that not all ammunition is the same, and you will have to consider where to buy all this ammo from. I am trying to get a good stockpile, but I don’t have any local shops that have my kind of ammo, guess online?

  33. S&W 9mm 4 17 rd clips and (don’t laugh please) a 9mm hi-point carbine 4 10 round clips-extremely versatile shot a coyote in front of the chicken coupe from my truck in the driveway! Remington 700 .243 4 4 round clips (dead on at 852 yards-back porch to the backstop according to the gps) .30-30 makes a horrible mess of anything close to the house I currently have about three thousand 9mm mainly love shooting that 9mm carbine about 1200 rds of .243 and 400 rds on the .30-30 for hogs.But my Ruger 10/22 is great I can knock out squirrels and pests and never wake the neighbors and thanks to Obama Ive got over 5 thousands rds of .22 in the closet!

  34. That’s a good tip to have cache 1000 rounds and a 1000 rounds for practice. That way you won’t have to worry about running out in an emergency. Being ready is always a better plan than not.

  35. Retired from a Sheriff’s Department located in southern ca. Was a Reserve Deputy but was also hired (paid position) as the ‘Range Clerk’.
    S/N deputies & contract LE officers to qualify at our Sheriff County ranges.
    Our Sr Armour had retired from the USMC & also instructed; keep your magazines loaded! Not keeping the magazine loaded will cause the SPRING to degrade.
    IF u want to, u could unload the magazine and then re-loading it with the same also mom but not necessary.
    Keeping magazines loaded for 2-5+ yrs will not de-grade the SPRING..Not loading your magazines will cause it to de-grade.

    My own opinion now: “Military Grade” ammo is made on the ‘Philosophy’ that Hollow Point, the old term, ‘Dum Dum’ are “inhuman” to use on the battlefield thus ILLEGAL.
    I say for personal defense use HOLLOW POINT, ‘DUM DUM’ ammo..u do not want your adversary coming back at you.
    Neturalize them permanently the FIRST TIME!

    • Don’T “wound” the criminal….shut the criminal down PERMANENTLY. …”feared for my life & innocents…

  36. Ok folks, I have just been reading through the exhaustive commentary and opinions of many. There truthfully isn’t a right or wrong answer to what you need or what is required. I can ONLY speak from my COMBAT experience while I served n 21 years, almost 13 of those in hostile fire zones, combat zones, and on various ops.

    Typically, we carried 240 rounds for our long guns, or 8 30 round magazines, 45 rounds or 3 magazines for our side arms, a combat knife, a survival type knife, 3-4 smoke grenades, and 3-4 hand grenades. This didn’t include various med gear, team gear, or the like. In a survival type situation, I personally would adhere to the minimum load time outs.
    While not everyone will agree, I will say in my experience, 240 rounds of rifle ammo and 45 rounds of side arm ammo, should be more than ample. In storage, I would hold another full load out ready to go, and at least enough magazines to replace 1 single load out. Ammo wise, I suggest you use common sense. It is unlikely you will be holding off a division of rabid zombies, so you don’t need 10k or 20k rounds for each gun. That said, when the shtf, ammunition will be a tradable commodity. As far as smoke grenades go, you can get military grade or even those used in paintball type munitions.

  37. Actually, there seems to be reoccurring theme to
    many of the posts. Many people seem to have Two different caliber pistols two or three different rifles calibers and magazines that are not interchangeable or proprietary to the pistol and rifles. My personal preference is a Glock 23 (.40) my wife prefers the G19. I bought a lone wolf 9mm barrel for my G23 so we can share 9mm magazines. 6 g19 mags for her 6 for me all with +2 pierce extentions. With one in the chamber of each pistol that’s a total of 230 rounds of 9mm. Add 6 mags of .40 with pierce extentions for another 102 rounds. Recently I decided to purchase two Beretta PX4 storms with the Glock inserts in .40 added 12 more Glock mags with Xgrips extentions for a total of 332 .40 rounds. Everything fits in two medium range bags. If additional firepower is needed my medium range bag has a spikes tactical M&P SBR build with 10 30 round mags and a Sig Sauer p556 pistol with ace skelontonized folding stock with 10 30 round mags. SBR has a Eotech with 3x magnifier. The sig has open sights
    Both .40 and 9mm is HST non +P ammo, the 556 is black hills 77g OTM. Keep in mind these are grab and go bags with the idea being most common calibers, maximum capacity, interchangable mags. The Glock/Glock combo of pistol and carbine achieves this with the only compromise being my .40 ammo which requires a 10 second barrel change to accommodate 9mm. The 556’s are separate because in most cases encounters will be well within 100 yards but since they both fit in a 36″ 511 sportster bag with their loaded mags is not too much of a hardship to take them along. So to answer the question, avoid multiple calibers. Stick to standards like 9mm, .40, 556 and 308. Try to have interchangeable magazines whatever possible. It’s the reason the military standardized weapons. As to how many rounds is correct? As many as you can reasonably afford with 1000 of each a minimum and over 10,000 being slightly paranoid ( or a keen sense of awareness depending on who’s talking). But I never heard anyone say “damn we are in trouble,I have too much ammo!” For the record my EDC is a Sig 228, the house gun is a pistol grip 870 pump with a tube extention and 00 shot.
    Good luck and stay safe

  38. 2,000 rounds “over time?” If you’re training right, that’s a weekend of professional rifle instruction. 200-250 maybe, less for pistol. Shooting paper doesn’t train you to fight with your rifle or pistol. Worst case grid down scenario, you’re out on patrol and stumble into a bad situation and have to break contact. That could easily be 200+ rifle rounds. Now multiply that by approx. how many years you “think” the grid will be down and how many potential “situations” you may find yourself in.

  39. Loved the analogy about not having mags…lol…clever. I have 500 in my bedroom, 120 of those loaded in their 30 round home. Have around 1000 in on site storage with extra mags. Roughly 1500 -2000 in off site storage. Always picking something when I see something on sale. Grig goes down, I think that’s a start…for my AK. I inherited all of Pop’s when he passed – a prepper before there was such a thing – so after years of my own monthly box or 2… I have about 6000 (back when Wally World carried 550 count Federal .22, they put the wrong price on the display so they honored – and quickly changed – it. So Pop’s bought 10 boxes, I bought 5. Put us ahead of the .22 game) Right at 1500 rounds of 30/30, probably about half that in 30.06. Cpl thousand different 12ga rounds. Plus misc., “I don’t own/still relatively popular or current (not much .303 Enfield type thing) that might be good to trade. Plus handguns and accessories. Etc. Kept 25/75 on site/off site storage. Point I was trying to make, although you can never have too much, you can have too much of the wrongs thing… Although I have 2, I do not have near the .38spl ammo as I do 30.06 much less 9mm. Where I’m at, an .06 isn’t as useful as a 30/30 due to brush/terrain/what you’re after. Don’t plan on them getting inside .06 and /30 ranges. Burn through them .22 rounds when you’re using one for meals 6 out of 7 days… Gonna grab my 9/.45 with 3 extra mags, only after all those would .38 enter the equation. Spend the money on quality, and quantity of the ammo most beneficial to you.

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